Abs & Midsection Training For Women

All About Ab Workouts


Achieving the perfect set of six-pack abs is something that is extremely hard to accomplish, even with a solid ab workout. While it isn’t the Holy Grail and only seen by a handful, it also isn’t something that 1 out of 10 people achieve, nor is it something that 1 in 20 people can think of having. Of course, while there are no documented or official ratios, failure rate is high, even out of those that workout.[...]

How To Flatten Your Abs!


When it comes to losing weight and getting trim, the so-called Holy Grail for most individuals is getting flat abs. Specifically, they’re called six-pack abs – abs that you can shred cheese on. In America at least, there are dozens of companies that offer medications, gels, food, and exercise equipment that is specifically designed and marketed to help you achieve [...]

The Core Strength Test – Can You Do It?


How strong is your core? This morning I came across the video, it’s a simple core strength test. I have seen quite a few core strength tests in my time and I think this one right up there with one of the best. So, how strong is your core? You think you’d be able to pass the test? Give it [...]

4 Tips for Getting a Flatter Tummy and Better Abs

How do I get a flat tummy with some nice firm abs? That is the question we hear a lot about on this blog. This post will give you some easy to use and very simple tips that will help you out. 4 Tips for getting a flatter tummy and better abs These are some very general tips. You can [...]

The Best Gym Equipment for Women’s Workouts Part 2 – the Abs

Time for PART 2 of our series on the best gym equipment for women’s workouts. Time to look at the abs machines. The best gym equipment for women’s abs workouts Training your abs at the gym is a little bit like eating at an all you can eat diner. There is so much to choose from and you never know [...]

All About Abs 4 – Cardio and Tips

This is the final post in our four part series called All About Abs. The full series is PART 1, PART 2, PART 3 and PART 4. In this post I will be going over a few essential cardio tips that you need to know when working on your abs as well as talking about a few lesser known tips [...]

All About Abs 3 – Dieting for Abs

This is PART THREE of our four part series called All About Abs. In PART ONE we looked at the essential basics of abs development and in PART TWO we looked at the best abs exercises around. In this post we will be taking a detailed look at all the diet related aspects of developing a sexy midsection. Needless to [...]

All About Abs 2 – The Best Abs Exercises

This is Part 2 of our four part series called All About Abs. This post will look at the best abs exercises that you should utilize if you want to develop some super sexy, firm and toned abs. All about abs – the best abs exercises intro The first part of this series took a look at all the essential [...]

All About Abs 1 – The Essential Basics

This is a four part series which is all about abs. In this series I will be going over the essential basics, the best exercises, the right diet and some lesser known tips for getting your best midsection ever. If you want to get a toned and sexy set of abs then this is the place to start. This is [...]

The Key to a Flat Tummy isn’t Abs Exercises

Why abs exercises aren’t the answer Have you been doing hundreds of sit ups or crunches everyday in an attempt to get some nice flat stomach and haven’t seen any real results? It doesn’t surprise me. Have you been searching for the one abs exercise that will finally work your abs out correctly so that your midsection gets some definition [...]

How to do a reverse crunch for some sexy lower abs – photographic guide

Finally get some sexy lower abs with the reverse crunch The reverse crunch is just about the best basic abs exercise there is for developing your lower abs. And, we all know hard it can be to bring out the lower abs and make them defined and sharp. Here is how to do a perfect reverse crunch. Images of the [...]

How to do the bicycle crunch – the photographic guide

Learn the bicycle crunch with this step by step photo guide The bicycle crunch has been shown to work the abs more than a regular crunch. Much scientific research has actually gone into establishing which abs exercises get the best tension in the abs and the bicycle crunch was on of top few. Why is the bicycle crunch so good? [...]

How to do Fitness Ball Crunches for your Abs – The Photographic Guide

Learn how to use the fitness ball crunch to get sexy abs with this step by step photo tutorial The fitness ball crunch has been scientifically proven to work your abs better than a regular crunch. The reason for this is two fold: 1. The angle of the ball allows you to lean back quite far in order to give [...]

Are you training your abs properly? 5 tricks to look out for.

Things to do and watch out for when training the abs Here are some things that I always go over in my head when I want to make sure I am training the abs correctly. You can apply them to any exercise that you do. 1. Is your neck hurting? If you neck is hurting during the exercise then you [...]

The best lower abs exercises for a more defined lower stomach

Target the lower abs with these exercises Many women complain that their lower abs are not as defined or prominent as the upper abs. This is a common problem that almost everyone interested in a defined stomach experiences. However, you can define your lower abs with these effective exercises. The basic lower abs targeting movement If you want to target [...]

A great abs workout at home

Get a sexy midsection with a home abs workout If you don’t have time to go to the gym try an abs workout at home. You can still get excellent results and achieve that flat tummy or sexy six pack. What you’ll need To do a good abs workout at home you really don’t need all that much. However, some [...]

Add a twist to your crunch for better women’s abs

The twisting crunch for sexy abs Women’s abs workouts and exercises often fail to mention that adding a twist is a great way to increase the tension on the common crunch. Check it out! The basic crunch The basic crunch is one of the best motions to build up your midsection and abs. However, there are ways to intensify the [...]

High VS Low Reps for Abs: finally settling the debate!

Are high reps or low reps better for the abs There is a huge argument as to whether low reps is better than high reps when it comes to training the abs. I have decided to put this argument to rest by telling you what is best for your abs and why. What is high reps? Before I get into [...]

Top 5 Women’s Abs Exercises for a Sexy Midsection


The best women’s abs exercises Women’s abs exercises are slowly becoming the most popular topic here at Lean Curves. Women want to know how to flatten their abs and get more definition and tightnesss. Here are the five best exercises for developing a sexy midsection. Edit: I recommend you head over to our Ab Workouts For Women section and check [...]

Get better abs with this easy exercise

My secret abs exercise I have this tricky little abs exercise that I have used for a few years now. It really builds up a different kind of strength in the abs and I have noticed some better definition coming through as well. If you are stuck with your abs workout or are looking for something new to try then [...]