What’s the deal with Crocs shoes?

Crocs shoes

In the last year or so flip-flops have been murdered by these rubber shoes called Crocs. If you have been outside your house at all in summer you would have seen them. Everyone wears them, and not just around the house.

My question is: why they are so popular?

What’s the deal with Crocs shoes?

This shoe (pictured above) is on the Amazon.com best sellers list. It is by far the most popular footwear item on the net. Everywhere I go here in Australia people are wearing them. A lot of my friends wear them when we go out for dinner or to the movies which kind of surprised me because I thought they were supposed to be like an ‘around the house’ slipper type thing.

A few of my friends (you know who you are!) are extremely vocal in their hatred for Crocs. They think they are ugly and cheap looking and stand out like a sore thumb. I have to admit, I think there is a little bit too much rubber in one place for my liking.

Why are Crocs so popular

Whethere or not they look good is one thing but the fact remains, Crocs are very very popular. Millions of people worldwide are now wearing them instead of their usual slip on shoe.


Well, because they are amazingly comfortable! They allow your feet to breathe and the material stops your feet from smelling. These are all good things. Many doctors also advocate them for those with bad circulation and as a healthier alternative to flip-flops. On the other hands, I seriously question the long term health of your feet if you wear Crocs on a regular basis. They simply do not provide enough support for those who spend a lot of time walking.

Do you like Crocs

I really wanted to get some feedback from RWF readers as to whether these shoes are hot or not. There are some massive hate sites on the internet that want these shoes destroyed forever. On the other hand there are large communities of people who come online to talk about how great they are! How very odd.

What do you think?

UPDATE – Turns out you all love Crocs! You can buy them on sale here.

UPDATE – Reader Mazie sent us an email with Celebs wearing Crocs. Even the President is getting down is some brown ones! Check it out here.

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  1. Firstly, great blog! I just found it last week and have enjoyed reading through, but haven’t had the time to really delve back into the archives. I used to live in Sydney and liked to make conscious decisions about my health and fitness, and used to buy a lot of magazines to keep informed :o )

    Last year I moved to Ukraine and of course, I can’t find any mags here, I can’t get low fat goods, was stuck inside for four months because of the snow, got depressed and ate… of course, put on weight and become unfit! But I’ve just joined a gym and am slowly retraining myself to make better dietary decisions, and your blog is a great way to keep me thinking about all of this everyday.

    BTW – I didn’t realise you were in Sydney, but thought the “All about Abs” pics looked like Rushcutters Bay or one of the other bays.

    Personally I wear Birkenstocks – comfy with a supported arch cause I have flat feet. My mother is obsessed with her crocs – I always thought they were garden shoes!

    (sorry about long and winding comment!)

  2. RT says:

    Little Miss Moi – what a great long comment!

    I am so glad the site has helped you through a tough time. Blogs are just like fitness magazines, that’s why I love them. You can read a whole lot of articles without paying for anything. Very inspiring and interesting.

    I’m actually in South Australia. But the photo is defo from NSW.

    Hope to see you around again. And tell your mum Crocs are strange! Haha. Joking.


  3. Jane says:

    Croc, Crocs, Crocs… where would I be without them? Sorry Rt, I am a HUGE fan!


  4. RT says:

    Jane – I am so deeply saddened.


  5. Charity says:

    Wow! I can’t understand hating on SHOES. Life is short. :) I bought a pair initially for wearing to the gym on days when I used the pool.

    My friend’s little boy was born premature and has some non-trivial physical development delays. She said that the wide foot really helped him improve his walking. Who knew!

  6. RT says:

    Ok Charity. Enough Croc loving! Haha…

    That is a pretty impressive way that Crocs helped that young boy though. My cold heart is warming….

  7. mike says:

    Well ladies they are not my style….I prefer more of a heel….(lol)
    but my daughter is in love with them…to the pool / on the beach…..

    The part I like the most is the price…..the knock offs that is…


  8. Angelica says:

    Although I don’t condone wearing crocs religiously or to your next wedding, but they do serve their purpose on a day-to-day basis. I love my crocs and wear them when I have lots of errands to run. They’re great for grocery shopping, playing with my nephew, walking the dog. As far as the long term effects of the shoes, they’re not unhealthy by any means. In fact, they have different designs for the orthodic models available on the crocs website (http://www.crocs.com) that are said to improve walking, posture, and back pain. In any fashion, I’m a fan, but that’s not to say I don’t understand the hatred for these shoes, although hate website for shoes!? That’s a bit much…

  9. Paula says:

    I love crocs. Comfort has won over the looks. Soon they will be coming out with a “normal” looking shoe without the wholes. Not just the You Buy Crocs, but some for the rest of the world.

    I love the graffiti backpacs I just bought for my kids.

    Due to being a diabetic and other foot problems, this is the only shoe my husband can wear. He was sitting most of the time pre-crocs, but with them, he walked Disney World. They are amazing!

  10. Rick Raff says:

    Crocs are great shoes. I love their new styles. I know they are popular in Australia. Their popularity is growing as they are sold in over 80 countries.

  11. RT says:

    I am a little overwhelmed at the support for Crocs!

    Angelica – you sure they are good for posture?

    Paula – I have been reading a lot about Crocs being amazing for diabetics.

    Rick – I didn’t know they were in 80 countries. I thought it was a USA/Australia thing.


  12. Sue Mag says:

    I live in the good ol’ USA (NO, i didn’t vote for Him). I love my Crocs, and have had them for a long time. Seems theyre getting more and more populare here, too! LOVE EM or hate em… they are super comfy!

  13. Paula says:

    Croc Sightings from a family of Crocers…

    We were just in Myrtle Beach and saw lost of family Crocers.

    We found a Comfortable Foot Store at the Broadway, a mega shopping center. They say they can’t keep the shoes in the store.

    They also carried the backpacks, messenger bags and something I have not seen. It was a small orange plastic tote bag with the Crocs logo that had two small speakers with an ipod attachment. It was pretty neat.

    I of course had to make sure that my graffiti tote was visible on the table at all times on while at the pool.

    I feel like my family is a walking billboard for the company.

  14. Cody says:

    I have been wearing Crocs for about 2 months now and I am sold – I work in an Animal Rescue – we are constantly washing down the kennels and play areas and before Crocs came along I use to wear Deck Shoes, but they only lasted about a month with all the water. I have been wearing this pair for 2 months now and they are just breaking in. I bought a second pair the same time I bought these ones as back up or when I have to leave the Rescue to go run errands. Great Shoes, If you havn’t gotten a pair, try them, they are great for around the house, easy on and off. Very comfortable, they can get wet, they don’t fall apart, I finally have a shoe that can fit in my lifestyle.

    Good Buy, I wish I could by some stock in these shoes – I see them going everywhere around the world…

  15. Kimono says:

    I hate crocs, I think they are fine on a child but look rediculous on an adult. Sorry to offend all you croc lovers out there.

  16. gs says:

    i have arthritis——really bad—–normal shoes just wont do for my feet. can barely walk cause of the pain with normal shoes on. since finding crocs about two years ago they are all i wear. some of you are right…they are ugly and dont look like adult shoes. but, anything that allows me to walk without feeling any pain is ok by me………..i dont care what they look like or if i am the only one in the world who likes them……..im wearing them. and pray to God they never stop making them.

  17. Kelly G. says:

    I do not grok crocs. I bought some excellent rock climbing shoes before the croc thing took off, they are mostly rubber with webbing things, but they are heavier than the flimsy croc. I have taken to wearing these climbing sandals to the gym, they have a closed over toe but holes foor cool down ( as do crocs). When I see anyone over aboput 6 wearing crocs I think they have just stepped out of sesame street or some cartoon. i can see the practicality of them, sure, but I prefer the better quality.

    By the way it is muscles in feet that support feet, not shoes. Footwear must not be actually badly fitting and pressing in the wrong spots ~ a loose fit croc is just fine for long periods.

  18. marina says:

    cant stand them!!
    they should be illegal

  19. Tammy says:

    I only wear them to the beach. I only bought them because I found them for a dollar at a thrift store. They help at the beach because unlike regular flip flops which cause hot sand to fly up at your butt whenever you walk, they actually stay on your feet. I’d rather walk in ugly sandals than scorching hot sand.

  20. JDavis says:

    I have to admit — I hate the original Crocs! But I just purchased the Silver Fox Crocs in hopes of easing knee and hip pain and I LOVE THEM!!! They’re not the cutest shoes I own, but the mary-jane style is way better than the original. After only one day I was amazed at how much better my joints felt!

  21. fatfat says:

    tammy? which thrift store did u find it?

  22. Olivia says:

    Myself, having for years oignons, on both foot, I am NOT able to find or even make good orthopaedics shoes, and, on day my son pointet out, try a pair of Crocs….I did and many thanks, because, now I can really walk with my dogs, or simply stand up, longer then if I were normal masculin shoes…

    Ugly, perhaps, but, tell me? why so many people use it…? for the extra size and confort mainly….And, why manufacturers, always try to sell just one kind of size…Even I do truly like the MBT shoes but, again, they miss the people who need larger, not longer shoes…And, trust me, about 10 % of women need extralarge size, either for diabetic troubles or oignons….

  23. Shubhra says:

    Gr8 blog! I hate crocs…stupid rubbery crap..

  24. Reema says:

    Well,Crocs is huge here in Saudi Arabia big time!
    I love them! Having knee problems and a wide foot..Crocs is a saver! I wear them everywhere and I do agree they look cheap!! But my feet never felt so comfortable NO MORE swollen feet :)

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