How To Lose Fat Off Your Butt And Legs Easily

Lose fat off buttLose fat off your butt and legs!

That’s right! You can lose fat off of your butt and legs. Normally I wouldn’t talk about spot reducing like it is possible but scientific research seems to have proven otherwise!

Weight loss exercise plan that burns fat from your butt and legs

I know I have mentioned this story before but I don’t feel I gave it the attention it might deserve. Here at Real Women’s Fitness the number one reason people find this site through is by searching for posts relating to toning the butt, losing fat off the butt… anything to do with the butt! It seems as though women really aren’t happy with their rear ends lately.

So, when this research came out I mentioned it in a post but I didn’t elaborate on it too much. Now, though, I feel it is important for all of us to know what the research is saying and to give it a go ourselves to see if it really works.

What weight loss research?

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) has been testing an old but not very popular workout program whereby women cycle on an exercise bike for 20 minutes. It is not a normal ride, however, as the women have to sprint for eight seconds and then cycle lightly for 12.

What were the results?

It seems that the results were quite dramatic and much better than expected. The Daily Telegraph wrote:

“They lost three times more weight as other women who exercised at a continuous, regular pace for 40 minutes,” UNSW Associate Professor Steve Boutcher said.

This is pretty amazing news for women who are struggling to lose weight or need to lose a little bit in a short amount of time. Three times the amount is a big number. Think about it. If you lose one kilogram a week by going to the gym three times a week, if you change to this new program you could be losing as much as three kilograms in a week. That’a huge difference!

But I thought you said I could lose weight off my butt?

Well, that’s the next amazing result that has come out of this study. The researchers have claimed that if you follow this exercise program on an exercise bike you are likely to burn more fat from your legs and butt than from other places on your body.

The scientists found their method could “spot reduce” troublesome areas such as legs and buttocks.

I am not entirely sure this is true and I will have to test it for myself. I would love other readers to give this plan a try as well and see what your own body does.

I would also be interested to see whether an exercise like rowing or boxing that is more to do with the upper body and arms could spot reduce on the arms and upper body? If so, many bodybuilders would be interested.


While I am not convinced that the spot reducing claims are true, it is very important for us to keep up with the latest research. Science is always bringing new information to light and this helps everyone on their weight loss or health struggles.

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. Roxana says:

    You say that the cycle workout is for the woman to bike for 20 minutes, where we sprint for 8 seconds and bike normally for 12 minutes. Do you maybe mean that we sprint for 8 minutes, not 8 seconds? Please clarify.

  2. Britney says:

    Hi.. in answer to Roxana’s comment.. i’m pretty sure this exercise is called SPIN.. like spin classes.. it’s extreme bike riding.. and it is’t fun.. lol.. BUUUUT IT DOES WORK.. and i know people that have lost up to 5kgs a week with it.. it’s 8seconds then 12 seconds..then 8 seconds.. then 12 seconds.. for 20mins.. it’s a mission lol TRUST ME.. i’ve seen people throw up in the class.. BUT LIKE EVERYTHING.. it gets easier.. AND IT’S AMAZING..

  3. Steph says:

    my family has naturally big butts and thighs so it is not surprising that i have one, but i want to loose mine. i have a skinny upper half and then i have a big butt and big thighs so it looks weird. my mum is a nurse and says that i cant loose weight off it. will this workout seriously work?

  4. Steph says:

    oh and also with this program will it actually make your butt smaller and normal?

  5. Sarah says:

    I’m a little confused, it wasn’t explained to well on what exactly to do? Are you supposed to sprint like around the room for 8 sec and then jump on the bike for 12 sec and then 8 sec again??? Please help me out. Thanks

  6. Link says:

    I’m confused.. So… I sprint for 8 seconds and bike normally for 12 minutes?
    And can I use a normal bike up hills instead of an exercise bike? Or does it have to be an exercise bike?
    And do you mean you sprint for 8 minutes (not seconds) and bike for 12 minutes…? Or do you mean sprint for 8 seconds and right bike for 12 minutes. Thanks :D

  7. Chaz. says:

    ive got a decent Diet Plan and i have lost 12lbs in 2 days !
    i have had 1 fatty food a day and stick with my friut and veg . i have done hourly excersize and have been running in the morning.
    Your Day
    Run-in the morning
    a piece of fruit when you get back
    Dinner , Fruit Veg Etc.
    Pudding (1 fatty food)
    more excersize(half an hour)

    keep continuing this process and hopefully you will see the outcome!:D
    Good Luck


  8. Rosa says:

    Well i hope this exercise does work,i’ve always had big hips and very big legs,but my upper body is very small,I barely wear shorts in the summer,well i never wear shorts in the summer only when i was a teenager now im in my early 30s.

  9. savannah says:

    so how long do you run for in the moring (chaz).

  10. Link says:

    Ride on a bike for 20 minutes.. Then 2 minute sprints…Then 4-6 minutes of lighter cycling.

    If you alternate sprints with resting periods, yes, you will lose more fat due to intervals of high intensity and low intensity periods in your exercise. Technically, sprinting for 8 seconds and lightly cycling for 12 seconds is not much – try 2 minute sprints followed by 4-6 minutes of lighter cycling.
    I would recommend that you use a normal bike rather than an exercise bike (fresh air is good for you).

    As for the shape of your bum, thighs, and leg region, cycling or biking as some people call it, will shape those regions since you’re using them. Its supply and demand babe! Your legs are being demanded to cycle harder, so your body supplies them with more muscle and oxygen.

    Email me for more info:
    Hope I helped!!! :)

    So… Ride on a bike for 20 minutes.. Then 2 minute sprints…Then 4-6 minutes of lighter cycling.
    Follow this, and you will be in shape in no time!

  11. Bex says:

    You sprint (riding the bike really fast) for 8 SECONDS
    Then ride at normal pace for 12 SECONDS
    Am I right??
    Sorry, this is just a little confusing!!

  12. JANE GREEN says:

    Hi i do this exercise in my spinning class your basically meant to alternate between speeds and it burns fat quicker. For example cycle gently for about 5 mins to get you legs warmed up then start alternating with your speed, 1 min fast 2 min normal and sometimes do slow speeds but put your gear up so it makes your legs work harder. the best thing is to find some good music that you can work out to the beat. This does work as i lost weight on my thighs and my bum got perkier, Good luck xx

  13. Andre says:

    Bex…YES. This is REALLY simple…no need to be confused.

    1) Sit on a stationary exercise bike
    2) Peddle at a really fast pace (sprint) for 8 SECONDS
    3) Then peddle at a slow/normal pace for 12 SECONDS
    4) Repeat 60 times (8+12 = 20 seconds * 60 = 20 minutes)
    5) Your workout is complete in 20 minutes and you will be exhausted and SKINNY!

    The main reason people lose weight on this program is because the intensity increases your resting metabolic rate. So you become MORE efficient at burning calories even when you are not exercising (sleeping, working, etc.)

    DO IT…IT WORKS! I PROMISE! I lost nearly 18lbs in 3 weeks.

  14. Rini says:

    I need to lose an inch off my rear end…so i can get my hips to a 35” have any advice? i’ve gone on the grapefruit diet + i’m biking everyday to school and back. which combined is like a thirty minute bike ride…two fifteen minute intervals.

  15. greta says:

    i have all this fat around my but and upper legs, i have started eatin heathy ,, seriously i used to eat heaps of bad stuff now i only have 1 small treat a day like a cookie or a chocolate milkshake, i have done this for a while now about 6 weeks i have been going for walks about half an house four times a week , and i have had no changes ! ?? what the hell!

  16. Kayla says:

    So… you wont me to get my fat butt on a bike and start riding?

  17. rosi says:

    (to greta) you should try out some sports or martial arts.. that works best. 6 weeks of healthy-eating and walking wont give fast results, especially since youve only just started. I faced the same situation as you did before, but realised that I needed to burn some calories by exercising (and rigorous ones are the best), and its working! Running gives the fastest results for me, and taking up a martial arts works even more. Yoga and cycling will help, as well.

    As Link said in her comment (Its supply and demand babe)

  18. har says:

    I need help.. iam 200lbs and i need to get this fat off fast. i am getting sick of this diet thing. i dont know how to start working out. I had a baby and now my stomach and butt are big.

  19. Norma G Pescador says:

    I need to let y’all know that I was warring size 14 and know whent to size 8 just by riding the bike for 30 min every morning, and my butt got smaller, I say what are you waiting for just do it.

  20. Aly says:

    Does the bike have to be an exercise bike? or can it be a regular bike?
    Or are they both the same?
    Also how long does it take to see results?

  21. sara kiernan says:

    hey guys,

    im 180cm and weigh 58kgs

    my bmi is low but i still do not like my body

    i have really long legs but a bit of a bottom/ hips and i really dont like it.

    i do not have an bike to ride… what should i do

  22. Rox says:

    I run, and I do a very high intensity martial arts (Muaythai, which is Thai kickboxing – very good workout!), and in between days I cycle for 30 mins or so.

    I stopped Muaythai for about 7 or 8 months and my diet went a bit haywire, and am now back in class and trying very hard to lose the weight I gained during my slacker period.

    The best way to lose weight, get fit and tone everything from butt, legs, abs to arms is a combination of training, especially if it includes high-intensity things like martial arts and running.

    When I cycle, I find that the best option is interval training – I have tried the 1 min hard cycling then 2 mins slower on higher level, and am definitely going to try the 8 sec / 12 sec reps to see how that works.

    Diet plays a huge role here too though, and if you are active you have to eat properly. 5 or 6 small meals a day (2 or 3 of these healthy snacks), LOADS of water, lots of fresh stuff, low-carbs, good breakfast, no junk and low-fat is the only realistic way to go.

    The more you train, the more you start enjoying it, and it becomes a habit – just make it a healthy lifestyle, and the weight loss and toning up will follow. :-)


  23. Shabana Hussain says:

    Hi, my name is Shabana and I weigh 230 pounds. I have a really big butt, please tell me how I can lose this butt

  24. JENNY says:

    ya… im like totally skinny… except for my butt! it doesnt help that i have a big curve in my back because tht makes it look even bigger! i absolutely HATE it. i am only twelve but it still really bothers me! ive tried to wear tight shorts under my pants, which helped a little, but not much, and i cant wear them for the rest of my life! i was just wondering, its winter right now and i cant get on the bike, and i dont have an exercise one either. so i d k how to do this. do u guys have any other sugguestions? PPPPLLLLZZZ COMMENT! i need to loose this really quick! HELP! COMMENT!

  25. Oli says:

    Guys honestly u need to get a gym membership or just do some form of physical exercise to break a sweat- go for a fast walk around your area. its a combination of diet, exercise and most importantly committment- u have to make if you really want to lose the weight.

    Im 20yrs old and have brought my body weight down from 106kgs to 88kgs-and still dropping. Basically I try to eat as healthy as i can, eat small meals-about once every three hours, 6 a day-its not vital, it just helps, otherwise just try adjust it to your life and lifestyle-just keep it healthy. for a diet plan try
    for an idea.

    You dont need to buy drugs and supplements-not alot work. only supplement Id recommend is a vitamin B complex-itll help your liver with the fat breakdown and stress of losing weight.
    Drink loads of water-I cannot stress this enough!!! you might gain or stay the same weight when you first start upping your water intake but it is just water weight and you can lose it very quickly by taking a natural diuretic. an example, i upped my water intake from about 1.5litres to 3+liters and gained two kgs for the four weeks i did it, then i took a dandelion, juniper, ginger supplement and dropped 6kgs in a weekend.
    The water also helps flush the toxins from your liver and aid in the fat breakdown.

    500ml of water first thing in the morning has shown to raise your BMR (metabolism when you are at rest) by up to 5percent.
    You must google and see how many wonders water can do and fix- from astma to excema.

    Google anything i have said above-the info is out there, i know cos i did it. yes everybody is different, but concepts of weightloss dont change.

    you can do it-your greatest obstacle is yourself-excuse the pun…

    a few answers to the questions:

    the training method is very similar to guerilla cardio-dont be intimidated by it, yes it is tough, but work your way up to 20min, by increasing by a minute or two a couple days at a time.

    Chaz does your diet plan include proteins-ie meats etc. you need to consume a sufficient amount of protein everyday in order to prevent muscle breakdown. basically muscles determine your metabolism, bigger muscles use more energy to do the same amount of work as someone with smaller muscles-how does this help? well more muscle=bigger energy need=more fat burned. a good exercise plan would include some form of light weight training(toning)-yes even for ladies. go to a gym, most will be more than happy to help you out with a free exercise plan-and theyll also instruct you on how to use the machines or any questions or queries you have-print out what i have typed-theyll confirm it all.

    Greta- i reckon you need to do a little exercise and up your water intake.

    Jenny- try skipping, you can do it indoors, or even a hula hoop would work-the heavier the hula hop the more calories you will burn.
    google hula hoop and fat loss

    there are many exercises- aquatics, pilates even yoga is a good start if you arent as comfortable to do fast movements. just break a sweat- exactly what they do on biggest loser.

    a safe amount of weight to lose is about 1kg per month, but commit to it and eat healthy and you can lose more.

    on a final note, you need to be happy with the body you are in, if you have wide hips, you need to accept the fact you might look better with a bit of weight.

    sorry for the long essay guys but itll help….

    best of luck guys and i hope u make the commitment to change your life for 2009!!!

    only you can do it!!!!!

  26. Nash says:

    Hey Gals, I read about bike exercise, but it is really woring as I heard that biking…reduces fat from tummy areas but incrreases at butts and calf this true?
    Hence I am confused..shall I do or not?
    As my butss are really heavy and my inner thighs are also heavy..
    Please help..!!

  27. Nora says:

    I think i need help.. And fast. Im 14, I have a small upper part of my body, but i HUGE bottom part. My butt is really big, and my legs are big. Im 64 kgs. Im not short, i have a normal height for my age. Im fed up of being the fattest in my family. There all soo tiny, except me. Please help me.


  28. josh says:

    this does work i went from a waiste 34 to 30 and im so happy. For all you people who have a bike but not an exercise bike and dont wanna bike outside, you can get an appliance that lifts the back frame that allows you to peddle but not move anywhere. So if you get one of these, you can do a nice workout in your garage or basement in peace and quite, sounds nice ehh. Also for a diet, stick to foods that are not high in sugar and carbs because when you do, these chemicals act as an instant source of energy, some times for example before bed, you could eat potatoe chips that are loaded with carbs, and if you go to sleep without exercise after you have eaten them, it turns into fat I AM SERIOUS. These carbs are stored in your liver and when there is no more storage left the excess turns into fat. So keep a low carb diet and you are ok.

  29. Ella says:

    I’m 18 yaers old, i tired evrything to lose weight, i never really got the results i was looking for. and now i know why i figured since i was working out a lot from running in the morning witch does work i must say, (but i stop doing that)from going to the gym, from purcasing turbo jam which i love! I didn’t need to change my diet as i was doing all this working out. But changing your diet is important as i learn reading all these comments so thanks for all the info. But i do have a question what would you suggest for arms? I do have big upper legs so im deff going to try the biking. But i need help with my arms i need some shape in them. when i go to the gym i lift weights ive been going for 2 months now but not getting results (do you think its from not changing my diet)or maybe im doing in wrong. Any suggestions?? Thanks

  30. ella says:

    after writing my comment i just realized the link above that reads out get toned arms. lol but if you have a REALLY good sulution please do help:)

  31. noma says:

    i wonder if the 8sec , 12 sec timing is pheasible, just seems like a really short time to be switching. ive been to spin class before and its at least 30sec before a switch. another question is that since we are on a bike what exerton level/tension are we using, shd it be easy/med or hard. im sure this plays a bit part on the exercise

  32. samanthah says:

    im 13 and i cant wear a bikini because i dont like my thighs i almost size 16 in kids clothes so please tell me something i can do at home to get rid of my thighs and but PLEASE!!!!

  33. beverly says:

    im thirteen and i want to have abs but my dad said i shud not workout til iam 15 or 16 but i stil wnt to have abs wat cud i do….helpppppp.

  34. Kelly says:

    Hey, For those of you who want to lose weight……
    1. Eat healthy!
    -Breakfast: eggs or oatmeal
    – lunch: a salad with chicken or sometin like a wrap
    – Din Din: Some sort of meat with a balance of fruit + veggies
    – for a snack have some protein bars, make sure that they are under 14 grams of sugar because then it is just a candy bar.

    2. Excercise!!!
    – run
    – do some cardio like biking or P90x from
    – do some crunches leg lifts or pushups!

    3. Control!
    – U need to have self control and try not to eat sweets..
    its hard i kno, try to have only 1 a day and then go hard core! After a while like 10 days, it gets way easier!!!!

    Just push through it and in no time you’ll have great results! I did, escpecially because i did p90x! Get Started!!!

  35. Jessica says:

    Hel all.. i been doing my bike for 30 mins for almost a month but i havent done this plan but i will starting today.. i will keep u posted. i eat healthy too. ABOUT HOW MUCH WILL I LOSE AND BY WHEN?? can someone inform me on when will my legs get slimmer. i can lose inches on this right???

  36. katie says:

    i have a question. i just did this workout and in 22 mins i burned 300 cals. i wanted to go up to 300. and in 30 mins i burn 400 cals usually. is it stil las effective as i used to do 30 mins regular pace and burning 400 cals?? i really want thinner legs.

  37. Renu says:

    Can do this exsercise on a tredmill instead of the bike?

  38. beth says:

    im 14 and realy hate my legs, they are so fat.i realy want to loose weight off them. the rest of my family are realy skinny. i realy would like to loose weight. please help!!

  39. Sally says:

    I think so many different thinks work for different people. I think that the bike is great for your legs. Everybody wants to lose weight (myself 6months ago) but there really is no magic thing you can do (i.e. pill, food, 5 min exercise*) but go sweat and work at the gym and stop eating junk and seriously eating healthfully. I went from 130 lb. (I am 4.9 ft) to 108 in sixs months and it was HARD…but I am very happy I did and that I look nice in my jeans now but I just changed my diet to eating cold cereal/oatmeal salad sandwiches etc. no chimichangas or french fries NO Soda but I never really ate a lot of horrible things b4…… nutritious food and a lot of vegetables. Nothing really extreme just eating healthfuly good old H2O and 1.5 hours at the gym…+ a heck of a lot of discipline… worked… = ) I can go buy a bikini…..

    Ok Ladies so I read that drinking milk/dairy products is detremental to weight loss and weight maintenance because it contains estrogen in large amount some just naturally in the milk (it makes baby cows grow) and the artificial from growth hormones that they give cows….so when we hit the magic age (12.6?) we gain boobs, butt & weight (some of us) soooo it is the estrogen that brings weight and also when we have a baby it seems after the baby is born we gain weight because we are getting all of that extra estrongen that the baby was using and u have post natal weight gain……….soooooo if milk is concentrated with this stuff could it be sabotaging our workout efforts….I quit dairy products and lost 8 lb. without anything else……it makes sense because it spike w/ estrongen……it worked/made sense for me…..and by the way pumpkin seeds sesame seeds, green vegetables will get u plenty of calcium so you don’t fall down and break your pretty little bones…..

    I haven’t seen these thing about milk many other places except a few medical/weight/nutrition journals (I’m a pre – med students) and definetly not on any weight loss group/forum…..but I am convinced that it is true at least for me…everyone is very individual….no one size fits all……
    so please comment BACK!!!!

    Can anybody

  40. Rajeet Walia says:


  41. Amanda says:

    so then the same concept can be applied to running as well. sprint, then jog, sprint then jog…which i believe to be a lot more intense then the bike version of it.

  42. Diana says:

    How many times per week?!

  43. rhea says:

    hi i am 20 years old and i weigh 97kg…i have a really big but and fatty thighs…i have tried a couple of programms but i just keep gaining weight…can anyone help????????

  44. Ashley says:

    Im pretty sure the seconds is suppose to be minutes, considering 12+8 is 20… so u go on a bike for 20 mins… 8 of it ur pedalling fast, like sprinting/running & 12 you do it normally

  45. Meghan says:

    Hi girls! I have this huge butt! im in high school and everybody tells me i have a big butt. it is driving me crazy! I want all this fat off of me. I really want to go down a size because my butt seems like it is getting bigger. I excersise EVERY day. i play sports like tennis, softball ,basketball,dance,and cheerleading. My butt is still big! so im going to try the bike plan.

  46. Catherine(: says:

    Hey, Okay I get it that it is 8 seconds then 12 seconds but what I don’t get is how often should I do this? I probably go to the gym about 1/2 times a week is that enough? Twice a week. How much ,generally, do you burn after say 4 weeks of doing it once a week?
    Thanks(: xx

  47. Kim says:

    I have been rowing competativly for the last five years and the comment made about rowing in this article is completly false. Rowing is ALL legs. It will tone your arms, but honestly if your looking for an arm work out stick with weights. Most people in health clubs that use the indoor rowing machines make all rowers laugh, their technique is horrible, and they end up hurting themselves especially their backs. In addition rowing gives you a huge butt and thighs because you are using your legs to push the boat and your weight.

  48. khesniv says:

    omg!!! HELP me pls help me.
    I am 62kilos and i have huge huge huge butt and legs. But its weird coz i have heavy built legs wad do i do?

  49. chess says:

    so overall to lose weight in your butt and thighs and then tone them would you recommend biking/ cycling or running? is it true that to look thinner and toned you should first lose the weight and then tone the muscle?

    thanks for any feedback

  50. Jules says:

    The only real way to lose fat and keep it off is a true life style change. its not easy to do, especially with all the temptation out there.

    You have to look at losing fat as becoming more healthy, and not ” i want to look good” because after a few weeks when you dont see the results you want you will give up.

    you shouldn’t “go on a diet” but rather, use the mentality, “wow these chips are bad for my health” now dont get me wrong, i’ll have a few chips every once and a while, but its never more than a handful if that.

    the key, eat fewer calories than you burn. the problem is, a lot of people cut out the healthy foods that your body needs to function properly!

    “peanut butter” for an example, extremely high in calories and fat, but the fat is healthy fat like omega 3s that your body needs, and peanut butter is full of em.

    Whole wheat bread is another key to losing weight. With lots of fiber, and low sugar compared to white bread.

    cheese, despite being fatty is key as well, just not that processed crap.

    Eggs – essential! high in protein, good fats keyyy

    Staying HYDRATED – 500ml as soon as you wake up, keeey increases your metabolism,

    300 calorie breakfast, 200 calorie snack, 500 calorie lunch, 200 cal snack 500-600 cal dinner with another 200 calorie snack (light on carbs, because your body will store them as fat as its close to bed time) and thats a total of: 1900 calories. many people consume well over 2500 calories in a day! so that combination will make you 4200 calories leaner at the end of the week!

    many people wonder why eating smaller meals more often helps, well its because your body will actually burn calories digesting the food! not to mention, you keep your blood sugar levels elevated so you wont feel as tired!

    the second key to losing fat is excersize. Not much is necessary, just get moving its simple. if you want to go all out, you need the key combination of cardio and weights, i know women are intimidated of weights, but its necessary. This is a plan i follow:

    sunday – 20 min morning cardio, and in the evening
    monday – circuit training with light weights: going from one excersize to another with no rest between. this keeps your heart rate elevated and provides a similar effect to cardio, but you build a little muscle and boosts your metabolism for days! (Squats pullups lunges pushups abs all x 3 no rest)
    tuesday – interval training – sprint 15 seconds jog 45 (or bike or rollerblade whatever works for you) do this twice/ day. it’ll increase your metabolism like weights do, plus you increase your overall speed when running
    Wed – Circuits
    Thurs- 20 minute solid cardio, jogging whatever
    friday circuits
    saturday day of rest

    This is a pretty good plan and it works for me, im in the best shape of my life (dispite being 20) but its a plan you can change and adapt to suit your schedule. just remember to eat low calorie but Nutrient rich foods frequently, and you should see results in no time.

  51. casskay says:

    this is simple and actually makes alot of sense in eight seconds you can easily work up a sweat its so you dont work your body too hard and get the same amazing workout. i dont think this i ment to leave you tired and out of energy but yyou can get the same results in about the same amount of time with it

  52. Poopy Pants! says:

    Did you know that milkshakes have twice the amount of ice cream that a regular sundaes do? You should try to limit your junk food to one thing 1 or 2 days a week, not every day.
    In regards to exercise, walking is not enough. You need to build and tone the muscles in your thighs by doing lunges, squats and bike-riding.
    Good luck

  53. Lelo says:

    Hi, Im 20 and since having a baby 2 years ago ?I hat my lower body!! ~ I hav an exercise bike an dam tinknin of doin this regime, so how long a day should i do it an how many times a week?! Maye in the morning and @ evenin would show double the results or just run me down?? xxx

  54. Mackenize says:

    Is there any butt exercise that can be done in 10-25 minutes because I try to do this before I go to High School.

  55. Becky says:

    Will this make my calve muscles bigger?

  56. Tara Lee says:

    Hey. I Am A 13 Year Old Girl Who Needs to Loose Some Weight. I Am Moving On To The 8th Grade And Our School Has Uniforms That Lead To Tucking In Shirts. I Only Weigh Like 119.5 Pounds When I Went To The Doctor A Week Ago. I Started Eating Like 2 Or 3 Fatty Foods A Day And I Just Got Bigger And Bigger By Each Bite Of Food. Do You Have Any Advice? I Have ” Cottage Cheese “, What My Family Calls Fat, On The Inside of my Legs And It Looks Really Disgusting When I Relax My Legs On A Chair. Ewwww! I Just Need Help! I Am Starting A ork Out / Diet plan Today And Doing That For The Rest Of The Month Then Trying Something New. My Diet Plan Is:
    Awake From Your Nightly Rest
    Run Around The Perimeter Of The House ( 10 Laps )
    Get Back And Eat A Piece Of Fruit / Vegetable
    Eat Lunch ( Fruits, Vegetables, And Water )
    Run Around The House ( 10 More Laps )
    Get Back Rest A Very Short Time
    More Exercise ( Crutches, Pull Ups, Push Ups, Jumping Jacks, Etc. )
    Run Around The House ( 10 More Laps )
    Eat Dinner ( Fruit, Veggies, And Water )
    Take A Shower
    Then Head Off To Bed

    Does That Sound A Good Exercise Plan To You Guys?
    I Just Really Want To Get In Shape For Next Year!

  57. Ashley says:

    That really does work! :) I read it in another book called “better than steroids” and it is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). It DOES do more for you in 20 minutes than 40 minutes of slow pace cycling. I do this exercise with my boyfriend at the gym and it is a perfect work out. At the end we both feel SO tired and worked out! That is the way to get somewhere with weight loss.

  58. emma says:

    hi, im 13 and i only weigh 85 lbs i know that’s a good weight. but my butt and legs are gigantic, they take up like half of my weight!!! when i sit down my legs are 5 inches across, i want them to be 3. my butt is more then 2 feet around and sticks out, i want it to be so that when i put on jeans there is nothing there. all of my friends butts and legs are like that, please help!! will this really work, and how often do i have to do it? and also is there something else i can do?

  59. Samantha says:

    SAME PROBLEM as emma, and im also 13…HELP plzz :)

  60. sandy says:

    Thank you for all your’s motivating and inspirational!
    I thought I was the only one with lower body problems.
    I’ve been huge on the bottom since a toddler (you know, lots of baby fat at the top of the legs) and never lost it..only for it to grow and grow as I got older. Even after lots of starvation dieting, I never learned the proper technique for eating and exercise; that works to take off the fat. Suffering until this time in my over 50yrs old..I’m finally learning what works. Unfortunately, I accrued so much fat on my hips and thighs..weighing 205lbs and 5’0 tall; it’s looking like a hopeless journey.
    For anyone who is unable to follow the biking or running routine for cardio:
    ***Every day… I do a quick step (like a soft stomp) in-place or around the room; for 30 minutes..morning and evening every day. It’s like running in place; but I found my calves would ache a lot; so I keep my whole foot flat on the floor..something like a flat footed tap dance. Be sure to wear some good supportive shoes. I’m going to start doing the intervals of stepping faster; then at my normal pace………….Disclaimer: if anyone thinks the information below is not healthy for others, please address it..but it is working for me.
    ***Every other day… for toning/building muscle:
    5 lb weights, 3 reps of 10 with alternating 5 different exercises (pecs, triceps, biceps, full arm extends, and squats for lower body)
    Nutrition: Twice a day: 16oz of water in am with Vitamin Bcomplex, C, Calcium (with magnesium/zinc) and serving of protein drink (whey protein with added Konsyl fiber). Foods to be limited to: low carb, high lean protein, fiber, water (# of oz = 1/2 to 3/4 of your body weight).
    I’ve lost 35 lbs and have gone from a size 20 to size 16. Soo much more to lose; and I’ll let you know when I get there!!! Good luck to you, too.

  61. I\'m Skinny And Wish I Were Fat! says:

    To the 13- year old Emma and Samantha who have posted above. The two of you might have mental problems that go by the name anorexia or bulimia. You guys are of the right weight. Really. Go consult your moms instead. I’m 14 and I know it’s silly to want your legs to be 3 inches. And you want your butt to be invisible! Please just continue eating like every other normal 13 year old. Oh and if you really think you are fat, go ask a doctor or professional for help. Or your parents. Seriously.

  62. Carmen says:

    119 is not fat.You can do some fun exercise to lose weight if that is
    what you want to do.

  63. Jennifer P says:

    I think that most people lack the most important thing… self motivation.

    I played competitive soccer for many years, and we were told to do 100 crunches at least 3 times a week, 50 push ups 3 times a week and run run run until you feel it! This came from a coach who played on England’s team… and I looked great by the end of each summer and everyone on our team was very energetic. I think more women these days need to focus on more energy, less stress. Stress has been my most difficult challenge.

    When you take care of your body, you want to eat well too and it becomes a lifestyle. Even the littlest things like picking whole wheats makes a difference. You just need to be conscious about as many things that you can remember.

    Some good tips I can recommend:
    Do your own grocery shopping or let your parents know that you are trying to make a life change. Fresh everything is the best!

    Drink as much water as you can, and avoid things like coffee and juice.

    if you have to sit for long durations of time, you should be getting up for 10 minutes of each hour. For instance, commercial breaks are perfect times to run up the stairs to get a glass of water! or even just put on some music and dance around.

    Being happy and making time for fun is so important. Endorphins make you want to stay out longer if you’ve been active.. so it just takes the first step to gain some momentum!

    The key is to not think about it as an impossible challenge, think of it as making the most of the body that you have been blessed to have.

    Sorry for such a long response but good luck to all the ladies!

  64. Brianna says:

    well heres the deal…Im 13 years old and im going into 8th grade…. so that means prom graduation and all of these 8th grade specialties are comming up and i wanna look good.. I way about 96 pounds but im 5″4 sooo weight comes with being tall..i am anything but lazy i swim,play basketball,irish step dance,swim,and ride my bike every saturday 2 the beach which is about over 8 1/2 … I know im filled with all this muscle but can i get rid of the fat on my thighs? i dont wanna go on a starvation diet and stuff because i know that is sooooo not healthy…can anyone helpp!!! please!!!

  65. Jess says:

    I think it is silly how you are all so worried about how you look. especially if you are 13 or 14.
    you just need to eat healthy and be active and BE CONFIDENT. its hard but everybody has body hang ups. Just be healthy and active and have a positive attitude and things will fall into place!

  66. Megan says:

    96 pounds at 5’4″ — That is really light actually. I am 5’3″ and 120 pounds and perfectly healthy and am in my Body Mass Index. You do not need to do anything more than what you are doing.

  67. Jess says:

    Yeah i agree with Megan!

  68. maddie says:

    Ok, you sprint ON the bike for 8 seconds, then lightly pedal on the bike for 12, then just keeping switching…. 8, 12, 8, 12….. up to 20 minutes!!

  69. Kari says:

    Ughh! i have a skinny top half and a larger bottom half.. i have a big butt and fatter top half of my legs.. this is really weird looking and annoying because i can wear a small shirt.. but i have to wear a like large bottom! will this cycle trick work for me do u think? and how many times a week should i do this? i play 3 sports as it is..

  70. me says:

    ok well i am 13 years old and i am kind of embarrassed about my body! i have a skinny minnie top half then a fat bottom half! will this exercise help me and how often should i do it? help plzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Lin says:

    I do not own an exercise bike but I do have a treadmill. Would this workout work on a tread mill if you did a light jog for 20 minutes, sprinted for 8 seconds, and then walked for 12 minutes?

  72. Alisha says:

    I have a really skinny upper half and large bottom half. After 2 years of on and off anorexia, my metabolism is seriously stuffed and my body is out of proportion. Now I have realised how truly, yuck, skinny people look and I want to look healthy and have a nice layer of skin but still healthy and somewhat toned. I have found that whenever sitting like at your computer, or doing homework or reading the paper or whatever you are doing while sitting, bounce your legs. When doing this, try to do it so that you can feel the ‘flab’ moving and it becomes tighter, more toned and reduced. The 8 secs fast 12 secs normal does also work very well on a stationary bike. Goodluck Everyone :)

  73. :) says:

    hey im soo glad tht girls tht r 13 and 14 years old have this problem too. all the boys at school like stare at my butt and i hate it! i want to lose the FAT off my butt and thighs but some websites say tht certain exercises make them BIGGER! ahh! and i dont want tht to happen. i am a gymnast and so i have major muscle which i kno makes my thighs and butt look bigger but i still have fat tht needs to get GONE! all my friends have the flattest butts in the universe whoch makes mine look soooo much bigger. so does anybody have any suggestions to get rid of FAT without doing exercises tht make ur butt bigger?? and does can anyone tell me exactly wht to eat daily??

  74. Averi says:

    ok so i dont have a exercize bike but i gotta reg. one will that work?? please please please answer this PLEASE

  75. TAMMY says:

    1.) OATMEAL
    2.) EGGS (I eat 1 per day and if you are worried about cholesteral…remove yolk
    3.) PEANUT BUTTER (limit to 2 tbs per day)
    4.) AVOCADOS (1/2 cup per day)
    5.) ALMONDS (limit to 24 per day)
    7.) BEANS & LEGUMES (lima – navy – kidney -white beans(stay away from refried & baked beans
    9.) GREEN VEGGIES like (broccoli -spinach -romaine -asparagus -brussel sprouts -arugula)
    10.) PROTIEN POWDER (2 tps added to smoothie but be sure smoothie is made with low fat milk yogurt berries)
    11.) BERRIES (1 cup)
    12.) WHOLE GRAIN (use 100% whole grain or whole wheat for breads -pasta -rice….
    13.) OLIVE OIL or CANOLA OIL but limit use
    14.) TEA (GREEN TEA IS BEST)4 cups a day
    16.) PARMIGIANO -REGGIANO CHEESE (1oz per day in salads)







  76. nazanin says:

    I have been doing spinning for 4 months and believe me it works. you just have to push yourself and eat right. sprinting for 8 minutes does not make sense since sprinting is fast pace cycling … it should hurt if you do it at the right speed.

  77. gigi says:

    do lunges and squats make you’re bum bigger or smaller

  78. tia says:

    i have been doing the bicycle exercise for about 2 weeks and my legs got BIGGER:| when i were my jeans they are super tight, and they were the same one i had used before! does this bicycle exercise only for some people? is running better? please answer soon!:)

  79. Aly says:

    This is on a comment on what steph said. I have the same problem. I have a skinny upper half, but i hate my big thighs and butt. I was wondering how much I could lose in two months riding my bike an hour a day. Once in the morning another in the afternoon. I am 14 yrs old btw.

  80. Aby says:

    hey everyone! i just have a quick question i would like most of you wish to loose weight around my butt and thighs, and have been dieting and gyming for around 2 years. i have lost alot of weight, however i noticed that during this time i have not had at all ant dramatic change at all around my thighs and butt. I did join the gym to get fit and am on a healthy diet to stay HEALTHY, nevertheless i really wish to losse weight around this area and so far it isnt working! please advise me what i can do, (maybe that my legs and butt are just turning into muscle i dont know) so please suggest, advice anything that may help! much appriciated thanks! ;)

  81. ZM says:

    hey everyone!! for all of those people who want to lose weight and dont know what to start with… heres a little help!

    changing only your diet is the SLOWEST way of losing weight. all you need is a gym membership.. once you got that in the first couple of weeks start by just doing cardio such as walking on the treadmill, eliptical, and also biking/cycling as mentioned top of the page. Cardio is the best way to lose weight, weight training helps you to tone different areas of you body. Always push ur self when your doing cardio, dont walk like a turtle on the treadmill or hold on to the handle bars for support. your whole body has to be in motion and working hard to see results… and please dont ever give up. to lose weight on your legs fast is again running in a incline! i no cardio is boaring but trust me you will see results in a matter of just afew weeks if you stick to it!

  82. CLAIRE says:

    Im just scared i excercise toooo much and then get muscle legs and big serena williams arms? HELP….

  83. Lois says:

    hiya, i dont kno what to do.. my butt and legs are really chubby.. and i feal uncorftble, i need help asap pleasee! meany thanks!

  84. NFL Shop says:

    Interesting! Thats pretty cool! You don’t mind if I come here more often and read your posts do you? I love to blog but only on good subjects. Like this one for instance! Can’t wait till you post something else.

  85. Todd29 says:

    There are many good tips on how to achieve permanent weight loss; none of them includes diets or diet pills. The best way to lose weight and to become healthier is to take responsibility for yourself! Your health is your most important asset. For many people, being overweight is associated with being uncomfortable in their own skin. To assist with weight control; keep a daily food journal and every time the urge to snack is felt, first drink a large glass of clear water. This simple act will help you to eat less. Water hydrates you, suppresses your appetite, helps you to feel full, and metabolizes fat cells. Water will soon become one of your best friends. The major reason so many people in America are overweight is because we eat too much for comfort! It does not hurt to treat ourselves with something special once in a while, what is necessary is that we limit our portions and do not overeat! It is also necessary to keep our body properly hydrated, so drink a full glass of water with each meal or snack. Being overweight ******, but after reading a book, I lost 85 pounds! Words can not express how good I feel! This is a comment which I recently received about the book Lose Weight Using Four Easy Steps

  86. Jada says:


    Drink- Water/coffee or tea, no sugar.

    breakfast- Wholemeal toast, peanut butter.

    Lunch- Protein shake

    Tea- Lean fish and steamed fish

    Excersize- Run for half and hour – rest – Run again for half an hour

    Its okay to treat yourself now and then, just make sure you work it off.

  87. Jada says:


    Drink- Water/coffee or tea, no sugar.

    breakfast- Wholemeal toast, peanut butter.

    Lunch- Protein shake

    Tea- Lean fish and steamed vegitables

    Excersize- Run for half and hour – rest – Run again for half an hour

    Its okay to treat yourself now and then, just make sure you work it off.

  88. amogelang lephalo says:

    m a 65 kg wit a 30kg on my butt,i cant even wear a bikini …wat should i do??? any exercises

  89. lcd says:

    If you alternate sprints with resting periods, yes, you will lose more fat due to intervals of high intensity and low intensity periods in your exercise. Technically, sprinting for 8 seconds and lightly cycling for 12 seconds is not much – try 2 minute sprints followed by 4-6 minutes of lighter cycling.

  90. mina kamina says:

    hey i have news for all yous u wanna loose weight eata gronala bar in the morning(1) then skip lunch and eat in moderation at dinner only one no seconds complete for 2 weeks losse 30 pound trust i look great size 2

  91. isa says:

    Mina Kamina…women need to eat a minimum of 1200 calories a day for the digestion system to work properly. only eating a granola bar an dinner is not near the amount of calories you need. I was bulimic for 2 years in high school and now have learned just watching my caloric intake keeps me small AND HEALTHY!

  92. Varsha Mathew says:

    hi, i am a borderline normal BMI, I dont think i should loose any more pounds. i just want to tone my butt a lil. I have a curvy figure and i am very proud of it. i cant loose all my butt coz they complement my boobs. help please.

  93. jones says:

    You should probably all stop worrying about your BMI’s not eating and exercising everyday. That is what one would call an eating disorder. Love your body, eat healthy and things you like exercise every other day and be happy

  94. courtney says:

    no, they mean go really fast on the bike meaning a sprint, then slowly normally pedal on the bike.

  95. HELP PLEASE! says:

    Hi, i know its been asked before but i never saw a response. can you do this on a normal bike? i dont have a stationary, if it helps i also have tredmill. thanks

  96. nanyi says:

    im going to try this exercise today im really motivate and i hope it work

  97. I LIKE WEED says:

    hi, when i get my normal bike im going to use that as u get fresh air and u can go up steep hills working your whole body alot harder

  98. Amanda says:

    Would this still work if you ran? for example, sprinting on level 8 or 9 on a treadmill for 8 seconds, and then walking on level 4 or 5 for 12 seconds. I dont own a stationary bike and my normal one doesnt work.

  99. parul says:

    hi,i have a big butts ang thighs.i have a normal cycle,cross trainer and treadmill too.
    can u recommend how many times the work out shld be done especially for hips and thighs?and when and how should be done.
    i have 4 yrs before planning to go for second i want to be in shape.i m 30 yrs of age.
    plz advise.

  100. Jennifer says:

    im going to try this and see how it works then I will come back to you all in a month and tell you how much I have lost, following this plan.

  101. jayne says:

    im really struggling iv bin going the gym for 2months non stop im 8.3 im only 5foot and i eat healthy i hate my legs and bum im goin on holiday soon and have been trying so hard to get in to shape can any1 help please!!!

  102. Crystal says:

    Hello there! im a dance teacher, very fit and heathly lady, i have a flat stomach and toned bottom which sounds great but……… i have fat that will not move from my Hips and back. No matter wat i do it will not go :-( Anyone know how to get rid of it ????

  103. Steff says:

    Hi… Im 18 years old. I was always active in sports such as basketball & volleyball. I’ve have always been a big girl even while playing sports. I started highschool at a weight of like 160 and now i weigh 208 and im only 5’5. My weight has mostly been in my butt and thighs but over the past like 2months my waist has gotten a lot bigger. I’ve been to the doctor and im not diabetic, but im afraid I might become one if i dont lose atleast 30lbs. I have prom on april 30 and i really wanna wear this dress but my butt and thighs are like 5inch to big. I need help and quick. please help me!!

  104. Jolene says:

    Hey everyone,
    I have a big butt and thighs, and i know its fat because i never used to be like this. This is the cause of eating unhealthy.
    To really get the results you want, you have to not only work out but also eat healthy. I am having a very hard time on this too and i have done a lot of research. I have tried for about 2 weeks eating healthy and running for about 15 minutes everyday doing 30 squats. Squats are a big help with tightening you butt and the back of your thighs. You need to do cardio and squats to deal with that area. Two weeks i saw a little difference then i quit, do not be like me and quit keep it going be committed because you CAN do it. I am starting again to do that same thing but i think i would start riding and doing squats. Ask a friend or family member to be your inspiration. I have the best friends who help me with this. A few say that i am just like that, born with a big butt, but i know i can lose it and i will prove them wrong. You do that too. I know we all want direct answers and to know EXACTLY how to do it, i do too and i want to believe things work but guess what the only way to know is to go for it !

    [impossible is nothing]

    good luck :)

    ima try it too .

  105. Martha says:

    I can personally vouch for this message, but I am going to clear up one mistake in your article;

    Rowing has nothing to do with upper-body workouts, well it does in that it does more than if you were sitting at home, but other than that it is the same as any other exercise. Rowing is all legs (especially thighs), and only gives you huge muscles in that area. When you think of Rowers with huge shoulder muscles that is from weights and conditioning training that we have to do (or bad posture in the boat).

    I just wanted to clear that up for anyone who might have tried it in the hope of serious weight loss. It does get you fit, however.

  106. ahmed mohamed says:

    hi iam 22 years old girl and iam attractive boy buy i have a big problem coz my ass is normal big so can make it as a model one …plz answer

  107. sad and depressed says:

    I am trying to find help and cant seem to find it anywhere. I am 27 years old and have struggled with eating disorders for years and when i finally stopped i’ve gained a tremendous amount of weight back I weigh 200 lbs and i’m 5’2 its all in my legs, hips, butt, upper back and upper arms….. my problem with food is I dont eat enough and all i drink is water.. mentally I’m not in a good state and i’m trying to get the motivation and mentallity not to go back to what i was doing before. I am a singer and thats the only thing i have confidence in but when i’m on stage and ppl are looking at me i feel they see this discusting fat person instead of hearing me! I am really afraid of doing something stupid…. somebody please help me, i really dont know what to do!!!

  108. Chessie says:

    hi, i’m 13 and am really trying hard to lose weight, which i seem to gain after about a slice of cake. i’m overweight and all of my friends are those naturally skinny ones! grrrrrrr! anyway, are there any exercises which you can do without a bike that have the same effects. i really need to do somehting so anything would be great.

  109. maryah says:

    i weigh 108 pounds and my height is 5’1…. my upper body is v thin but i have a huge butt and large thighs.. i have heard cycling in good to lose from thighs but i have also heard after you stop doing it your butt and thighs become larger than they were before. is that true? and please suggest a good diet plan. i want to lose 8 pounds and be 100 pounds. is peanut butter good for weight loss? i always thought it makes you gain weight.

  110. Maroah says:

    I have a very round butt and wider upper thighs. I have acces to a real bike (the one you can actually go places on) and an eliptical. If I do the 8 second sprint then 12 seconds on, say, a fat burn level for 20 minutes, will I see the same results as if I was using an exercise bike? Or should I be using a real bike instead?

  111. fed up with fat says:

    my doctor told me some fat is just genetic and exercise/diet resistant. this is true. i have lost 20 lbs so far & i still have these fatty deposits on my arms& thighs that are driving me crazy. i eat every 3 hours. protein/veggie/low carb diet & healthy snacks. i work out 5 days a week. cardio & weights. like i said- i have lost 20 lbs but these fat deposits wont budge & when i look at my arms i get depressed because my upper torso is lean and i have these fat arms & saddlebags. im getting liposuction.

  112. Georgie says:

    I have a problem. I exercise alot and am building up too much muscle in my thighs and bum im actually getting bigger and instead of getting smaller legs they are toned but larger and its horribe, i want to be toned but how do i not get big?

  113. shant'e says:


    How can I loose the fat on my stomach and bums only

  114. Beckie says:

    hey im 14 too like all the other girls, my upper body is quite small and i have quite big hips but i dont mind them. my lower part is big i have a huge bum and it sticks out (i dont mind it sticking out) but i just want it toned. my legs are actually huge people think i over exaggerating but its true, ive tried so many diets and nun of them work i just want thinner legs!
    helppppppppppp x

  115. Suhha says:

    im not gunna say tht i havve a HUGEE BUTT and over react =
    but i DOOO!!! =@ since FOREVER and i decided tht this is the time to change!! and thts wat im doin now,but i stopped loosing weight but my body features has changed nd i duno wats goin on
    i excercise for like an hour everyday!!!!

  116. jen says:

    Has any one heard of leg magic?(google it) its a machine you can buy online or from fitness shops, its a 13 mintute work out programme which you do 4/5times a week and can help you tone up your ass, thighs, inner and outer and abs its not to expensive about £60 and you notice the differnce after a month, I have been using this and also going running in order to increase the intenisty and you really feel it in your legs, you will defo notice a difference with this!

  117. alex says:

    i just want the step on how to loose bt i doesnt show it on here. how we suppose to do it when its not written anywhere?

  118. marquita pitts says:

    well i will try this for 10 weeks an if it doesnt make progress i will get back an tell how i did on my dieting an working out yah so byy

  119. Wendy says:

    I am an already slender but very pear-shaped woman. I have been doing this workout for the past month and so far I have lost half of an inch around each thigh. That may not sound very impressive, but if I can keep losing half of an inch each month consistantly, I am going to be very happy indeed.

  120. temitope says:

    i do not have a bike or any were to sweem in my on case what will i do ?i need to reduce the fat on my leg

  121. shannice says:

    Hi, im shannice stewart .
    im 12 and im fat on my FACE / BUTT / BELLY /LEGS .
    I just want some sample that will stop me from eating

  122. Dana says:

    When it comes to losing weight, dieting is easier than exercising (although you really should do both). But if you want to choose one, pick dieting. Why? It’s easier to cut 500 calories out of diet per day than to burn 500 calories at the gym per day. Just make sure to eat healthy! This will accumulate to 3500 calories per week, which means you would lose a pound every week.

  123. Jenna says:

    okay I’m only 15 but i feel like i have the biggest butt and thighs EVER! i’m 130 but at the beggining of the year I was about 120… and i’d like to be back there again!! Is there anyway I can loose the weight without running cause it doesn’t seem to help! and is there any easy diet to follow because when I’m with my friends we always have food and its definetly not stuff thats good for you!

  124. sara says:

    hi im 12 (almost 13) and i want 2 loose my thigh fat and “love handels.” it looks like the bike thing will work but will i loose my butt?? i dont want 2 loose it completly ’cause i like it:)no homo. but i do want 2 know how to loose my “love handels” any suggestions? thanks

  125. Kylieb says:

    The details of the program are in the news story on “8 seconds key to weight loss” I have not tried it, but some of the posts here suggest longer intervals. If you read the story, it says that it has been compared to longer intervals and the 8seconds/12seconds for 20 minutes works BEST. Started tonight (34 +111kg).

  126. sophie wilson says:

    at what level do you put the exercise bike on when you are doing 8 seconds sprint and 12 seconds normal for 20 minutes? :) x

  127. sophie wilson says:

    at what level do you put the exercise bike on when you are doing 8 seconds sprint and 12 seconds normal for 20 minutes? :) x

  128. nermin lotfy says:

    hey u guys wats a lighter cycling.

  129. amanda says:

    you should do circle scissor kicks that burns a lot of fat and you will feel it

  130. anvesh says:

    hiiii i am 21 years old and my height is 5.5 ,my buttocks are some what big and my upper body is thin so it is looking very bad to see, and i want some guide lines that how i can decrease my buttocks and thits

  131. Emily says:

    Hey guys i am 14 and i weigh 55kg but i am really tall and people say i am under weight for my height but i have big thighs and i really want to lose them b4 summer starts i am a lifeguard at a beach and i am forever in bekini bottoms and tops soo is ther other ways to lose your thighs?

  132. kelly says:

    hi im kelly im 12 and i weigh 126lbs and i need help to lose weight to impress a guy i like at my school who ever knows what i can do plz email me at

  133. dearone says:

    heyy im 12 yrs. old and im 1st year highschool and i will be the ms. intrams of our class but i have big legs and thighs and im 52kgs. i also have medium size tummy but i have shape can you inform me to loose weight i need to lose weight and fats for 1 month start now email me at plss… i really need it and add me in facebook also plss… dont forget

  134. Anna says:

    I have a question: at what speed rate is it better to set the fitness bike? I mean… at what difficulty level (I have 8 difficulty levels)?

  135. deb says:



    They are cheap and you can do the same 8/2 routine.

  136. makayla says:

    I am 14 years old I am 5” 9’ tall for my age. I weigh 150 lbs. and I have huge thighs. All my extra weigh is from my thighs and I am trying to get rid of them. I am very active I go to the gym everyother week during the week I go every day for about 2 hours and play basketball. What else do I need to do?

    Please help

  137. Diana says:

    Hi, im 14 years old i am 5”9 tall for my age. i weigh 140 lbs. i have a huge thighs. all of my weight is on my thighs ad im trying to get rid of them because it makes me look fat. i always work out. i run for an 1 hour but i sprint for 8 seconds . i also do yoga for one hour 2 a week im a very active person i play soccer ad basketball but Ive never been fit even though i play sports. what should i do to be fit because what im doing isn’t working??

  138. unknown says:

    im 13 n it rely worked for me going on a cycling machine and running machine i spend 3 hours a day in my home gym n i am starting to see difference in my legs and i am so happy thanks to all the tips n the advice from this website :) :) x

  139. Julia says:

    I am confussed…Your suppose to sprint for 8 seconds then hop on a bike and cycle for 12 seconds lightly? and then Link said you go 8 secons, 12,8 then 12 then 8 again….is tht running wise or cycling wise? HELP!!

  140. Rachise says:

    Hey all!
    I\’m 14 and i have biggish upper thighs and a big butt and i mean a big butt its like 35\” around? yeah. i have a small upperbody, a flat tummy and toned arms(not freakishly toned). Everyone tells me im so skinny and have awesome legs but when i look down at my legs when when im standing up i can see like, it looks like celulite or soo my legs have a curve to them, like they curve inwards but in a natural way.
    Im going to try the bike thing but if anyone else has any suggestions that would be great.

  141. JWS says:

    Hello unknown 3hrs in your home gym. You need to think about what all you r doing and modify your workout 3hrs is way to long. 90mins at most at any one time. Get in workout harder and get out. Promise u will get better results

  142. Savannah says:

    before i want on summer holidays i had a great body and then i went on summer holiday which of course made me gain like 3 klg before summer holidays i was 39 now i am 42 my mom said hat it is because i am growing taller but i dont want to be over weight i want to have good a small bum and smaller upper legs part. Please help me you guys have excellent ideas.


  143. Milinko says:

    i am a nigerian and i dont know much about pills and the rest for slimmer butts,abs,tighs but i really want to loose weight my parents wont let me go on exersices and am in boarding school is there any simpler way to loose weight quickly and i cant go to the gym

  144. Tahlia says:

    Guys, i want you all to relize that you are all beautiful in God\’s eyes and he will always love you no matter what you look like…….. so why dont we all take a chill pill and if it still bothers us, pray!! I garanteeeee you will loose all the weight that you wish :)

  145. Pranali says:

    Hay I Want The Loss Waight of My as I Have Joined the Office 8 Months Back, My Size is Growing Terible as I need to Sit in one Place Continuesly please hrlp me out

  146. amgad says:

    iam 180 cm and 110 kg and i want only to be 90 kg help me plz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. karen says:

    im having trouble losing my mid section due to having a baby 14months ago. i had to get a c cection so i dont no what exersise is best.i also need an exersise for my bum and thigh.please help thanks.i am not one for going on diet id rather exersise

  148. Adiitz says:

    I triied , but Its not Possible for me to do it everyday cuz I go to school ! and I hardly lost any wiieght !

  149. Rachel says:

    Yeah, I dance 14+ hours a week and exercise a whole hell of a lot on top of that, and my thighs and butt are still huge.
    And I don’t really know if it’s overdeveloped muscles or what, but it bugs me.

    And I eat fairly healthy. I just can’t drop any weight.

  150. Georgiee says:

    Great, easy excersise? really, well i better give it a try!

  151. faith says:

    Hey, i read about this and was wondering can i do this on just a normal bike or do i actually need to go to actually do it on an exercise bike. Because i can’t afford one, and i can’t afford the gym membership either.

  152. 16 years old says:

    So I am 16 years old trying to lose weight.
    My height is 5’1 and i weigh 140lbs.
    I want to exercise but I live in a bad area
    and I cant go anywhere safe around here.
    I wis I had a bike but my mother sold it.
    I have a dirty pool near by (town home).
    I want to eat healthy but I have no money.
    The only thing in my fridge is Bologny chicken
    and a tortilla bread to eat with it and thats it.
    Also no money for a membership.
    So how am I suppose to lose weight to be 115lbs.?!?

  153. Roxy says:

    Hi I weigh 126 pounds and Im realy tall but i have really big legs I am 14 but I am hoping that if I try this maby I could get smaller legs. Will let you know how i get on.
    Luv Roxy

  154. Bis says:

    I dont know about rate of burning in the abody and how we can increase it

  155. hibaa says:

    hi.. i would like to noe how long do we do it for? n do u have any other e/xercise to lose weight on the stomach like a little gut on the bottom

  156. sarah says:

    hi am 12 yrs old i need to lose some fat of me but will this work ?

  157. ramya says:

    i have weight only on my bumms .how to reduce that fats

  158. savanah says:

    Im so skinny in my upper body my ribs are visible even though i have plenty of fat on my butt….

  159. anthony says:

    can you use a regular bike instead of a exercise bike?

  160. liz says:

    hi im 15 turning 16 very shorthly, and i hate my legs and bum so much, i weigh about 60 kgs which i know is healthy but i just hate my theighs and bum, im not lazy and i do alot of work, im very skinny in my upper half of my body and have descent boobs, and i have very muscly arms but im happy with that,
    im not sure if this wxcercise would work for meas when i do ride or run i never seem to loose any weight on my theighs or bum.
    is there any other excercises i could do taht would make me loose weight very quickly..
    please help

  161. mary says:

    Hi everyone, i am a very active person at the gym and i have being cycle on a spin bike but not in spining class..cycling is very good for the legs and experience prouve that spining fast as running fast works out your muscles differently that doing it slowly on a longer period of 20-30mins. Therefore since you work harder when going faster, the muscle is build up in mass at one spot..of course you may loss more fats and weight but u get more muscle at one place than the other which increases you weight( as muscle is heavier than fats). But if you spin for a long period, u get definition on the legs and butt which means that your muscle get stronger but refines your body shape..i personally prefer to do diff excercise combine with cycling as it really does work up only a part of your body More that the other but it is also what u want, MUSCLE or just DEFINITION in the shape of your own..The best thing is to always excercise at your ease so that your body can adapt and work better and of course if you do what only u can do, you will just do it on a longer period and therefore loss more weight a better way( as the quicker you loss, the easier you can get fat again, the body and brain need to adapt to the change), get the result you want and like, love sports..
    Regards Mary

  162. fat!!!!!!!!! says:

    ok so im 13 & female & i weigh 47.7kg i feel relly fat! &im serious about losing at least 5kgs in possibly less than 2months but anyways i need a relly good diet & excercise tips i hav no gym membership & dont hav enough money for equipment and i dont care if wat u sugest to me is unhealthy or bad I WILL EVEN STARVE MYSELF COZ IM DEAD SERIOUS ABOUT LOSING WEIGHT & KEEPING IT OFF!!! any helpful sugestions r most very selfconcious bout my bod.plz help me even if they r tredmile or bike exercises

  163. DeeDee says:

    Hello … I am 13 years old and I NEED HELP! All my Pairs of Pants are “Skinny Jeans” Style. I look fat in them because of my hips and my behind. How can I lose weight, look skinny without exercise?

  164. jaz says:

    I have big bulges under my bum! :( i found that ive put on around 10kgs and it’s all gone to my legs! any advice on how i can lose weight from right at the top of my legs but at the back of my legs?

  165. Joy says:

    pliz help can i loose the fat on my butt by hitting my but on the wall

  166. lola says:

    hi im 12 years old and i have to lose wieght in my thighs ive trye to eat less and more healthy food but that did work out i do not have any othere choices if you have any advice please tell me asap!

  167. aisha hassan says:

    hey there,i am i3 years old and i feel i am fat.i have tried to eat stuff that are considered healthier than what i eat but …………no results.if you have a clue of what i can do pls advice me.i am all ears.

  168. juju says:

    hi guys im 13 and im 58 kil plz can anyone help like after 3 weeks im goin into yr 7 plz im tall but dont know how to loose my thigh,bum,stomach,hands and face im goin to beverly hils girlz high school and im gonna go my self anyone going there like u know i want to loose weight but even get friends plz plz im muslim and my real name is hajar

  169. Holly says:

    The LifeSprints cycling exercise routine described in this article which was developed from research conducted in the Medical Faculty at the University of New South Wales, Australia, can be found at the following link at

  170. Cinnimon says:

    well i’m 180 and 5’7 only prob im 13 and its the top half im not worried about its the thighs i luv my big butt so my bf butt the thighs i hate helppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. me says:

    im 14, i hardly eat a thing and my chest and upper half of my body are very thin, but no matter how little i eat the fat never seams to leave the lower half of my body, thighs more than anything els

  172. tshegi says:

    Im walking the same path as steph, my body is disproportionate, have a great upper body but then the lower part is lacking…is there anything that involves a little less running up and down

  173. Lo Lo says:

    I am going on spring break very soon in late march, and i would like my body to be in tip top sape for when i am out in the sun wearing my bikini… thanx! [:

  174. patrick says:

    i weight 61kg ireally need to loose some weight!
    and im only 13 heeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Person says:

    @me do you realize that by not eating much you’re kicking your body into survival mode? So if you do lose the weight (most of which being muscle, not fat) and start eating again, you’ll gain all the weight back because your body thinks it won’t be fed for a while so it’ll hang on to every last calorie it can get. So a healthy diet and good exercise would be best.

  176. janey says:

    hi! i come from a family of having big butts and legs. and i really want to lose it. i just dont feel comfortable about it. but please i really need help on my exercising! really need to burn these fats.

  177. Kara says:

    My name is Kara im 5 ft tall and I weigh 80.3 pounds!!! My thighs jiggle when I walk and it makes me really self concience help me loose weight! Please!!!

  178. Nana Akua says:

    I am 20 yrs old but ma problem is “i have very big calfs and it is very embarrasing to me and its natural.What do i do to reduce it please help me

  179. hayley says:

    look up the beverly hills diet, it actually works, and you dont starve yourself, its by judy mazel
    i lost 20 kgs in 3 weeks from it. i hope it works aswell for you as it did for me

  180. maddie says:

    i am 12 and i am small for my age coz i am 143cm tall i try exercising but my mum and dad think its totally weird when they some in my room and im standin there in shorts and a top with a skippin rope in my hands. i come home from my school and what am i supposed to tell my mum oh by the way i am going out cycling to lose weight. they moan at me if i leave dinner and i am embarrased to talk about it. i just wish i could feel comfortable wearing leggings again. oh and i weigh 5 and a half stone. help?!

  181. Iona says:

    To the 12, 13,14 and 15 year olds… im 14 and hate my legs! so ive started this workout! Basicly run up and down the stairs for as long as you can(loses weight off legs) before you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning do situps! I really notice a difference!(Its gets you a six pack;D) Every day you do them you can do about 5 more than you could the night before! and just eat a heathy diet! Fruit veg and water!

  182. maddie says:

    iona doesnt your parents think its weird mine do! what do you say to them if they ask you what your doin

  183. Yasmin says:

    heeey yeah so my top half is a british size 4 or 6 which is an american size 0 or 2 and yeah so my top half is fine and im 15 and 5ft 3 but my calfs are nice and skinny too :) butt my upper thighs and ass are my problem really want to lose weight of them and fast , i feel sooo self concious , anyone know how i can get a firm tight incredibly tiny asss ? please help xxxxxxxx

  184. kinnise says:

    i dont understand what that is all about. by the way my qestion is i didnt know u can lose weight in your legs and but how do u know that.

  185. rachel says:

    im so sick of haveing a huge butt and fat upper legs the other girls my age are so skinny and im huge

  186. Me says:

    Im 16 and i weigh 10 stone. my mum is 40 and weighs the same as me! iv had a big bum and big thighs and big legs for as long as i can remember, and now im at college im eating fatty foods all of the time which IS NOT helping!! i used to walk home from school every day and now i get the bus to and from college, which means i am getting no exercise at all and it is really fustrating me! my mum and dad dont see that i need to lose weight and keep giving me huge portions of food and dinner, i dont eat half of it and they say that i just waste food. i do 2 hours of vigerous workout a week. will someone please help me out?

  187. sarah says:

    do you think that running and doing running sprints would do the same thing as doing it on a bike?

  188. emma says:

    hi im trying to lose weight on my legs calves thighs bum ect i want the long lean look im 5ft 6′so have i relitivly long legs but they look short and dumpy if iam consuming 2000 calories a day and jogging 30mins will this slim them down in time for summer ?

  189. anu says:

    thanks for ur guys help……niow i really think this will work, so im gonna buy a exercise bike(or steal my cousins) and im gonna start exercising….ill be back with the results……wish my self the best of luck

  190. anu says:

    when u mean sprint, do u mean go fast on the bike or get of the bike and run

  191. anu says:

    hey, anu again im scared i wanna know if this works and how many seconds or minutes to do???? i beg u help me…. im 14 and am 72kg…..its a lot and i mean it……i have a smalltop boday but a big bottom and tights


  192. Laura says:

    im 13 and weigh just under 9 stone and all of the weight is on my hips, bum and thighs, but i want to consontrate on my thighs and bum, i need a REALLY good exercise which gives you results in a week or so, please help:)

  193. serena says:

    Honestly not eating carbs does make you lose weight on your bottom …….I was always big at the back and a small waist and i would eat like a loaf of bread or more a day continous believe me I suffered from a compulsive disorder I stopped eating bread completely for almost 7 months and macaroni and rice but after along time I than slowly ate rice only once a day from carbs but still i reduced a lot from the my bum i was suprised I would always lose weight from time to time but this part was like stubbon and everyone noticed they thought I went for lipo …so carbs does make you reduce fats from your bum.

  194. Ceilidh says:

    Hi, im 13 years old and if someone can see this and help me thatd be great.
    Id like to know what foods, excersise, and routine (like a weekly agenda for loosing weight) to loose a little on my butt and keep me toned. Im not big but with the way my lifestyle is i want to keep it under control and keep me in shape so I have the best future.

    thanks for anyones help!

  195. Zoey says:

    I am a trainer and I can tell you that there is no way to do spot reduction. however intense cardio sessions will help you burn off fat. i would recommend Tabata style intervals 20seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, try that for 12 minutes. Plus you should also be doing leg workouts if you want nice toned legs. Lunges, squats and deadlifts, lift heavy and small sets.

  196. mia says:

    Hi,i want to know how to reduce fat easily..especially on my butt..i really hate my butt and legs..cuz it look like a clown..


  197. :) :s says:

    Hi…i am 12, and my butt, legs, and belly are really fat!! I dont have a excercise bike, so i cant do this ’workout’. I dont no how to lose weight… PLEASE HELP!!!!

  198. Fat!! says:

    Hii. Well…I am 12 years old and I am REALLY FAT!!!! I am not joking my butt, legs and belly is probably the average size of a 25 year old.
    I do not have and excercise bike and cannot afford one….as i am only 12. I really need help on getting *skinnier*. I have tried running, eating healthier, eating less and LOADS of excercise.

  199. Fat!! says:

    Hii. I have written a few comments and no one has replied to them. I would be soo greatfull to you if you did reply. I need to lose fat in 2 weeks as i am going on holiday and i do not know WHAT TO DO!!! please help ASAP!!


    P.S. I am not the person above… we just must have the same name!!

  200. Mimi says:

    so i have this cycle equipment at home but no with no sitting..have to stand and can i do this exercise with it too?

  201. Naz says:

    Well i’m 12 and i am soo fat. seriosly. you wouldnt believe how fat i am. anyway…i am going on holiay in summer holiday and i want to wear shorts and not feel embarised about my body!
    Pleeassee help!! I would be so greatful! :)

  202. abadii says:

    Hi !!
    im 50 pounds i dnt look fat im skini
    ,, but my butt really bothers me any t-shirt i wear it makes me really fat i eally really realy HATE this PLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZ Help !!!!!!!!!!! i wanna make it smaller:(

  203. tresa says:

    i got a huge thighs though am athlet nd go to skol cycling sinc ma childhood nd nw am 17 yrs old…..plz help

  204. joanna says:

    hii !!
    i have big thighs !!i also have a big butt and fat legs !!can you lose that by running a half mile every week!! and im only 12 yrs old what would happen? would i get skinnier? would i lose my big butt or fat legs?

  205. Caitlin says:

    Well, hello, I am Caitlin I am also 13 years old. I am 156 pounds and I don’t even look like I am! But there is an issue, I have a pretty big butt (runs in my family along with big boob’s) and unfotanately thicker thighs. I really want a bikkini body, I need to work on my stomach, but I am more focused on my legs and such. I for sure have the face for a bikkini body, I just need the legs, and butt. So I am going to try this and see if this will really work. If anyone else has advice for me, and a workout that will burn fat FAST,

  206. neve says:

    Hi!! well i`m 12 and i have these HUGE lags. my belly is SOOO fat. seriously, i actually feel like i am ,like, 18 i`m soo fat. my thighs are massive, i have a big but and im just fat alover. i`m going on holiday in august…(2 months) and i want to wear a bikini/swimming costume and NOT feel embaressed about my body.
    PLEASEE HELP!!!!!!!!
    Thanks!! =)

  207. Hussain says:

    Hi .. i`m Hussain from saudi arabia.. i lost about 63 KG from my body in a normal way.. Healthy Food + sports + Determination
    = a good body and a long life with agood feeling..

    i have a big butt before.. my jeans size was 52.. but now i`m 34 ;)

    wish you the best all

  208. L says:

    A possible explanation for being larger from the waist down is a rare disease called LIPEDEMA. Lipedema occurs in approx 20% of women in the US and is grossly under diagnosed. If you are completely out of proportion you might want to look up Lipedema.

  209. dee says:

    i want the answer of the first comment please “You say that the cycle workout is for the woman to bike for 20 minutes, where we sprint for 8 seconds and bike normally for 12 minutes. Do you maybe mean that we sprint for 8 minutes, not 8 seconds? Please clarify.”

    and if i did this daily … how much time will it take me to lose wight efficiently ??!
    thank you :)

  210. meenu says:

    Does this work?? My legs and butt are really big i want it to work!!

  211. samantha says:

    ok so im 14 and 39kg and my height is 153cm. i dont have any problems on my upper body but my lower body. my butt is HUGE and my legs are fat. when ever i wear pants, my butt will just stick out and i dont feel confortible walking infrot of ppl. i usually wear tops that hides my butt but that doesn’t help. With big butt and fat legs, it appears ur lower body shorter. does this excercize help??? i just started ” cardio butt burn” on youtube. For the past 2 months, i looked and searched everything about burning fat. i wanted to get thinner legs and tighter butt before school strats but i guess i have no time cuz my school actually starts tomorrow….. if anyone has tried anything and worked in short amount of time, please post them here.

  212. jess says: 12 i weigh 50.2 something and i am tall. i am slim but not skinny i have a party tomorow and im wearing a skin-tight dress so on thursday i started on my bike riding around my area it make a diffrence but i put it back on:(im trying the 8+12seconds thing tomorow morning:)so wish me luck! i seen on here that water can help astma.i have astma so i went and got some water but when i drank it my astma got worse?

  213. kristy says:

    can you ride a regular bike like because my road is two miles long and i run it like five or six times a week my abs are really skinny but mut butt and thighs are big i am twelve can someone plz help me i need advice

  214. oliver says:

    Stop trying to lose fat from your butt. Lose it from your belly.

    Build you gluteal muscles and your hamstrings… will improve the shape which is better than shrinkage.

    Plus….more muscle means you burn more calories while your doing nothing! win win.

  215. Taylor says:

    WOAH sounds great im 13 and I wanna do this thanks guys

  216. randumundo says:

    When you say sprint do you mean run on ride really fast?

  217. Irene says:

    I am 17 years old, 80kg and 172cm high, the most fat girl in all 3rd Highschoolers…. Never been thin, always fighting my extra large butt, even though my body is extremely good from the waist up. I wanna do cycling –and I actually like doing it– , but hardly ever got time to, since my country has university entrance exams… Should I cycle in the morning or is evenings good too?

  218. lisa says:

    Hi everyone I’m 15 n I’m hv a reli skinny upper body. seriously skinny. but the problem is I have bulky legs and thighs. they look fat and i reli wanna get some advice on how to lose those fat without getting skinnier… pls help!

  219. precious says:

    spining is a great help in losing butt and legs fat

  220. tryhard says:

    hey im 14 and i am very muscly and pretty fit, but i have a lot of weight on my inner thighs.
    Just a tip for some others: i used to be a bit flabby on my belly so i tried to lose that and I FOUND A WAY THAT WORKED!!!
    it sounds REALLY silly but whenevr you are sitting still, clench your muscles (abs, thinghs, butt whatever) and if you combine that with water ,healthy eating, taking up a sport and other exercises (like crunches and sit ups) my abs pushed through and now i am quite happy with my belly :)
    also if you cant find the motivation to do this i found that taking ‘berroca’ or something similar would help (with my school work too!)
    i hope this helps some people

  221. Katie says:

    Thanks for all the comments above. It really helped. Much appreciated guys! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  222. Mich says:

    Hi, Greta!
    Try eating a very small portion of sweet treat, ONCE per week. Take a body type test and look up your blood type to find out what you allergen foods are, cause you\’d want to eat foods that are more nutritious for you.

    I would completely stay away from white foods such as white rice, pasta, and especially bread because these foods keep your weight steady so you\’d never lose weight. So, stay away from white foods the rest of your life IF you want to remain skinny.

    I\’d also stay away from honey, sugar, brown sugar, molasses, sweets of all kinds, and sugar substitutes with the exception of Organic Stevia extract which doesn\’t spike insulin AND has no calories. So, if you need sugar for tea, Stevia extract would be your best bet.

    I also recommend taking an ORGANIC multi-vitamin because your healthy foods don\’t always have all the nutrients it needs in it because of soil nutrient deficiency. Also, stay away from soy products, dairy products, and corn products, these will prevent you from losing weight.

    I\’m middle aged (37), and I\’ve had 6 kids. SIX kids! I shrunk from a size 12 to a size 4. Here\’s what I did. I stayed under 1300 calories everyday. My average meal per day is this:

    BK: 1 Apple (80 calories), 1/2 large Red Grapefruit (52 calories) and 1 cup of homemade Thermogenic tea (2 dashes of Organic powdered Cayenne pepper, 1/8 tsp. Organic powdered Ginger, 1/8 tsp. Tumeric, 3 Tbsp. Fresh lemon juice, 1 tsp. Stevia extract, and 1 cup water mixed. Heat in microwave for 2 minutes) Drink lots of water (about 50 fl. oz/ or at least 8 cups of water which if you do first thing in the morning, the rest of the day you can enjoy nice cups of decaf. herbal tea. You will pee alot during the early hours of the morning which will be better than peeing all night. I usually drink about 3/4 of 50 fl oz. of water, then after my walk I drink the rest.

    Then after breakfast, I walk my dogs for 1/2 mile. (I have asthma so I can\’t do alot of heavy exercising. I am forced to take it easy.) After that, I belly dance especially at the hips for 5-10 minutes. Belly dancing works the whole body. A great belly dance fitness I have is the Goddess workout with Dolphina as the instructor. I pop in the DVD into my DVD player and away I go. And it is fun! I feel powerful when I move my body like that. It is awesome. Anyways.

    Lunch: I have 2 cups of my homemade Thermogenic soup. And 1 cup of either Decaf. green tea or my homemade thermogenic tea with 1 small tsp. of Stevia for sweetness.

    After lunch, I relax. I meditate, or do deep breathing exercises while I work at my computer for two hours. Then I get off my bum and clean some portion of my house for 20 minutes; whether sweeping, mopping, dusting, or vaccuming. Everyday I get more of my housechores done no more than 20 minutes per day. Then I go to work, then return home afterwards to end up making supper. I don\’t always have time to cook food and that\’s why a crockpot for me, really comes handy. I can make 1 full pot of soup in my crockpot and it lasts me about 5 days by myself. Of course, my husband loves to eat down my soup too. LOL… So, it takes 3 days between two people for 6 quarts of soup to be consumed. I make my weight loss soup for myself but my husband who doesn\’t need to lose weight loves to eat my soup too. LOL… Anywho…

    Supper: 1 cup of my homemade Thermogenic soup.

    I make a huge pot of my homemade Thermogenic soup. I eat it alot but I change some of the ingredients around (the veggies) so it\’s always different to my body which convinces it to lose weight.

    Recipe of Thermogenic soup.
    1 can of Tomato soup, 4 stalks of celery chopped, 1 large Red Bell Pepper (you can choose either red, yellow, or orange bell pepper but never green bell pepper because green bell pepper contributes to arthritis. A well documented fact.), 2 tsp. powdered or fresh Cayenne pepper (organic), 1/2 a large Vidalia onion (sweet onion) chopped, 3 large handfuls of loose leaf spinach, 4 chopped carrots, 2 Tbsp. Flaxseed oil (organic), 2 tsp. powdered ginger (organic), 1 Garlic clove or 1 Tbsp. Garlic Powder, 1 tsp. Cloves, 2 tsp. Tumeric, 4 Bay leaves, 1 Tbsp. Coriander/Parsley/Cilantro/and fennel seed, 2 cups of fresh green beans and broccoli chopped, and 4 Roma tomatoes chopped. Put these in a crockpot to cook overnight (let cook for 10 hours, or the longest setting on your machine.)

    I lose weight rather quickly on this regime (diet) and exercises. Not only that, but I\’m getting healthier and physically stronger. I have asthma and I haven\’t had to use my inhaler, thanks to my diet in over 2 years. Much Love, Mich

    P.S. I stay away from meat, but if your Doctor says to eat it, I recommend eating only fresh water fish like Alaskan Pollack, Salmon, and Albacore Tuna fish no more than 3 meals 3 times per week. Other fish contain mercury. I choose not to consume meat because of the toxins such as hormone growth, immunizations, and from the animal\’s feed we would consume what they ate such as pesticides/insecticides. Very dangerous stuff. I get my high proteins from other sources such as Almonds, Pine nuts, Walnuts, Hemp seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Flaxseed, Split peas, Pinto beans, and Eggs either broiled or egg whites cooked. That would be the only dairy I\’d eat. Eggs have a very high protein content in them. You don\’t need meat in order to get the daily requirement of high lean protein you need everyday.

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