Top 5 Stimulant Free Weight Loss Supplements

If you’ve been shopping for weight loss products for more than few minutes, you’ve probably already discovered that there are dozens of weight loss supplements to choose from. Each separate weight loss product comes with its own unique set of ingredients, traits, and benefits.

This article will focus on weight loss products that don’t have any stimulants. While it’s not necessarily true that all weight loss products with stimulates will give you negative side/after effects, many do. A supplement that contains stimulants can make give you a huge initial rush, but normally leave you very tired and depleted of any energy or motivation whatsoever. Additionally, a lot of people that take stimulants report feeling jittery or nervous, experiencing the same conditions of caffeine overdose.

The surefire way to find the right stimulant-free weight loss supplement is to take a look at the ingredients that make up each pill. It’s easy for a company’s marketing department to advertise a supplement and make you believe that you’ll lose 20 pounds in a week. However, it’s just as easy for us as consumers to look at the science and the ingredients behind each supplement and determine for ourselves if the supplement can really accomplish all that it claims it can.

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1. Lean Xtreme by Designers Supplements

Lean Xtreme is a dietary supplement that helps control your levels of cortisol. The main ingredient is 7-OH (7-alpha-hydroxy-dehydroepiandrosterone) and it helps you possibly lose weight by keeping the muscle that you gained during training and helping you easily lose and keep fat off.

Controlling cortisol is important for a few reasons. For starters, cortisol is a stress hormone that is required for our bodies to function. It’s necessary for a lot of activities that are undertaken in the body, like inflammation, immune response time, and the transferring of nutrients throughout the body. When it comes to weight loss, the levels of cortisol need to be kept low or weight gain can occur due to the release of catabolic enzymes with cortisol levels are high. These enzymes breakdown the muscle tissue that builds our muscles and has a plethora of other negative reactions like increased appetite, less than efficient gym/workout productivity, and the storing of abdominal fat.

Lean Xtreme has been known to have the following positive effects:

  • Reduction of the storing of abdominal fat
  • Maintain steady, efficient performances at the gym
  • Less muscle breakdown for energy extraction

Lean Xtreme shouldn’t be taken by women that are currently sexually active as it has been known to mess with birth control methods.

2. Hydroxycut Elite by MuscleTech

Hydroxycut is one of the most common and well known weight loss supplements on the market today. There are actually a few variations and formulations of the product available, including:

  • Hydroxycut caffeine-free
  • Hydroxycut weight loss formula
  • Hydroxycut 24 w/ stimulants for the day and not for the night.
  • Hydroxycut hardcore (considerably different than the rest)

At one point, Hydroxycut contained the now-banned (for safety reasons) drug ephedra. To fill the void that ephedra left and to boost the potency of Hydroxycut even further, the supplement contains a variety of active ingredients like potassium, chromium, calcium, herbal blends, and the ever popular green tea extract. Generally, it’s not known how these ingredients work with weight loss but it’s believed that it’s by decreasing levels of blood sugar and reducing the amount of fat stored in the cells.

Hydroxycut is often used to weight trainers, sprinters, and people in strength sports that need the best mass to weight ratio.

3. Lipo Trim by NOW Sports

Lipo Trim is a more subtle and traditional fat burning supplement, with an ingredient profile that is fairly basic and has existed for decades. The three core ingredients found in Lipo Trim are known to be the “lipotropic factors,” choline, inositol, and methionine. These three ingredients play a huge role helping to guarantee that fat is metabolized properly by the liver.

People with normal liver function experience optimal functionality when taking Lipo Trim. However, Lipo Trim really excels when taken by people who have medical problems and issues related to liver.

As a matter of fact, one study showed that supplementing with choline reversed the effects of fatty liver disease, which is something that has the ability to occur when the liver cannot process fats properly.

Lipo Trim also contains an ingredient known as chromium picolinate. Chromium is a good asset that can be found in many fat burners because of its ability to regulate insulin. Chromium helps balanced blood sugar levels, which in turn leads to energy levels that are stable and reduces sweet cravings.

The bottom line on Lipo Trip is that it’s good for a “maintenance” weight loss product – something that may provide you with a little boost to your current diet and workout plan. It especially excels in those that have decreased liver functions for whatever reason (like alcoholics).

4. Cider Vinegar by NOW Sports

This is for those dieters that want a healthy, natural approach to weight loss. NOW cider vinegar contains, you guessed it, apple cider vinegar as its primary compound. Over the centuries, vinegar has been used for numerous reasons – making pickles, weed killing, polishing armors, etc. It’s an ancient remedy with many uses. Today, it’s being thought of as a health tonic.

A few studies have shown that apple cider vinegar can not only help in some way with losing weight, but also other health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol. So, what exactly is vinegar? It comes from fermentation. It undergoes the process where sugar in food are broken down by yeast and bacteria and during this first stage of fermentation, sugars are converted into alcohol. Once this alcohol ferments even further, vinegar is formed.

NOW Cider Vinegar benefits:

While some of these do not have the strongest (or any) medical research to back them up, many people do believe passionately about the positive health benefits of cider vinegar.

  1. Weight Loss – Vinegar has been used for weight for thousands of years. It’s believed that this is strictly because white vinegar, as well as perhaps other kinds, makes people feel full. A study performed in 2005 showed that those who ate a piece of bread with white vinegar felt fuller than those individuals in the study that simply ate the piece of bread.
  2. Diabetes – The effects on vinegar on diabetes has been well researched. These studies have found that people who take vinegar have lower levels of glucose levels. Not only can vinegar possibly keep the levels of glucose down, but it can lower them. One study in 2007 showed that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed lowered glucose levels by the morning about 5%.
  3. Heart health – A study involving rats showed that vinegar was able to lower blood sugar levels. In addition, another large study showed that people who ate oil and vinegar salad dressing had a lower blood pressure level than those that chose another type of dressing.

5. Ultimate Weight Loss by Nature’s Secret

Ultimate Weight Loss is a two-part supplement program. Its formula consists of a heap of natural herbs and botanical ingredients – appealing to those who want safe weight loss without a bunch of unknown chemicals going into their body. Included in the Ultimate Weight Loss package is two bottles, one containing pills implementing “The Burn More” formula and the other the “Crave Less” formula.

The Burn More formula provides users with lipotropic benefits that help mobilize and breakdown fat, while the Crave Less formula helps to curb your appetite by supplementing natural ingredients. It’s a combination that is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off, naturally and safely.

The Burn More Formula

This formula is designed to actually burn the fat on your body, while increasing your metabolism. The ingredients foundation contains thermogenic components that work to increase the production of your body’s heat. This provides a similar affect to Ephedra and caffeine, without the harsh side effects that those stimulants inflict upon your body.

The Crave Less Formula

This is intended to control your appetite by making you not hungry. The Crave Less formula doesn’t stop there, however. Additionally, it will attempt to enhance your body’s absorption and utilization of the beneficial nutrients that enter your body. By using all the nutrients your body comes into contact with, it’s preventing them from being absorbed as fat. This should help you lower your weight overtime.

Remember that any of these products will nto work on their own. You still need to have a good diet and at least some exercise. You get out what you put it. You will get the best results with weight loss supplements with more exercise.

Real Wonen’s Fitness recommends that all women train with weights. Read that post on the benefits of weight training for women, and also check our this weight training blog.

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    Hi there
    Can i buy this in New Zealand?? If so where?

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    Regards Amanda Stronach

  2. MARIA says:

    hello i when to see my doctor because since my new born 7months ago i haven hit the gym . I asked him of a great weight loss pill w/out any caffeine . He said “Well i notice that a caffeine free pill w/ chromium work really good!, I you find one w this ingredients great!” any help ? I really need some help!

  3. Cody says:

    these are all terrible products that dont do much at all. diet and exercise, lots of water, and maybe a thermogenic. Oxy Elite used to be an amazing supplement. People were actually losing weight right and left. and then GNC took it off the shelves because it was actually working with people.

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