New Women’s Abs Routine & Exercises

Time for a new women’s abs routine here at Lean Curves. In the past I have posted some women’s abs routines for those who train at home, at the gym and on the fitness ball. In this post I wanted to talk about some new ways to hit your abs for some added abs progress.

Less is more with abs training

With this new routine for women’s abs I think it is best to stick to the idea that ‘less is more’. Women often overdo their abs training in the hope of getting some tone or a flat stomach as fast as possible but I have found that the best results come when the volume is decreased a little bit.

Abs training principles

When abiding by the ‘less is more’ principle in abs training there are some points that one needs to remember:

  • Your technique must be perfect. Cheating will hinder progress quite a lot.
  • Your protein levels must be high enough.
  • If you want to see increased muscle definition then you need to lose the fat covering the abs.
  • Repetitions must be done slowly and with a strong contraction of the abs throughout the WHOLE motion.
  • Make sure you go as low as possible with the negetive to maximize the muscle stretch.
  • Have a protein shake straight after your workout.

Women's Ab Routine

Women’s Abs Exercises

Here are the three exercises that will be used for this new routine. I have tried this routine myself lately and am getting some really good results from it. I find the burn is very deep and my abs seem to be getting stronger.

1 – Hanging Knee Raise
This exercise should be performed first in the routine. Doing a lower abs exercise first is a good idea as the lower abs fatigue before the upper abs. Therefore, if you do the upper abs first the lower abs will be too tired to make any real progress.

Make sure you keep the motion nice and slow and when your knees are as high as they can go rock back using your waist to get that final little crunch.

2 – Decline Weighted Sit Up Twists
I have a love hate relationship with this exercise. It is so hard to do but seems to get some amazing results.

Keep a weight plate on your chest and slowly perform a set of sit ups so that each rep you twist to a different knee. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do too many at first as long as your technique is perfect. Make sure you add weight each workout or add a few more reps. The negative motion should be super slow on this one.

3 – Swiss Ball / Fitness Ball Crunches
We all know how to do this one and it is a great final exercise to top off the other two. This allows you to get a really tight crunch and exhausts the abs completely.

The Abs Workout

Here is the abs workout all put together:

  • Hanging Knee Raise – 4 sets to failure
  • Weighted Decline Sit Up Twists – 5 sets to failure
  • Swiss Ball / Fitness Ball Crunches – 3 sets to failure

I haven’t put any numbers for the repetitions as I think you should be guided by your own level and the progress you make each week. Make sure you add weight each session and keep an eye on your technique. As a general rule, if you go over 20 reps you are probably going too fast. Keep it slow and controlled.

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Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


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