Upper Body Exercises & Training For Women

Boxing for Ultimate Women’s Fitness


Lately a lot of emails have been coming my way asking for more fitness articles. It seems many of the women here want to read about getting super fit for their chosen sport or health kick – this really impresses me. Boxing for Ultimate Women’s Fitness We have touched on this before but I wanted to spend a bit of [...]

The Best Gym Equipment for Womens Workouts Part 3 – The Back


This is PART 3 in our series on the best gym equipment for women’s workouts. In this post we will be looking at the often neglecting back muscles. Which is the best machine for the back? The best gym equipment for women’s back workouts As I mentoned already, the back is often a very neglected muscle when it comes to [...]

The Guide to Real Women’s Arm Toning 2 – the Shoulders

This is the second part of a our five part series called The Guide to Real Women’s Arm Toning. In part one we looked at some of the basic principles regarding toning your arms. The full series is PART ONE, TWO and THREE, FOUR and FIVE. In this part we will be looking at the shoulders, specifically: 1. Why training [...]

Top 3 Ways to Work Up to the Perfect Chin Up to Bring Your Back Up!


Women often neglect to train their back thinking that it is unimportant – out of sight out of mind. However, exercising your back is vital to maintain healthy posture as well as looking amazing when done right. The best exercise for the back is the chin up. It is easy to do and brings quick results. However, many women tell [...]

How to do a Bench Press properly

At the gym you always see people bench pressing incorrectly. A bad bench press can cause you some bad injuries so check out this ‘how to’ guide on bench pressing properly. What muscles does the bench press target? It is very important to know exactly what muscles the bench press targets as knowing this will help you identify whether you [...]

Top 5 Women’s Shoulders Exercises

Women often overlook the shoulders as they seem to get a good workout when exercising other muscles. However, the shoulders need their own attention. A good set of shoulders always looks amazing. The Top 5 Women’s Shoulders Exercises These are my top five shoulder exercises that I have been using lately. I change my top five quite often but you [...]

Top 10 Women’s Fitness Workout Ideas


Women’s fitness ideas sometimes are few and far between. I know many women who skip a workout because they are too bored with the same old jog and struggle to think of something new to do. Here are the top 10 women’s fitness workout ideas that I have come up with in the past. 10 – Group sport Some of [...]

Chin Ups for Women’s Back Development


Chin ups can provide a total back workout. This post will look at how to do a perfect chin up to maximize your total back development. How To Do a Chin Up The chin up is easy in term of technique and hard in terms of strength. It exhausts you very quickly. I read recently that the average number of [...]

Bringing Sexy Back #2 – The Exercises


The first post in this series went over the reasons why all women should work on their back muscles as well as the basics needed to get a sexy back. In this second post we will go over the best exercises for the back as well as discussing some more of the important aspects to putting together a back routine. [...]

Bringing Sexy Back #1

…back workouts that is! Many women overlook the importance of training the back muscles thinking that because it is out of sight it is not that important. However, a strong back can prevent a lot of problems later in life as well as looking amazing. This series of posts will be focussed on building a strong, healthy and sexy women’s [...]

Toned Women’s Triceps #3 – Triceps Routine


In the first post we looked at how the tricep works and what the best movements are for it. Then in the second post we learned how to workout the triceps by going over the best exercises for building tricep muscles. In this post we will look at some putting together a workout for the triceps and learning some tips [...]

Fitness Ball Exercises


Does the site of the fitness ball make you cringe? Or, do you just walk past them at the gym because you see them sitting around all the time and no longer notice them? Well, maybe you should notice them! Fitness Ball Advantages Doing certain exercises on the fitness ball has some important advantages. In particular, training the abs on [...]