How Women Can Tone Their Arms Without Going To The Gym

Womens arm toning workoutDon’t have a gym membership? Try this arm toning workout

I get lots of emails from women who want to know if there is any way that that can effectively tone and firm up their arms without paying for and going to a big expensive gym. They have limited equipment but want to workout hard.

I tell them there is.

In fact, I love training at home. It has a certain roughness to it that you don’t get at a fancy gym. If you want to tone your arms at home or don’t feel like going to the gym then this article is for you.

What you need to tone your arms at home

If you want to tone or firm up your arms at home then there are a few elements you need and a few bits of information you really need to master.

1. You need to workout intelligently

2. You need to have the right exercises

3. You need to know what it really means to tone your arms.

This article will look at each of these three points, one at a time.

1. To tone your arms at home you need to workout intelligently

When women decide they need to change a part of their body they generally jump right into it without the correct information. They hear that light weights and high reps tones the arms and so that is what they do. This isn’t likely to help.

More important than just about anything else is working out intelligently.

What this means is that you should approach your training with some structure and with some care. For example, if you train four times a week and do a different part of your body each time you will lose track of what you have done unless you keep a record. So, the smart thing to do would be to keep a journal.

To train intelligently so that you can achieve toned arms you need to:

- monitor your progress by keeping records and measurements
- write down your workout and stick to it for a month and then change it
- learn the proper technique for each exercise and stick to it

Most importantly you need to stay motivated if you are working out at home. It is very easy to get side-tracked and only do half hearted workouts. For real progress to be made you need to do it properly.

2. To tone your arms at home you need to have the right exercises

Toning and firming your arms means working out in a certain way. It is not as hard and specific as some of the other big websites would have you believe but there are a few little tricks that can help you along the way.

When you want to tone your arms you need a mixture of cardio to burn off the fat and resistance exercises to build and strengthen muscles. The best resistance exercises are compound weight training exercises that use multiple body parts.

For example, if you want to tone your upper body then try performing pushups and each time you do them put your hands in different places. This changes the emphasis of the exercise so that different parts of the arm or chest are targeted. If your hands are close together then your triceps will do most of the work and if they are wide apart your chest will do the most.

For detailed instructions on many different arm toning exercises check out these past articles:

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All of these exercises can be done at home with minimal equipment. If you have the dumbbells and barbells that is great but if not you need to be creative and improvise. For example, when I was in India I had no equipment to workout with. So, when I wanted to do some bicep curls I chucked all my dirty laundry in a big bucket and filled it up with water. When clothes are wet they get really heavy and this made for an excellent make-shift bicep curl device.

3. You need to know what it really means to tone your arms

Toning the arms is a mixture of diet, cardio and weights. You cannot get any real results without paying attention to all three. Clean up your diet and do a little bit of cardio and you will find your arms get more toned than if you were to just do weight training everyday. The muscle isn’t generally the problem, it is the fat that is on top of it!

If you have 30 minutes to workout out at home I would spend 20 doing some intense cardio like skipping, boxing, circuits, sprinting, etc. and then only 10 minutes working out with weights or doing pushups. This is the best way to tone your arms.

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. DeeDee says:

    This is great! I have 3 kids and find it almost impossible to make it to the gym everyday, now I can really make the most of my time.

  2. Kayla says:

    I really hope this works!!!!!!!! Im trying to get rid of my arm weight so I can rock my new swimsuit!!!!!!

  3. valerie says:

    I have all ways had big arms now that i have two kids and over wieght my arms have a lot of fat on them hoping to loss the fat on my arms and tone them thanks

  4. Renae says:

    Gee, thanks! I’ve been trying to get more toned but since the spring semester is over, I haven’t had access to the free gym on the college campus and I can’t afford a gym membership right now. Thanks to your advice, I can look forward to beach parties!!! :D

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