Butt & Legs Exercises & Training For Women

Women: Do You Make These 2 Leg Toning Mistakes?


Who doesn’t want great legs, right? As women, we spend hours upon hours grinding out miles on the treadmill and steps on the stairmaster. Is this working and actually toning our legs? That’s the question. The answer is generally…no. You’ll have to read on to find out why.[...]

What Exercises Work Your Butt and Thighs Best?


The butt and thighs are two big problem areas for many women. It seems that this area holds a lot of fat and as such it is important to find the best exercises to build those muscles which will help tone them up and trim them down. This article is going to look at some of those exercises.[...]

7 gym exercises that will help you lose that fat butt

So you’re trying to find some gym exercises that will help you lose fat off your butt. You came to the right place! 7 gym exercises that will help lose that fat butt These are some exercises that you can do at the gym to work your butt. Some of them are cardio related, other are resistance exercises that will [...]

3 Ways to Tone and Shape Your Butt


Every woman wants a toned and shaped butt. I get emails all the time asking how to do it. While it isn’t as simple as finding one magic exercise, there are a few you can do to maximize your progress. Check it out. 3 Ways to Tone and Shape Your Butt So you want to tone and shape your butt. [...]

The Best Gym Equipment for Women’s Workouts Part 1 – the Legs

Ever wondered what the most effective machines at the gym are? This series is going to take a look at the best gym equipment for women’s workouts. Each post will center around one body part and look at which machines and equipment at the gym are the best ones to use. Introduction to the best gym equipment for women’s workouts [...]

Fitflops Review: the flip flops that tone your legs

I got an email from reader Mazie who told me about these shoes called Fitflops which supposedly tone your legs and butt while you walk. I was so blown away by this claim that I had to investigate. Why this review of Fitflops is 100% biased Alright. First let me start by saying I do not believe that these shoes [...]

2 Vital Facts and 5 Powerful Exercises for Toning Your Legs and Butt


Need to tone up your thighs and hamstrings? Need to shape your out-of-shape butt? These 5 leg toning exercises are just the thing you need! Two Facts Vital to Toning and Shaping Your Legs When it comes to leg toning women who read Real Women’s Fitness have a huge advantage over the rest. Why? Simply because you are not going [...]

Women Who Want Toned Legs – Mix Weights & Cardio

To get toned firm legs you must mix weight training with cardio Women out there are always talking about getting thinner, toned, firm, sexy legs. They try all sorts of diets and workouts but never seem to get the results they want. Perhaps the fear of weight training is holding them back? Weight training is essential for toned legs For [...]

The Best Butt Exercise Routine for REALLY Sore Glutes

A Butt Exercise Workout that will leave your glutes sore! Women often write to me asking how they can target their butt and make it more toned so it won’t be so big. I have written scores of articles on RWF about the best exercises and ways to do this so I thought it was time to take it one [...]

The Best Exercise Machines For Toned Legs And a Tight Butt


Women who want toned legs and a firm butt should check out these exercise machines – I have always written about how I think free-weights are more beneficial than exercise machines. However, there are a select few machines at the gym that are a regular feature of my workout and that can bring you some really amazing results. So, if [...]

The Best Calf Exercises to Get You Sexy Legs


Women who want sexy legs often forget the importance of calf exercises. However, the calf muscles are on show more than any other part of the leg and as such we should train them to complete the sexy leg package. What exactly are the calf muscles? This image of the calf muscles from healthgate.partners.org shows the left leg’s calf muscle. [...]

Shape and Tone Your Butt with the Jumping Squat

How to shape and tone your butt with the jumping squat If you want to change the shape or size of your butt then you must get into the jumping squat. It is a tough exercise that will make you sweat but the results are well worth the pain. How do you do a jumping squat? The jumping squat is [...]

An Absolute Beginner Legs and Butt Workout for Women


The beginners leg and butt workout for women Women often want to start a weight training workout for the legs and butt but are too afraid to take the plunge. The gym can be a scary place with all the fancy machines and heavy steel weights. If you want to start a legs routine but are a little bit unsure [...]

The Squat is the Queen of ALL Exercises for Toned Sexy Legs and Butt


Women come to this website looking for workouts and exercises on how to get toned legs. The term ‘toned legs’ is now the number one phrase women type into Google and many of them end up here. So, I wanted to write a post on what is the absolute best exercise for getting toned legs – the weighted squat. The [...]

A simple workout for your legs in under 30 mins

A 30 minute leg workout People often try to complicate workouts and exercises. It annoys me. So, here is a legs workout that you can do in under half an hour for amazing strength and power and increased tone and firmness. Short but sweet! Remember, short workouts are almost always better! With the exception of training for long distance events [...]

How To Lose Fat Off Your Butt And Legs Easily


Lose fat off your butt and legs! That’s right! You can lose fat off of your butt and legs. Normally I wouldn’t talk about spot reducing like it is possible but scientific research seems to have proven otherwise! Weight loss exercise plan that burns fat from your butt and legs I know I have mentioned this story before but I [...]

How To Do a Perfect Squat For Amazing Legs


How to do a perfect squat Most people do the squat wrong! Simple as that. I am a big fan of the squat so I wanted to write a detailed post about how to do a perfect squat so that you can progress with your leg training and avoid all injuries. There are a few little tips and tricks involved [...]

Women’s butt and leg toning without weights

There are many women who ask me how to tone their butt and legs without weight training. This is not as difficult as it sounds and there are many effective ways to achieve this goal. In fact, some of the best butt toning exercises around don’t use weights at all. Check it out! Two things you need to tone your [...]

Women’s kickboxing – a top exercise for toned legs and butt

Many women are turning to kickboxing to tone their legs and butt. It is not only amazing for strengthening the legs and butt muscles but it also is a great cardio exercise that will boost your weight loss like almost no other exercise. Check it out. What is kickboxing? Kickboxing was originally a Thai martial art that is commonly known [...]

Burn 3 times more fat than ever AND off your butt! I told you so.

This is pretty exciting weight loss news! It turns out, after all these years and posts, that I was right and a new form of high intensity cardio has been scientifically proven to burn three times as much fat than other exercise. I told you this high intensity stuff was worth it! What is the new weight loss exercise? A [...]