The Best Exercise Machines For Toned Legs And a Tight Butt

Women who want toned legs and a firm butt should check out these exercise machines -

I have always written about how I think free-weights are more beneficial than exercise machines. However, there are a select few machines at the gym that are a regular feature of my workout and that can bring you some really amazing results. So, if you want some toned legs then give these machines a go.

What are the advantage of leg exercise machines

The major advantage of the exercise machines that work the legs is that they are safe. When you are trying to tone your legs you need to handle some pretty heavy weight and if you are doing that in a squat rack there is a chance you can damage your knees or your back as there is so much downward pressure on the joints.

If, however, you swap to the leg press machine then you reduce that risk considerably by sitting in a well shaped chair and having a stoper fixed on the slide pole so that you are not tempted to bring the weight too low down and as such put unwanted pressure on your knees and hips.

The next major advantage of the leg machines is that they target the muscles perfectly. If, for example, you are having trouble with your butt (it is too low and soft!) and you want to work it more you can head on over to a machine that is specifically designed to hit your glutes and hit them hard. It means you are able to put more energy into the lagging body part and hopefully bring it up to par.

Woman leg exercise

What are the best leg exercise machines?

If you want to get some machine action the next time you head to the gym to work on your legs and butt then these are the pieces of equipment that you need to head on over to.

1. The Leg Press
As I already mentioned this exercise machine is the best replacement for the standing squat, especially if you are trying to add more weight to your leg workout. It is much safer and it is very easy to master the movement.

When you use the leg press you should take a wider stance on the plate as this will work your legs in a more overall fashion and hit your glutes (butt) muscles much harder.

Make sure the setting on the leg press is low but not so low that your knees bend excessively and you end up doing yourself an injury.

2. The Calf Raise Machine
If you have one of the bad boys at your gym then you are pretty lucky. I haven’t seen one in a long time but they work wonders.

It is really simple to use. All you have to do is put your shoulders under the shoulder pads and stand off the edge of a fitness box as if you were about to do a calf raise. The shoulder pad device provides resistance as if you had a heavy weight on your back – a much safer way to add weight to the usual calf raise.

3. The Multi Hip Machine
This is a good little secret that not many women take advantage of. The Multi Hip Machine can work both your hamstrings and butt or, with a quick change in position, your thighs and hips.

The pushing motion of this machine allows you to build up a lot of tension in the muscles and as the machine is set to a cable there is always a force trying to push your leg back down. This is one of the main advantages of this machine as it makes you work a lot harder once the rep. is finished.

Although the best exercises for your legs are basic squats, jumping squats and lunges the machines can provide a valuable source of variety and help you to bust through a plateau or really take your leg training to the next level. Give them a go.

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  1. Charity says:

    Actually, my favorite way to do calf raises is on the Smith machine! Just stick one of those steps from step class under the balls of your feet, put some weight on the bar, and go to town. I feel it hits my whole calf much better than some of the other machines.

  2. Tara says:

    This is an awesome site – I just found it on Digg!

    Great post. I never use the leg press but I will give it a go next time I’m at the gym.

  3. fran says:

    Thanks for including the images of the machines otherwise I probably wouldn’t know what you were one about!


  4. karen says:

    great website, I’m just getting into weights. I am 52 and really want to tone my legs, especially around the knee area and above the knee, you mentioned the leg press, I have been doing this for about 2 months, I guess I expected quicker results. I’m probably just too old, right?

  5. r says:

    Dont working with leg weight machines make you bulky?

  6. Nicole says:

    I highly enjoy the leg press!! I have bad knees so sometimes squats and lungs are a killer to my knees. The leg press doesn’t seem to cause such pain and inflmmation. A calf raise idea for you ladies… take two 10lbs dumbbells in hand or place them on your shoulders for additional balance. Stand shoulder width apart with your toes straight ahead, lift up onto the balls of your feet 5-10 times. Point your toes inward and lift onto the balls of your feet again 5-10 reps. Finally, point your toes outward and do the same. Keep in mind, back and chest need to be lifted and make sure you have good balance. These should be quick reps; as soon as your heel touches the floor, back up on the balls of your feet. WORKS GREAT and easy to do :)

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