How To Get Thin And Toned Arms

Many women talk about wanting thin and toned arms as they are unhappy with their current wobbly triceps. In this post I’ll go over some of the myths concerning this type of training as well as looking at some of the ways to try and achieve this.

Myths about getting thin and toned arms

The women’s fitness industry is full of so many fibs and false information that sometimes I feel like throwing my computer into the wall! However, I am determined to make Real Women’s full of quality, fresh and helpful information so as to combat all these myths.

As aforementioned, many women want thin arms. And, sadly, many companies try to capitalize off of this desire and women wind up getting hurt or discouraged.

As we all know you cannot spot reduce. That means that you cannot train one part of your body in the hope that it will burn fat off of only that part of your body. It is impossible.

So, if someone writes something that says that this exercise or this workout is only for toning or thinning your arms then you should close the window and forget about it – it isn’t true!

That being said, there are some things you can do in order to increase your chances of toning and thinning your arms.

Thin, Toned Arms

Two ways of toning and thinning your arms

There are two elements you need to take into account when trying to achieve this goal:

  1. Weight Loss; and
  2. Weight Training.

If you have a well designed workout and diet that allows you to burn fat as well as working the muscles that you want to tone then you will significantly boost your results. Never try and just use weights or just use diet on its own, it is when they are combined that they become effective.

Getting thin arms involves luck

If you want thin arms then you, sorry to say, need to rely a little bit on your genetics. Not everyone can have perfectly toned and thin arms as some people simply aren’t programmed to do so.

However, by losing weight and working your arms out with weights you can significantly improve whatever shape arms you presently have and that is what fitness and health is all about. We are not trying to be like someone else, we are trying to better ourselves.

High reps for toned arms?

Many people say that if you want to tone your arms you need to use light weights with lots of reps. I personally don’t understand why anyone would do this!

My reasons for saying this is because we use heavy weights and low reps when we want to build muscle. Toning your arms is no different, you want to build muscle so that it is more visible once you lose the fat that is covering it.

However, if you want thin arms then you might want to decrease the weight a little bit so as to avoid excess size and to allow for a cardio type of weight workout; that is, to boost your heart rate and metabolism.

Does anyone out there have any workouts or tips for getting thin and toned arms? Anything worked particularly well?

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. Emma says:

    Great post. I love the honesty.

  2. Emma Benim says:

    I Have Quite Chunky Arms And I Always Feel Uncomfertable Showing Them Of And I only llok fat when u look at me straight on but at the side i look thin my arms are fine its jst the width of my arms are big and my dad is slim and my mum has quite big arms what should i do ?

  3. RWF says:

    Hi Emma, head over to the forum and post your question and I’ll help you out :)

  4. June says:

    I have been using two 8 pound weights, one in each hand, to exercise my arms by raising the weights straight up toward ceiling and bending arms at elbow toward my back and then straight up again. I am buffing up and this I do not want.

  5. noelle says:

    Hi, so i personally have found that if you want thin toned, but not bulky arms you should do a high weight – for me that would be like a 15 pound dumbell- and a low rep – lets say 7…take a break and do some cardio- i like to do jumping jacks inbetween my wieght reps bc it rly gets your heart pumpin- then repeat. only do like 3 sets a day of each exercise. the most important thing is to not overwork your muscles bc then they will bulk! never get to the point where you rly have to push in order to lift the weight it should be somewhat easy to do, but you should feel it working aswell! hope this works :)

  6. selr says:

    We are not trying to be like someone else, we are trying to better ourselves. wow! i will ALWAYS remember that.

  7. Zee says:

    please can you tell me ow to get thin arms ? I swin and use treadmill and the excercise bike.

  8. Ann says:

    From my experience the best way to get thinner arms is working in an antique store. Lifting VERY expensive, heavy, solid wood furniture and moving it at a very delicate and slow pace.

  9. Persephone says:

    I don’t know what to do! I’m a dancer and I’ve got very chunky arms, so the costumes always make me look fat, as well as my big, ugly jelly belly. Please help me do some exercises to lose the fat! Is there anything that will let me see results quickly? Even small results will give me a big about of joy. I don’t have weights or anything to workout with, I’m only 11 and my mum won’t buy anything. I’m not some anorexic chick, I look at myself in the mirror and see I’m fat. I’m not interested in losing like a million kilograms or something, I’m just interested in toning my tummy and my entire body.


    • Katrina LaViolette says:

      Hi! I completely understand what you’re going through. Try eating healthier with smaller portions, for one. Do not skip meals! This can put your body into starvation mode and make it even harder to lose weight. Also, once your stomach is a little flatter through diet, you can should do more abdominal workouts (crunches, sit-ups..) because even if you have a six pack, you might be covering it up with a layer of fat. I hope this helps!

  10. roxy says:

    hi, i used to have thin-ish arms but they were jiggly. then i started going to these classes at the gym, and used relatively large weights. i’ve noticed recently that my shoulders are huge and it really bothers me. is there any way to reduce the size or muscle there? they’re not naturally like that and it’s not genetic. please help

  11. case says:

    i did karate and practicing punches into the air actually does a load for your muscles! karate is about speed so you end up with streamlined muscle tone rather than bulk. worked out great for me :)

  12. Jay says:

    I use to go to the gym regularly but never got skinny toned always looked bulky until my bf suggested thermogenics. he used them and had great results so i started taking 2 a day 30 minutes before my workout. gave me great energy for my cardio sessions and i lost 6 kgs in 1 month its amazing i love my body now and only take thermogenics every second month so that i’m not losing too much. i did strength training as well as cardio and when the fat started to strip the muscle tone started showing. if you want thin arms then do high reps with medium weight not too hard not too easy and use thermogenics (some ppl are reluctant to take em so do your research and see if they suit u)

  13. unknown says:

    ive tried for years to tone up my upper arms, ive tried diets in general just to get them abit thinner, ive done every kind of weight traning possible, and it just doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sarah says:

    ballet for adults give you thin arms, as basically in alot of ballet you hold your arms out to side lifting elbow dropping the shoulder using hand as ur weight, shoulders at highest point hand at lowest as u hold them there whilst doing things with your legs you dont notice it ballet is usually an hour long, and it definitly gives you thin arms!!and gives you thin lets also with no bulk as excercies are designed to lengthen muscles not contract them

  15. Demi says:

    hopefully itll work

  16. Riada says:

    Hi. I just wanted to tell everyone that I tried turbo jam’s cardio party and turbo sculpt workouts together – cardio party 2X’s a week and Turbo Sculpt 3X’s a week for a month and lost 15 pounds, plus got a great butt, my depression went away, and I noticed all of the arms of the shirts and jackets I was wearing that were always tight were now actually loose! It also boosted my metabolism and I didn’t have to work out regularly for a year after that! (Even though I should have been!) Now I’m starting to notice the shirt arms getting tighter again so I’ve started the workouts again! I love them!

  17. S says:

    Actually the reason why woman use light weights with high reps is to build long lean muscles, high weigh with lower reps build budging muscles that make a woman’s arm look manly.

  18. Madhu says:

    I used to have a thin, toned arm.But now i have put on weight and my arm looks very fat.Is it possible to get back my previous size thru diet and exercise?

  19. Francesca Palala says:

    My mom has very toned arms, but they are still thin. She just uses 5lb. weights and does 15-20 reps of each exercise, 3 times each. she does about five different excercises.

  20. mike says:

    only way to tone arms is to lose bodyfat..plain and simple. you dont even have to do arms when you workout to get lean arms. diet combined with core training will get you an over-all lean look. dont listen to this mumbo jumbo crap about doing some super bicep/tricep workout. remember people the person who walks intot eh gym with the most knowledge leves with the best results..learn to eat right and do your research.

  21. Deanna says:

    Yoga will elongated your arm and whole body muscles. It can keep you very slender and fit.

  22. Evonne says:

    I do not know what has happened.It seemed that my metabolism has declined drastically. I have been watching my diet very strictly and been working out 5 times a week. However I did not even lose any pounds. The worst thing is my arms and shoulders got broaded and bigger. I did not carry any weight. Exercise that I do are only cross trainer machine, jogging and kick boxing.

  23. Emma says:

    hi i have recently lost a bit off weight but i still have fat arms. i have not lost any weight from my arms. can anyonehelp me?

  24. cindy says:

    hi, i lost abit of weight, although am not satified wit it but my big wobbly arms makes me look alot bigger dant i shud n its annoying, n i have to watch wat i wear. any suggestions as to hw i can reduce my arms?

  25. khloee says:

    there has to be a way to lose the fat in your arms, maybe we are not looking in the right place, is there any one out there that has had this problem? and found the solution? Can you help?

  26. Ginny says:

    For quick results I suggest yard work and pilates. One good day of shoveling dirt and picking up rocks and you can really see it in your arms and abs. Using a regular lawn mower is great for targeting arms and core muscles. Pilates helps me stay lean and strong. Running and P90X is my current routine. My daughter does ballet and gymnastics, and she has thin but very strong arms.

  27. Jamie says:

    It’s true you can’t just work out on part of your body to reduce its size, you have to do all-over exercise, like running or swimming to burn off the fat. That’s what I did before my senior prom, it worked really well and for a while I had thin arms. My problem is that I hate running, so I don’t do it often enough. I suggest doing a cardio workout like that combined with some weight training on your arms.

  28. Evelyn says:

    My arms are pretty much solid muscle. Everywhere I look I see how to BUILD lean muscle. My muscle is fairly lean, but there’s too much of it. Is there any way I could just make it lean and not build any more? I really don’t exercise my arms much at all!

  29. penny says:

    I have big arms, but am slim everywhere else- i truly hate my arms! I use 5kg weights, which used to work an absolute treat!they went really toned. However, they dont work anymore and if you don’t use the weights for a while- the muscle sags and and back 2 square 1 with bingo wings! i think i have made them too big and now would like to lose some of the flab without building up bulk!any ideas?i swim everyday, which helps a bit. Also- if you ever go on a canal boat- doing the locks really tones your arms! any suggestions would be a great help. thanks

  30. John says:


    Thought you gals might like a man’s point of view. Believe it or not, there are men who really like women with muscular arms and shoulders. In fact, nothing turns me on more than a woman with nice biceps in a sleeveless top. Actually, nothing turns me on more than a woman with nice biceps in a sleeveless top who likes to show them off by flexing. Now that’s hot.
    So before you panic and drop those heavy weights, keep that in mind.

  31. Aimee says:

    I have been doing Jari Love for about a year now and she does high reps low weights and the workouts are killer, I don’t use anything higher than 10 pounds because of the high reps my arms are very toned. But yes with that you do have to incorporate the proper diet just like if you want toned abs you won’t get results without the diet included.

  32. Taylor says:

    lots of reps with a low weight, which is annoying but it pays off and lets you concentrate on actually building lean muscle and targeting specific muscles in your arms. assisted chin up/dip machines are the best and low weights work well too. WOOHOAH!

  33. Annie says:

    thankyou for the tips. i have a question though, i do on average about 3 hours of exercise per day, this includes lots of running, and included in that is about 12 hours of dance a week (ballet, jazz) etc. i hate my arms because they are really muscly, but not a good muscly, they look fat. How do i lose this muscle? thankyou.

  34. Shermaine says:

    Why is my arms so fat when my whole body is skinny?
    I lost 6kg from exercising, i have toned thighs and stomach, but my arms are still flabby, i can do like 30 pushups with no problem, but i swear, there are still flabby-ness.

    FYI – I used to have thin arms, before i gained weight. But currently Im underweight due to lesser calorie intake and more exercise and more healthy food, but i dont understand why my arms are still so fat!!

  35. linda says:

    I play racquet ball, walk, walk and walk more and of course I stretch (if I dont forget) Is this enough of a exercise routine to round out with toning my arms?? Also I dont want any development in my neck. Im worried about that. Once I was doing my arms under supervision of a gym trainer and my neck started blending into my shoulder blades like the Terminator! so i stopped immediately.

  36. crystal says:

    my arms r solid muscle… how can i stop building muscle and just have a super thin nd lean body?

  37. yemad says:

    Good news for everyone trying ot have lean and toned skin. I did five lady push-up, lady squat and five minute dance every morning and night. That’s I did these exercise befor going to school and bed. My body is looking the way I wanted expecially my flabby arms. they are now sight my fiance love my new bod. PLEASE TRY THESE EXERCISE IT COST NOTHING.

  38. Sakura says:

    I dont want extreme thin, flat arms. I just want to have good ones. I have flabby arms and the width is big.

    I have lost more than 10 kgs through out the years. I have reached the good body shape, but my arms arent improving. I did ladys push up up to 30 times everyday for a month, plus walking everyday for an hour, as well as i watched my food. I was on a diet with a perfect plan of focusing on all parts of my body, but my arms didnt improve.

    Now, I bought a boxing small bag. I saw on TV once, that boxing can really help. But i ended up not knowing how to fill it with air -.-;
    Hopefully this technique will help me get better arms.

  39. Syndi says:

    Remember in gym class when we used to have to do arm windmills? this will help you lose fat from your arms w/out having to use weights that may bulk you up. It is very repetitive but it works. First do a set with your arms straight out parrallel to the floor then move them in circles going clock wise, then do the same counter clock wise. Then put your arms out the same way now face your palms up toward the ceiling and repeat arm circles clock wise and then counter clock wise. When I first started, I did about 25 arm circles each position, then increased it to 50 each time. This will use your own arm weight to tone up. Also try shadow boxing, it really helps also.

  40. jessica says:

    well im 16. im really short, maybe like 5 foot. i dont feel comfterble with my body, basicly i got like a fat tummy and like big arms muscles and fat. i want to exercice by losing weight everywhere not only my arms. but i dont know what to do. like i took gym at school this year, i do set ups at home, i run sometimes, i do jumping jacks, dance. but besides that i dont know what else to do by losing weight, im trying to watch what i eat also. but do you have any
    recommendations for me on how to lose more weight, i was maybe aiming to weight 110. or 100? 105. i dont know. i want to be like those short skinny persons not to skinny but enough to call myself skinny, any one out there who has ideas for me, i would really apreciate it, i need help.

  41. alyssa says:

    i have really big shoulders because i play sports. i love sports so i’m not going to stop playing them just because my shoulders are huge, but i just hate how huge my upper body looks when i dress up or if i’m in tank top.

    i don’t know what to do is there anything i should stop eating? any specific exercises?

  42. unknowname [Girl] says:

    How to get skinny arms fast its real easy and simple I do this like 5minutes a day because i got use to it. You arm circles backwards && forwards and dont go all super fast take your time i suggest you do like 2min. each way. And TRUST me it burns and you’ll see quit results fast. Good Luckkk

  43. Kathey says:

    Good day,

    I workout everyday from Monday to Saturday and am in shape but my friends tell me my arms are getting bigger everyday. and that i look like a man. I wanna stop my arms from getting bigger, how do i do this? My workouts involve kicking my arms and legs in the air and stretches plus some skipping and running/jogging occassionaly

    Thank you for your assistance.

  44. mia says:


  45. Ms. Kat says:

    Do not use more than five pounds weights, you’d be suprised what wonders a three pound weight can do, three pound weights will work slower but they will burn the fat instead of giving you big, buff, manly arms. hope this helped!

  46. Veronica says:

    I have a real hard time loosing weight and firming my bottom half which I hate very much. Im good with doing squats but I guess I need to work harder. I have a routine where I do my bottom half of my body during the afternoon. Than at night I work the upper part of my body with weights.

  47. Veronica says:

    I have a real hard time loosing weight and firming my bottom half which I hate very much. Im good with doing squats but I guess I need to work harder. I have a routine where I do my bottom half of my body during the afternoon. Than at night I work the upper part of my body with weights.

  48. Veronica says:

    I have a real hard time loosing weight and firming my bottom half which I hate very much. Im good with doing squats but I guess I need to work harder. I have a routine where I do my bottom half of my body during the afternoon. Than at night I work the upper part of my body with weights.

  49. Veronica says:

    I been working on my arms for some time and Im pretty satisfied of my results. I use 20 lbs of weight for arm exercises. I normally do 20 reps of each with a 15 second break in between which add up to 60. The hardest part for me to firm up are my butt and my legs. I really have a problem in that area. I wish I knew of a great fat burner to help me!!!!!! Looose it and firm up at the same time! Anyone got any suggestions for me?

  50. Donna says:

    I started using walking poles during my daily walks and weekend hikes. After a few months the other girls at work started commenting about my arms. Not only is the flabbyness gone, but the bra bulge is gone too.

  51. .... says:

    Hi, for toned arms, a tip that always works for me is just carrying around really heavy shopping bags at least twice a week (i LOVE to shop!) around the mall for about half an hour max and voila, great arms! (:

  52. jigme says:

    we are talking about thin boy and they all r after thin arms

  53. Sanju says:

    Hi, I used to play tennis three years ago and had quite muscled and firm arms and legs, now I have stopped and I have put on weight, please tell me how to reduce weight in the arms and thigh section? And also, my calf muscles used to be super firm and toned, now they’re looking bad, coz I don’t know, it’s not like muscle anymore! Please help!

  54. pema dolma says:

    i have chest n shoulder of man’s type that makes me feel bad.
    help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz~!

  55. Jay says:

    Hi Persephone –
    i am almost 56yo and am a grandma of four. When I was your age I used to exercise in front of the TV with Jack LaLane. I also got a hatha yoga book and practiced yoga. If you get a small allowance, go to a used book store and buy exercise and fitness books and DVDs. Also, turn on your radio and dance for a half hour or more. If you live in a safe area, walk more, run on your school track with friends or your dog. Experiment with movement, getting more sunlight and eating more veggies and fruit. Stay healthy and practice doing things that are self respecting that make you happy. I wish you well.

  56. Erin Threlfall says:

    I find that pilates and yoga are huge help in getting long, lean, arms.

  57. Emmy says:

    Hi. I love your article. My problem is that I am overly muscular. When I started exercising to lose weight, I did lose fat, but I also got much bigger. I gained a lot of muscle and instead of my clothes being loose, they got too tight!

    I have since learnt that I have a mesomorph body type, which helped me understand that I should be focusing more on cardio and high reps when resistance training. Also, I dont do as much high intensity cardio as I used to. This is also a great article:

  58. karina says:

    very well said, thin arms and toned ones are just

  59. Princess says:

    I like the writings in here. But i just want to elaborate the thing. Actually im asking what if you will built muscles like to those of boys when you do weights? Is there any more effective way to a thinner arms?? Thnx

  60. Daizi says:

    i have a big arm.. but not too big. its make me look ugly when i wear a singlet. so i want to get thin ang toned arms.. what can i do.. im a student and im also a teacher.. so im abit busy and its hard for me to do an excercise, Im non vegetarian. i dont like vegetable and i love to eat chocolate. its hard for me to do anything to lose my weight. wha t can i do… please help me…

  61. holly says:

    i do have big arms and it runs in my family. i do exercise and walk everywhere i go. but i still have not lost my chubbly arms but i very in to tattooing. and now thats all people see on my arms are my tattoos. iam not saying that everyone get a tattoo on there arm i just say i learned to love it. now for the first time is years i dont mind if people are looking at my arms co they see something pretty.

  62. Brenda says:

    Try walking fast for about 45 to 60 minutes a day swinging yours arms at your side this really works and tones up your body too.

  63. Annie says:

    Thank you for the great post.

  64. Nayoma says:

    i have a big arm.. but not too big. its make me look fatwhen i wear a singlet. so i want to get thin and toned arms.. what can i do.. im a a teacher.. so im abit busy and its hard for me to do an excercise, Im vegetarian. its hard for me to do anything to lose my weight. my height is also only 4 feet 11 it looks so ugly when i wear half sleeves . what can i do… please help me…

  65. joanne says:

    i have the fatest arms eva help me now!!!!!!

  66. a girl says:

    Hi. Im a girl. Im from Brunei. Im fat and i have a big arms that made me looked like i’ve a muscle. It really annoys me. I really want to be slim. I have this crush. He’s my bestfriend. I want him so much!! But i guess im too big for him the fact that he is thin and small. But im so in love with him!!! Please can anyone tell me how to lose weight especially on the arms part?? I really need this!!!!! Please?

  67. jessica says:

    I love the honesty on this page

  68. Minji says:

    someone up there said Turbo Jam cardio and sculpting, and i TOTALLY AGREE. I have the 3T totally tubular turbo and MAN like a whole third of the exercises are for arm toning. I did pretty much the same routine (sculpting every other day and cardio as often as I could throughout the week) and within two months my arms got SOOOOOOOOO lean, i recommend it to you girls to try it out. (i also am naturally big armed, like when i gain weight, i notice it first in my arms !! argh).. also I’m done mari-winsor pilates and that is a fabulous workout for toning especially if you get the pilates circle thing.. so after i got toned arms, i got lazy and didn’t work out for almost a year and then my arms are back to being chubby, so i started insanity workout (can u tell i am a sucker for informcials?? haha) but… its been two weeks and I don’t think it’s as efficient at targetting the arms because I still feel like there is no improvement, BUT it does improve your belly area a lot. but.. i really care mostly about the arms!! ok anyway, good luck girls!! I recommend these products even though it sounds like i’m an endorsement, it really works if you put an effort into itt!!

  69. jules says:

    hi :) i had very toned arms and legs from gymnastics, but when i stopped (not enough money) my legs and arms muscel became loose and on top of that, fat is on them. i have a flat stomach and a healthy diet.i need help w/ my arms and legs. any ideas?
    thanks :)

  70. XxChasexX says:

    ROCK CLIMBING, JUMP ROPING, KARATE, PILATES, YOGA, SKIP STUPID ‘PRODUCTS’, THEY ONLY WANT YOUR MONEY, PULL-UPS, PUSH-UPS, TRICEP DIPS, ECT. Come on, people, just get moving. Do arm circles while staring at your computer screen. Do pelvic tilts. Just GET MOVING. Spot-reducing is as real as a utopia. Don’t jump on the scale right after a workout. Results for me at least take a week or two to show. Major results in a month or two. Typically, the faster you lose the weight the faster you gain it back. Don’t rely on the scale’s numbers. The numbers may not budge, but that’s irrelevant. the important thing is how you feel. Jeans feeling a little looser? You’re doing excellent. Hey, I’m going on 15, but still. Eating less than 1000 calories a day leads to low energy, seriously. I believe archery is good for your arms too. Don’t get discouraged. The worst thing you can do is start exercising way too much and put the extra strain on yourself and become frustrated. It took you a while to put on the weight, so it will take a while to get it off. Also, don’t ‘lose’ the weight, because lost things can be found. Destroy it. You are in control. You are amazing. Remember, 90% of everything is mental. You can’t eat trash and workout a ton and expect to lose weight. Find balance. Don’t say you’ll do it and don’t. Do it. As Yoda famously said, ‘Do or do not, there is no try.’

  71. gillian says:

    i rily need these toned arms cos where i am its not easy to lose weight

  72. Jossie says:

    I play basketball, and when i wear a sleavless jersey it makes me feel uncomfortable and out of shape. my body is rather slim, but my arms are just horrible! Pleas help me!

  73. Luna Watanabe says:

    hi, I’m Luna and I’m so glad I found a truthful website! okay, so basically I was wondering how I could make my legs& arms thinner while making my chest a little bustier because I always get made fun of that… I’m about five foot three inches and weigh 46kg. I used to swim but I quit due to a busy schedule. my friends say that I don’t need to lose weight but…when I look at the mirror my legs jiggle and it disgusts me…like my legs aren’t HUGE but are there any excrercises that you could recommend me that would make my lega really tight, lean & toned? & also, does straddle stretching help? because I was in track ( long distance) and they made my thighs pretty chunky and reduced my ability to do the straddle…doesn’t it help some kind of circulation if you’re flexible? & does massaging your foot help for weight loss?
    thank you SOOOOO much!

  74. Amber says:

    Hey, The best way to get really nice long and lean arms is ballet, if you cant do a ballet class just try holding your arms in first position and slowly bring your arms out to second squueezing all your arm muscles. Do this for about 2 mins a day then work it up as you get better. trust me it works. Thats how i keep my arms toned and they look like a ballerinas arms. (p.s if you have excess fat on your arms…like alot you will need to work off this fat before you can tone it…go for a run for half an hour every day…or do some sort or strenuous work out for atleast half an hour a day..combine that with fresh and healthy food…arm excersises and you will have the perfect ballet body)
    Good luck,

  75. Mary says:


    Remember, your circumfrence and weight does NOT measure your worth! All women are beautiful regardless of what the media says.

  76. Michelle Renee says:

    my arms are fat , and it makes me feel uncomfortable when i wear short sleeve shirts the rest of my body is fine its just my arms im 15 years old and i have too look good for school lol , please help me. i dont want buff arms i just want thin toned arms :)

  77. erika says:

    i am still not in the three digits yet and i dont want to till i finally turn fifteen. but my arms are like an inch of jiggle if i grab it my stomach is weird like i have two big rolls wen i sit how do i get rid of tht?

  78. POORNIMA says:

    hi mam,
    my arms are fat ,, and i have gained pounds on my shoulder part how to get rid of that . is there any exercise we can do it in home in free time.
    bcoz i spend my evening in doing some free home exercise plz guide me..

  79. caitlin says:

    im 12 do u really think i shuld do this and wat pound weights shuld i use any1 can answer

  80. Lyn says:

    There are many website out there saying that we should have a “well-balanced diet” to lose weight and all. But what do they actually mean? What kind of food should we take and what should we NOT take?

  81. Alex says:

    Am 13 years old and am 49 i want to be like 45,44,43 i think that is good Plz btw am litel bit fat so plz help :D

  82. maha says:

    31 years old 140pound I want to loos weight but I have done on diet several times.I wasent succesful.Ithink ishoud be 110 arm and leg are fat.please help me.

  83. jessinsane says:

    Want to lose weight? Well there is no way you are getting fat just magically…cut down on food. Your body only needs a certain amount of energy for it to function and when you start consuming more than that amount, your body starts to store it as fat. No secrets. Eat less, exercise, and you will naturally slim down.

    (taking the stairs once in a while will not cut it, nor will diet coke.)

    -AP Bio student (after this class, you will never be more knowledgeable about your body)

    Good luck! Get exercising! :)

  84. dominique says:

    hi im 18 yrs old im 140 n ma arms fit ma ody because i have thick thighs but ma arms look manly i wanna reduce my arms to become smaller and lose the bulk because i reallie hate my arms and compare myself to other girls all the time please helpppp me please

  85. 3lexis says:

    ok . I’m 15 goin to 16.I’m around 48kg so is kinda normally bt de weird part is d place I’m living everyone is SLIM!IN EVERY parts! I’m ok wif my belly cox in always working on it.FYI-my family are non vegetarian so I eat meat almost everyday! I do simple exercise bcox lik som of us v are busy wif everything.push ups for belly n jumping for growing.Unfortunately,I gt big flappy arms..I didn’t notice it until I wear short sleeves.its Huge just lik muscle but is lik jelly-___-ANYWAYS TO GET RID OF IT?(3lexis)

  86. sukhman says:

    hi,sukhman i really feel bad about my faty arms please tell me how can i have slim arms

  87. tanzeela says:

    how to make you fingers go slim and not fat

  88. Sarah says:

    Hey, Ok. I’m relatively small. Super short. I used to be a gymnast so I had toned arms but not too big. Now that I have gone without gymnastics a few years…my tone has turned into fat. Should I use heavy or light weights if I want my muscle to come back while getting thinner arms instead of muscles coming back while getting thicker manly arms?

  89. Olivia says:

    It has worked for me to just use NO WEIGHS AT ALL and to just throw your arm out to that same side of you at shoulder height pretty fast at like a jerking motion 50 times one side and then the other and then repeat! hope it helps ask if need more instruction as its hard to explain haha :D

  90. Melissa says:

    When training arms, do you train them everyday? Which muscles do you work on what days?

  91. nisha says:

    we understand that there is no cure or solution to our ugly arms….

  92. Ana says:

    Ibet every girl here is super hot! I get the upper arm fat from mymoms side… Chubby girls can get with skinny dudes!! All guys really like is confidence. I love every comment–xept the dude with a fetish for musclular chics. Im gonna try the arm circles. Thanks!

  93. Hana says:

    It’s so strange, i haven’t worked out for a few weeks now and i’m looking a lot skinnier, and i like it.. i always used to try so hard to tone myself all over but i only ever looked bulky and puffy.. now that i take it easy, have a small walk each day, eat well.. my arms and everywhere are just slender.. working out is a waste of time unless you want to be an athlete or play a sport

  94. Ana says:

    So how many pounds should the weights b to get thin non muscular arms? I have 2 lbs and they do nothing to the fat. I have tried 10 lbs and i looked like a man. Help! I dont want to look manly or have fatty arms. And im afraid if i ever do loose the thickness there the skin will b flabby? This reaks. I know girls that are bigget than me but they look better cuz their arms are thinner.

  95. Girl says:

    to the eleven yr old girl… if u think ur fat, dont worry, u naturally get thinner as you get older. i used to think i was really chubby when i was 10/ 11 but in about a year i became quite slim without dieting or anything! it works! promise!!

  96. anna says:

    my arms are fat and look like men my legs are also fat please help me out and if any one knows how to reduce the fat of my arms and legs then please reply me. i would be very greatful to you.

  97. Nadine says:

    Come on people I ll give you the right solution
    You just do everyday morning a series of pushups (10 or 15), series of biceps and triceps (15 or 20) try always to keep the balance don’t do 10 and don’t do 200 if u can just do 5 times each exercise you will get results.

  98. Christina says:

    People, the first thing you should do is to lower your overall body fat percentage as low as possible without becoming underweight. The best way to do this is to seek a very professional nutritionist/ dietician who uses a BMI scale. A BMI scale measures everything internally; such as, BODY FAT PERCENTAGE, one density, water weight and muscle mass. Because what you see on a scale can be very deceiving! Never go by a regular scale. A BMI scale will allow you to get your body fat percentage down to a T without any trouble. For example, someone could weigh 140 pounds at a height of 5’7 but he or she can still be considered over weight or obese depending on the persons body fat percentage. A persons fat could outweigh the persons muscle causing the person to be a fat skinny person.

    So to avoid this problem, shed as much body fat percentage as possible ALL OVER the body. Because trying to lose weight in one area just isn’t possible. But you must see a nutritionist or dietician who uses a BMI machine who can guide you into the weightloss so that you can reach your goal. Once you shed as much body fat as possible without having a body fat percentage that is considered underweight, then you will notice your natural lean muscle that will show after much body fat is shed.

    So my advice is to find a professional who uses a BMI machine to lower body fat percentage if necessary, then talk about weight loss ideas. Then the next step is to seek some type of personal trainer who will guide you into what you want your body to look like muscle and being tone wise. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. Always voice what you want.

    If you do a total body workout, your body will become more in proportion than if you try to work out one specific area. Trust me, I know this because this happened to me and I had to fix my entire body by not working out then I just turned to fat and had to relose the weight I gained and started from square 1.

    Everyone is different when it comes to arms. Some people are naturally bigger than others but there are still ways to reduce size. You just have to find the right people who can help you achieve this.

    Another option is to go the plastic surgery route and get an arm lift. But I wouldn’t do this before you’ve shed most of your body fat. Wait afterwards to even consider this option.

    Also, doing LOTS of cardio while eating healthy can get you super lean with less muscle all over the body.

  99. Terri says:

    My arms are slightly on the large side. I get all my traits from my mother, who has thin arms. I seem to be gaining weight lately. What should I do?

  100. Moll says:

    i workout my arms every day and they dont get any smaller! its frustrating because my mom has really thin arms but me and my sister get stuck with big ones and idk how to make them smaller:(

  101. Darawan says:

    For those who have wide shoulder and you do play sport or excercise please don’t worry because is just the way you bone is.
    try wearing something that will shape your upper body like a short pants or skirt will give you some hips balance and a shirt that has a tight to your neck will make your shoulder look not too wide. tank top is not a good option for you.

  102. Ritu says:

    M slim i really want my arms to b a bit slimmer so dat my upper body dos nt make me luk,thanx 4 d in4mations.gud n8

  103. Ritu says:

    2 d grl 4m brunei.dnt boyfriend 2 is much skinnier dan nw i hv lost much wt. n luk fab.jst avoid fatty n junk food,exercise a bit daily n u wil gt wat u desird.n dnt wory..he iz ol urs.gud luck

  104. Claudia Migaloiv says:

    So i really need help!!
    I do exlike 30 mins i do sit-ucercise everyday ps, jumping ,
    steching and more but the ONLY THING THAT ITS NOT WORKING OUT IS MY BIG ARM !!! I mean i have no belly and that stuff but the only thing that bothers me is my big arm!! WHAT EXCERSICE CAN I DO!! HELP!!

  105. GRACE says:

    **IF YOU REALLY WANT THIN ARMS B O X I N G IS THE KEY** Boxing is a great mix of cardio and sculpting IN ONE. I also love to do pilates, any excersice that makes you use your own body wieght helps you tone up and thin out. I do however, do different cardio excersices (boxing being one of them) and I use wieghts to speed up the toning process. I like to mix up everything from low wieghts with lots of reps and heavy wieghts with low reps. ANYTHING TO CONFUSE THE MUSCLE. + one more thing i do, I bought medium hand wieghts for my office and home, so when im on the computer or watching tv I always use them .. GOOD LUCK DOLLS!

  106. GRACE says:

    **IF YOU REALLY WANT THIN ARMS B O X I N G IS THE KEY** Boxing is a great mix of cardio and sculpting IN ONE. I also love to do pilates, any excersice that makes you use your own body wieght helps you tone up and thin out. I do however, do different cardio excersices (boxing being one of them) and I use wieghts to speed up the toning process. I like to mix up everything from low wieghts with lots of reps and heavy wieghts with low reps. ANYTHING TO CONFUSE THE MUSCLE. + one more thing i do, I bought medium hand wieghts for my office and home, so when im on the computer or watching tv I always use them .. GOOD LUCK DOLLS!

  107. Andrea says:

    I never used to have huge fat arms until I stoped playing sports and stopped going to the gym and Everything just got bigger lol! I have found that a mixture of everything works for me. What I mean by mixture is I never do the same thing each day it’s always different you can’t just go to the gym everyday and do the same thing and expect to get fast good results you need to always keep your body guessing! I work out five times a week two times a week I do mainly cardio and light weight training three days a week I do heavy weight training and light cardio. Everyones body is different so what works great for me might not work at all for you that’s why everyone has there own opinion on what works and what doesn’t because it works for them and not for the other person that is doing this. It took me a while to find out that a lot of cardio does not work at all for me where as my best friend does way more cardio and gets great results. I find that the more muscle I have the more calories and fat I burn and I am not bulky or manly at all I am tone and you can see my muscles but they are not Manly looking at all. I was so depressed because I thought my fat arms would never stop Wiggeling lol but they did and it took me a while to find what works for me and I also have to say that your diet plays a big huge role in this I am a vegetarian and I don’t way meat which is very important when you lift weights and do slot of weight training but I find that whey protein for women is the best because it will say for building lean muscle and I actually supplement that for a meal and I drink some before and after my work out it has a total of 15 grams of protein and it has a total of 100 calories. Just remember that no one person is the same and no one persons body Is the same so there for your workout will not be the same.
    Also one more thing I am thinking about lowering my work out days and hours. The reason for that is I am at the weight and body size that I want to be at so all I have to do now is just keep it up I worked out for 5 days a week because I was working hard to reach my goal I have reached it and mow it’s time realax and maintain it and enjoy it! I hope I have helped with my story.

  108. Greenie says:

    Hey peeps, I guess what everyone wants here is the same like me – THIN/LEAN ARMS.

    My experience right now : I’ve been working out. Yeap, you got that right! It definitely feels bulkier and I look buffer(not cool). Even my thighs. It feels much stronger but I can’t seem to fit into my pants, it’s amazingly tight.

    I can’t seem to figure ot which exercise is the right one for me.
    Am still seeking for the right exercise.

    Thank you for the tips peeps, I’ll try most of what you peeps have suggested.

    I wish to feel good and fit and slim! Break a Leg!

  109. Emily says:

    Ladies,believe me,your all fearfully and wonderfully made…so no one shd stress you over your body

    Exercise is good for your health,do it for your benefit but dnt die trying to look good coz your all beautiful

  110. Tiffany says:

    I need some help before my arms get any bigger. I want to get rid of it and retain the muscle that I had built slowly. I can do 30 with out no problem but the size is bothring me. May somebody help me? please :)

  111. Suki says:

    Ladies, boxing and yoga! Boxing will strengthen and tone your arms (not to mention your whole body!) while the yoga will help elongate your muscles, which has a slimming effect. It works for me. Good luck!

  112. dani says:

    For thinner arms and hands I would recommend jogging and some daily use weights (approx. 5-8 pounds); for arms there is so many different exercises…just check up on youtube. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE.

  113. Mary says:

    I think that genetics has a lot to do with it. My daughter and I both do not have thin arms. She is 5 3 and 105 and extremely fit, I am 5 3 and 118 and relatively fit and still not so great arms. We are going to try some of the stuff mentioned above and keep working out!

  114. sham says:

    I am 5 feet tall I use to have slim arms I ended up haing 5 children. Befor the kids I was 130pds after all the kids i was 192 I started the candida diet and I am down to 162pds and counting!!! but I have these really huge man arms they make me very uncomfertable. I was doing the tybo bootcamp Im doing the walking they just make me feel unwomanish I wish I had money to get the surgery but I dont if I did it woulndt be any wuestions so now what do I do?

  115. Dave says:

    Women wont bulk up doing weights, as you need testosterone to bulk up.

  116. Sherrie says:

    If you want to lose inches then do not use weights they will only build muscle. The best exercise program I have ever found was when inches-a-way was in business where I live. It exercised the whole body and I always stayed at a goodlooking size 7. I tried all the gyms using weights and it just made me bigger. So if there is not a toning spa in your location. Then use regular exercise or nothing any heavier than a pound or two.

  117. Joanne says:

    I am a 17 year old girl (soon to be 18) 5 feet 4 and a half inches and 115 pounds. I have muscles AND fat which makes my arms look bulky. What can I do to make it skinny? Years back, I had slim arms so i don’t it’s genetics.

  118. erica says:

    For my wedding I got my arms super toned by doing tons of cardio and a lot of push ups and pilates. You MUST incorporate cardio in order to lose arm fat! I didn’t do many weights and decided instead to use my own body weight (hence the push ups and pilates moves-planks etc) so I didn’t get bulky arms.

  119. Rachel says:

    Hello, I understand the frustrations. I have the same problem too. Genetics play a huge role in it. HUGE. Well, does anyone of you do the cross trainer? I want to know whether it will make my shoulders broader, and my arms bigger? Or will it make my arms thinner?

  120. Briana says:

    The thinnest my arms have ever been was after I painted my room. The excercise of holding the roller up above my head and pushing it relatively hard against the wall is what did it. Also moving up and down like you would with weights. My arms weren’t flabby anymore and looked really toned. It didn’t last very long though. I’m still trying the find a workout that does that well.

  121. Callie says:

    This was extremely helpful and inspiring! I’m 5″6 and I weigh 140 lbs, I finally got motivated to start working out and eating healthy recently. I just have one problem. I don’t have access to a gym or to weights :( I’ve been blessed with the gene that makes it hard for me to lose weight also. I’ve always been a bit chubby. I’ve always been curvy too, which wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have jiggly arms. Like I said, I don’t have weights/ access to a gym and I need help finding a good workout to tone and thin out my arms. Please reply, I need to tone up before school starts again. That’s about a month and a half from now. Thanks!!!!

  122. cdself says:

    Hi, everyone. This is an interesting discussion. I used to have thin arms, but then my thyroid stopped working. It took them a while to diagnose the problem. While I’ve lost most of the weight I gained (my legs in particular look great) my “thick” arms have not thinned down. Any suggestions for this?

  123. Nikki says:

    I did competitive gymnastics a few years back, so I had ripped, toned arms. Now my arms are HUGE, but not toned. I don’t want to make them any bigger, but I want them to be toned and slim. Any ideas? :)

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