Top 5 Workout Albums of All Time

My Top 5 Workout Albums

By Peta

Whittling down my top 5 favorite workout albums is possibly the hardest task anyone could set me. After much deliberation I decided to consult my itunes library so that it could tell me which artist and albums I utilize most when it comes to workout music. These albums have been the most value for money for me. And being that the majority of albums these days are based around singles and then just filled up with, well, fillers, this is an achievement in itself.

So, here are my top 5 workout albums:

britney spears5. Britney Spears – My Prerogative

What was that, I think I heard a communal groan??? Yes, Britney. I know it’s daggy, but when no one is watching (or listening) I love a bit of britters. This is a collection of all her hits and, well, lets face it, that’s about all she’s good for.

Best bits: Boys, Slave for you, Toxic.

Give it a miss: Sometimes (too daggy even for me).

destiny4. Destiny’s Child -#1’s

Another great collection of hits. Packed full of girl power and sassy attitude. Resist the temptation to start singing outloud at the gym though…

Best bits: Bootylicious, Independent woman pt 1, Survivor.

Give it a miss: Cater to you, Emotions, Stand up for love (definitely not work out material).

missy elliott3. Missy Elliot – Respect M.E.

Shock horror, another ‘best of’! Mah they are usually the best value for money. For the more hip-hop minded, although not for the prudish if you have a tendency of paying attention to the lyrics. Majority of the work out songs are packed toward the front of the album.

Best bits: Get Ur Freak on, Work It, We Run This.

Give it a miss: All In My Grill, Hit Em Wit Da Hee.

Black Eyed Peas2. Black Eyed Peas – Elephunk

The first album they did with Fergie was a definite winner, although I did like the good ol days when it was just the boys. Classic beats and sing-a-long-able hooks make this a great pop/hip-hop album to work out to.

Best bits: Lets Get Retarded, Hey Mama, Shut Up.

Give it a miss: The APL song, Third Eye.

pussy cat dolls1. Pussycat Dolls – PCD

Probably one of the girliest albums ever! But give it a miss if you are a feminist. I think that the Pussycat Dolls could’ve possibly released every song on this album as a single, and I’m pretty sure they nearly did. Anyway, a great album that has attitude and sex appeal.

Best bits: Buttons, Beep, Wait a Minute, I Don’t Need a Man, Bite the dust.

Give it a miss: How Many Times How Many Lies, Tainted Love, Stickwitu.

Now I’d love to hear what everyone else’s favorite workout albums are. There must be a huge variety out there!

Peta is the latest exciting addition to the Real Women’s Fitness team! Each week she will bring you the latest and greatest workout music so you can boost your workout with a new beat!

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  1. Caitlin Trevors says:

    Peta – I reckon they would be almost exactly the same as what my ipod would say! Maybe not the Britney stuff but everything else is pretty close. Nice work!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Alright I’m finally going to check out this Missy stuff. Everyone tells me it’s good but I’m just not so sure after that weird zombie film clip that left me with emotional scars!

  3. Danny says:

    Ah, should I be worried that I am a male and I read all of them and liked most of them? hmmm…..

  4. RT says:

    Yes Danny, yes you should.


    Nice work Peta.

  5. tanya says:

    Vanessa, Missy songs are great for a workout – Lose Control has a permanent spot on my playlist.

  6. Alfa says:

    Great list! I’d add Nelly Furtado.

  7. Peta says:

    Thanks guys, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Happy to see we have some male readers here at RWF as well, and that you like even the so called ‘girly’ music, I promise that is not the extent of my music taste.

    Vanessa definitely check out missy. I was traumatized by the ‘Get Ur Freak On’ film clip too, and actually only really ventured back to her with this album. It’s a safe option because of all the hits, so perhaps start there, and then work back to some earlier albums.
    JB, I am actually trying to find a good holder for my ipod at the moment too. I usually either use the holders on the machines at the gym, or shove it down my top- which I realize as a male you can’t do, and I wouldn’t recommend it anyway as it can be damaged by sweat. The ipod arm-strap worries me, I always imagine myself getting tragically tangled in my headphone wires, but I am unco in that way! I’ll let you know if I find a solution. I also just use the ipod buds, I find the sound is decent and they are quite comfortable for me. I realize that some people find them uncomfortable, or can’t keep them on- for them I would suggest the type that clip over the back of your ears. You can’t go past muff style headphones for sound quality, but I feel like a bit of a fool wearing them out of the house.
    Alfa, I agree on Nelly, she’s good, not always up beat enough to work out to, but definitely worth a place on your playlist.
    Thanks again everyone, keep leaving comments.

  8. Jess says:

    list is good… thought I’d bring something in other then top 40.

    cat empire- Australian band which brings in amazing latin sounds with reggae and hip hop

    Cherry Poppin’ Daddies- swing band, honestly you cant go wrong with the jumpy fast paced tunes of every song with the seductive and occasionally disturbed lyrics

    Mika- recently made top 100 with Grace Kelly, his entire album life in cartoon motion is brilliant BUY IT

    Lilly Allen- one of London’s resident band girls her albums honestly had me laughing half the time I was listening in a great way. She is quite possibly one of my favorite female singers at the moment

    also one thing not mentioned…

    Shakira… I listen to her when I want to feel especially sexy. She has a sensuality to all her songs which rub off. I love listening to La Tortura or Objection Tango at the gym. having that right in my ear makes me feel gorgeous and empowered (P.S. all ladies wanting to loose a bit of your paunch… take a belly dance class… you have a blast, it works amazingly and you feel so poised and regal afterwards.)

  9. Andy says:

    Right on Jess!
    Cat Empire are wicked to work out to, especially their self titled album. The Prodigy works for me as well. Also Mad Caddies.

  10. Kerry says:

    My favourite work out tracks, for great cardio, especially when Interval training I go for Rage against the machine: wake up, bombtrack, Bullet in the head, know your Enemy. Artic Monkeys: Chung Li Flying Bird kick, Balaclava. Outkast:The way you move, Bowtie. The Hole Sountrack, many track off this album!

  11. shannon says:

    I agree with the Black Eyed Peas. I also enjoy working out to Justin Timberlake. Great beats!!!!

    I also love that song “hung up” from Madonna. You can’t help but move to it!

  12. 6pack abs says:

    well, is this list written by a high school freshman? Pretty poppy and boring. Rage against the machine is for men out there!

  13. belle says:

    I agree to the Black Eyed Peas but the rest bore me, I have bands like NIN, Korn, Rage against the machine, Marilyn Manson, Faith No More etc to get the blood pumping and bands like Black Sabbath, LedZep, Deep Purple and Slash for a tone down.

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