Lose that Fat Butt!

In the past I have written several posts on how to train the butt and upper legs. It seems to be a popular subject. Women especially seem to be concerned with how their butt looks and people often pick on their wives by impersonating them – “does my butt look big in this?”. In this post I will go over some of the most effective ways to shape and tone a fat butt so it looks awesome for summer! Let’s lose that fat butt!

Where is the Butt (Gluteus Maximus)

The scientific name for the butt is the glutues maximus or glutes for short. It is the round muscle below the back and hips that is involved with almost any motion that the leg makes in case there is someone out there who doesn’t know where their butt is!

The butt muscles, to be more specific, are made up of several muscles that are termed the Gluteal muscles of which the maximus is the most powerful. It is this muscle that we need to target when working on shaping and achieving a sexy, firm butt.

Working Out the Butt

Working out the butt isn’t that hard. It is worked almost anytime we use our legs and as such the way to make muscle gains is to make harder what we do normally.

The following motions and exercises work the butt muscles really well:

  • Stair Climbing
  • Hill running
  • Bike Riding
  • Sprinting
  • Lunges
  • Squats

Now, we are never going to shape and tone our butt if we just do normal squats, just going through the motions. Likewise, we are not going to make any progress by just wandering up some stairs. Like any muscle, in order to make it grow we need to add resistance by adding weight or intensity. One of my favourite examples that brings back some painful memories for me is carrying a heavy boxing bag up a flight of stairs for half an hour. That will give you sore legs tomorrow.

However, that also is a little extreme. The best and most traditional way to shape the butt is with weights at the gym. I will go over some of the simple ways later.

Getting a Toned Butt…

Getting a toned butt is an emotional task. It can take a very long time and the results can be painfully slow. However, with the information contained in this post and this blog losing that fat butt will be as painless as possible. Here are the important aspects that you MUST DO if you want to lose your fat butt as fast as possible:

1 – All over weight loss
Yep, you guessed it! If you want to have a good looking and shapely butt you need to lose the fat that is covering it. It is like any muscle, if you want people to be able to see the definition and tone you need to remove the layer of fat that is covering it.

Now, I don’t want to get into an argument about whether a big booty is better than a small one. I like them both! This post is for women who want to lose weight off their butt and as such will focus solely on that.

The fact of the matter is – and I have mentioned it a thousand times – you cannot lose fat off of only one area of your body. If you want a toned and firm butt you need to lose fat off of your entire body.

In order to lose weight quickly you need to use three things well:

  1. Diet;
  2. Weight Training; and
  3. Cardio

This post will look at all three things briefly. In order to lose weight you need to, very simply, burn more calores than you take in. You do this by boosting your metabolism with the right foods and the right types and amounts of cardio.

2 – Cardio Hard!
Have you ever seen a footballer or a runner or a bike rider with a bad butt? I haven’t. They do so much running and lunging and all sorts of movements that work the glutes. If you want to tone and shape your butt then you should do like they do.

The types of cardio that are best for the butt are the hard ones! Sprinting up hills, lunging, jumping squats and all that kind of stuff. You see, if you increase the elevation of the surface or do cardio that makes you bend over more then your butt will get more use. So, if you wan to shape and tone your butt while you are doing cardio, pick a hard one.

3 – Weight Training
Weight training for the butt isn’t that hard. It is essential. Not only does weight training shape your butt muscles, it makes your metabolism speed up and as such you will burn more fat and absorb less calories as fat during the day. All of these are the perfect ingredients for toning a muscle!

The Best Weight Training Exercises for the Butt

As I have mentioned, adding resistance to natural movements is the best idea. Here are the best butt exercises:

  1. The Jumping Squat
    I have mentioned this baby before. It will leave your whole lower body burning and begging that you never do it again. Fast results with this one.
  2. Weighted Lunge
    Careful if you have bad knees, otherwise a perfect exercise.
  3. Step Ups
    Start with a light weight and gradually increase.
  4. Hill Sprints
    One of my all time favourites!
  5. Leg Press Machine
    One of the few machines that I use at the gym. Keep a wider stance on this one with some heavy weights to really work your butt.

These are just some of the best exercises. These five are more than enough to do the job if you do them well. Does anyone have any others they love to use?

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. J-love says:

    Great post! Very detailed. My fav butt exercise is heavy lunges. Good burn!

  2. Shealy says:

    The leg press at a heavy weight is my favorite method of developing the lower body. It takes time, however to build to a heavy weight. Ballet squats/somo squats (legs spread wide) are great for the inner legs and gutes too. Both of these exercises are easire than jumping squats and plyometrics. When I grew strong in the lower body I started the jumping squates and box jumps. I saw quick results. Mixing all of the above quickly built and toned the entire lower body including the abs and obliques too.

  3. jess says:

    nice article. stair climbing is my favorite, it’s materials are conviniently located right in my house.

  4. Martin says:

    Very good article. One sport that is very fun and a GREAT butt builder is ice skating. It literally FORCES you to work your rear end with each and every motion. I love ice hockey, and it has done wonders for me. Combine ice skating with squats, lunges, toe raises, and the proper diet, and you will watch your rear end grow before your eyes!

  5. annie says:

    i am only 15 years old and ive had cellulite since i was 13 ive tried everything to get rid of it and it just wont seem to go away.i really need help.im way to embarresed to wear shorts cause im scared someone might say somthing can you please give me some ideas to get rid of it.

    thank you so much

  6. Nancy says:

    this site is probably the best I’ve read… thanksss! ☺

  7. carmen says:

    thanks but, i’ve tried these for a while. how long will it take to see and results?

  8. Molly says:

    This article has the best exercising tips for your butt.

  9. kelly says:

    Hey , my name is kelly , and im 17 . I have a weird body shape , i have a very small upper body , but my hips and legs are big , and i would like to change that quick , how do i do it , what do i eat , ???

  10. jamiee says:

    I love this artical and the things u can do to get a better butt but does these excerise make u lose weight off our butt?

  11. victoria says:

    This is the best article ever I had always wnted to lose butt fat but wanted to know the best workouts thanks!

  12. bunny says:

    i wonder if this really works….hmm, it sort of sounds promising.ill try it!

  13. Roy says:

    This website gave me the best ways to loose butt weight cause for some reason i have a big butt and hopefully these work : )

  14. lisa says:

    this website is good…,but does it really work i think try and just see for my self fanks anyways

  15. alex says:

    Recently started to the gym 2 or 3 times a week..Use the crosstrainer, hill sprint, and legg press. What is the best combination of those three… Cardio first? en how many minutes..

  16. katherine says:

    I am 15 and I have had cellulite since I was 13 and I have a big butt and thighs but I am tiny up top. Is there any exercise that I can do at home that will tone up my but and thighs?

  17. michele says:

    I am a 31 yr old mother of 3, I am usually up and active all day but for some reason i keep gaining weight. particularly in my hips butt and theigh area. i don’t know what to do please help

  18. erica says:

    These are great ways to git rid of my butt. Haha. But is there more than just walking? Is there exercises I can do whenever I am working out to tone my stomach and lower back?

  19. brittany says:

    I am a 23 year old kindergarten teacher so I’m constantly on the move! I do not sit down all day long & I have been eating healthier for about a month now. I’m small on top, but have huge buns & thighs! My mom is exactly the same way. I really do not have time to hit the gym nor the room at my house for any equipment so what may be some exercises I can do at home that would work to get rid of fat fast???

  20. Kelly says:

    I am 28 and have a 25 inch waist line and wear a 27-28 in a jean, but they are always tight in the thighs and butt area. I also have a large calf and ankle. I work 7 days a week and take care of two boys when I get home, what do I do?

  21. katie says:

    hi im 13 years old and i hate the size of my butt and legs..i like my upper body. thats fine. its just…my waist is huge…and my butt is wayy to wide…how to i get to be able to tone my butt and waiste size down? please help me..i hate being made fun of..well not really made fun of its just people say i have the biggest butt.and i hate trying to fit into jeans and stuff…i hate it soo mich please help me:)

    • dr heykal says:

      i would recomment you nice exicess ruch as skuts and lots luanges with anice dieat less carbs
      drind lots of water and be happy with who you are plz we all diffrent sizes and coloue and inbeiss in uniques

  22. terri says:

    I am terri im 12 I dont like my butt i cant fit into my size ten jeans anymore. :( all my friends are tiny. I am a dancer I dance mondays weds and fridays. I am also in track and the sprinting hasnt made it go down what do I do?

  23. Nik says:

    Hi I am 32 and a guy. I wandered on to this page trying to find exercises to make my hamstrings, quads and glutes bigger. I found a page full of women trying to make their butt smaller. WHY???? A fat overgrown butt is unhealthy for medical reasons, but a healthy round butt is just what it is, healthy round and beautiful. So if you have been blessed do not fight to loose it. Fight to maintain it.

    Do not let those stupid magazines fool you. Here is a thought. The next time you are watching a show about lions or any other wild animal National geographic or animal planet. Note the males are not looking for the skinniest females to mate with, the lioness with the skinniest behind always gets left behind. Take your cues from nature be healthy and burn the damn fashion magazines.
    Keep your butts healthy!!!!!!

  24. zoey says:

    Hi I am 16 and I have a big butt. I have a tiny waist, mostly flat stomach, but slightly big thighs and a big bubble butt. I use to run 2 miles everyday over the summer and it didnt do anything. I am now discouraged and exasperated because I can’t find an easy and fast way to abtain a smaller butt. Please help me. I want a smaller and/or toned butt fast, and smaller thighs too

  25. helen nadirsha says:

    I am 43 . I have a Pear shape body. how do i do it and what do I eat ?

  26. ashley says:

    I was wondering how to lose butt fat and leg fat without gaining a bunch of muscle to make by butt and legs bigger. I have a little waste but a big butt and thighs.

  27. katelynn says:

    wow! this is one of the best articles ive read for losing weight in a while..im 14 but i want to get in shape for my sports and i just wanna look good for summer..ive looked at soo mmany weight loss sites and all of them either want to sell you someting or they dont get tot the point or they just recommend a lot of stuff either you cant afford or are just too extreme..especially for beginners..so thank you soo much!!

  28. Miki says:

    This article is great! I feel motivated to learn more about fitness, go out and buy some weights and get on a better diet!

  29. megan says:

    I need to lose at least half my booty! I loveee everything about my body, exept for my huge butt.. What Can I do?

  30. Aly says:

    Hi i am 12 and i recently got a really bad cellulite and i am so scared to wear shorts. I am a really active person i dance, cheer, run cross country and track, surf, and tumble but all of that never seems to help my butt. i used to eat alot of junk food because i noticed it wasnt going to my waist and now it is going to my butt and i am starting to eat healthier but a really need help getting a better butt for summer :/

  31. anonymous says:

    hey, im actually a guy but i still have a fat butt and im really self conscious about it. i just want my butt to be more in proportion to the rest of my body. i love fitness and the rest of my body is in decent shape. i am about 200lbs. if you can help me with information about anyway to somehow just make butt smaller that would be saweet.

  32. Sherry says:

    Hi i love this post very good information i was just wandering what are the best excersizes and food to get celliute(dimples) off my thighs (back legs) and my butt.

  33. Josef says:

    I’m a guy I need to tone my legs too. But umm I find it SO WEIRD how females are on here complaining about having a big butt? A big ass is good. Squats, lunges, kick backs and walking while stepping higher w’ll all tone your ass. But seriously a big booty is great.

    Walking while stepping higher = hard to explain but as u take steps raise your knee to like mid thigh level.

  34. Winnie says:

    May I know how do I train myself? Like, how many times should I do lunges for a day? And squats?

  35. nono says:

    hi. im only 18 years old and i really want to lose butt weight as much as possible. so can i please know if i go gym is it helpful and also howlong does it takes to lose at least 1 kilo of my buttt. seriously i want to lose my butt weight becuase i cant dress anything

  36. Personal Trainer says:

    if you all do what is called “planks and side planks”, you will watch the fat pour off of you..its when you go on all fours, as if your going to do push ups, and let your core hold you in place. side plank is when you go on your elbow and lean on one foot and stay up for at least 1min and 1/2. This works all parts of body. glut, abs, hips, upper bod, and lower bod.. VERYYY RECOMMENDED

  37. mind2 says:

    Exercising alone is not the only element involved to accomplish good health, Dieting has to be considered as a focal point in any weight loss program. Understanding portion sizes and what exactly we are eating is essential

  38. runnersanonimous says:

    I am a runner a distance runner and I have done tones of weight training . But I still have not manage to reel in my rear end. I would love a smaller waist but my but is keeping me from accomplishing that what might be the problem?

  39. jumbo sized girl says:

    my thigh is as big as a bus!!! im only thirteen… please god help me!!!!! also my dick is as big as my forehead… is there a way to lose fat in it?? let me know:P

  40. emma says:

    nik, what you said is brilliant. i myself have a flat stomach but big bum and boobs which i could not be prouder of. i’ve come across this website with my friend who is trying to lose her bum and i keep telling her she doesn’t need to bother as she is a size twelve.
    most people may not like this but if you want to lose weight and have a good toned body you have to sweat. i used to be obese, i just ran for half hour everyday and slowly it got easier. it has made my thighs and bum big but i’m toned and thats all that matters. no one wants a skinny lose girl, it’s better to be curvy and beautiful, it’s the natural way. if you stop eating it makes you fatter as your body starts to store the fat it already has as it is no longer reciving what it needs. the trick is just symply to eat small meals throughout the day but always be on the move. the best thing is to find an exercise you love doing and just do it. as log as you burn 3500 calories more than what you eat in a week, you will lose 1 pound of fat. it doesn’t happen over night, so just be patient.
    don’t let what other people think bother you; it really isn’t worth the stress. if someone doesn’t like you because of your looks or weight, they don’t deserve yor attention. just be yourself, be happy and if eating that chocolate cake, a starbucks with extra cream makes you happy, go for it! who gives a crap.

  41. Sim says:

    This is great ! I’m trying to loose weight, but people keep forcing me which makes me not wanna lose weight im 13 & I’m small in height which makes me look even more bigger and I have big thighs and a large butt! Please help me !

  42. felicia says:

    i am a 36 yr old female trying to lose some weight . im trying to lose some fat off my butt and tone it up . and lose some stomach. hopefully i be able succeed i been dieting and exercising for about three weeks but i can tell im losing weight in inches i want to be able to lose lbs quickly to. so i started apple cider vinegar diet that u add honey to . so im looking for some results soon my goal is to lose bout 40lbs before my 37 th birthday wich is april 4 2011. so if any body have any inforrmation to help me email me back.

  43. slimcity says:

    its good to know dat some people still care about the health and figure of others.those lower body workouts are amazin,try them out guys,wit lots of care and patience,u will get there.cheers

  44. karren says:

    hey well you are a great coach! are these exersizes suitable for 12 or 13 year olds?

  45. Chloe says:

    Yeah, im young and im watching my weight.
    people say im not fat, and get annoyed if i ask am i fat?. i cant help reaching for those cookies! so hopefully this will work, thanks!

  46. Davilyn says:

    this article does help but how long would it take to get the firm butt that you want?


  47. namkha says:

    i read ur site n the comment of others too. im really impressed with all.so could u plz help me to lose my weight. im 28 yrs old and im hafty since frm my childhood. earlier i never thought or care much abt my body. i was happy with wat i have bt now when i now that they cause many diseases i start scare frm myself n also i look very weird when i look myself into mirror.so pls help me. i want to look gud too.

  48. ANUJA says:

    I want to silm my butts and thighs and belly …
    which exercises i have to do ?????????????????

  49. gg says:

    I have lost weight on my buttocks by doing exercises and runnind. Go on you tube their are plenty of videos on how to workout your buns. You must have will power and do them everyday. It pays off. Oh and stay away from flour, dairy. etc It works believe me. I also did buns of steel eveyday :)

  50. RAWRTART says:

    hai , im 15 . and i need a way to slim my butt and thighs , i mean im trying all these diets its not working . plus i havent got my period for 8 months so i think it has to do with that. i try jumping , drinking alot of water. but nothing really helps . i really need some great tips so i can make my family proud !

  51. hillabug says:

    Thank you soooo much!!! Please update me on any new blogs you may have in the future.

  52. shelby says:

    this reeeeeellly helped!
    imm still continuing my routine, and incorporating all of this useful shit into it!
    thnx sooooooooooooo much!

  53. moshetty says:

    Im 14 and i have a protruded lower belly,fat thighs and wide waist.ive tried many exercises but they dont work.i desperately want to wear shorts this summer cos all my frndz do and i feel left out cos i think theyll make fun of my thighs.PLS HELP!!!!!!!!

  54. Syd says:

    hi i am only eleven but i hav a huge butt i feel so bad because one is my friends is exactly like me but a couple inches taller and she weighs about ten pounds lighter than me. i think i have huge thighs and a huge butt and i run a lot. i have done three 5ks, 30+fun runs, and 40+ triathlons. But my but is still huge!!!! but i don not want to diet because otherwise my parents will find and i don not want that to happen!! Please help me!!!

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