Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger has long been known as a very healthy food. It has anti-cancer properties and is recognized as healthy by both modern and ancient systems of medicine. Have a read to see why you should start eating more ginger.

Meeting Ginger Health in India

I travel to India on an annual basis and on my first trip there I became seriously ill with the dreaded “Delhi Belly”. Within a space of one week I lost close to 10 kilograms (not pounds, kilograms!) of weight from loss of fluid, etc. Luckily, however, I was staying next to a Buddhist monastery and as soon as the monks found out I was sick I was inundated with traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicines as well as every home remedy that one could think of.

I got better pretty quickly but the main item of interest for me was a drink that the Indian’s drink everyday called a ‘Lemon, Ginger and Honey Tea’. Now, it is not a tea but a hot drink that is drunk like a tea. It is amazing tasting and after talking to the locals about it I realised that many see it as a form of medicine – one my local friends even claiming he has never had a cold in his life because he drinks one a day without ever missing it.

The way to make this very tasty drink is to boil the kettle, slice a two or three inch piece of ginger into thin strips with no bark left on them and add them to a cup along with a big teaspoon of honey and a good squeeze of lemon. Stir and enjoy. It is very relaxing.

Benefits of Ginger

Ancient Indian Medicine and Ginger

India’s form of ancient medicine, otherwise known as Ayurvedic medicine, lists ginger as one of the best foods you can eat, especially when you have a cold.

Ayurvedic medicine works on a system of balancing the body’s internal energies by looking at the different heats and colds that go on inside us. For example, one gets a cold when the energies run cool and this manifests with a running nose, etc. Each food is listed in a category of hot, cold and so on and the lemon, ginger and honey tea meets all the requirements for a healthy drink.

Lemon and Honey Health Benefits

This is a topic for a later post but I wanted to briefly mention that lemon and honey are also excellent health foods in their own right. Honey has been used for thousands of years – the Ancient Romans using it as an antibiotic.

The special honey native to New Zealand, Manuka Honey, is known as the worlds strongest form of honey antibiotic. It has been known to cure many skin and flesh infections when applied to the wound. However, I would rather my readers went to the hospital if they have a flesh wound! Let’s just focus on what it can do for your insides!

I will focus more on lemon and honey’s health benefits in a later post.

Ginger and Car Sickness

My mom always used to give me ginger tablets when I was a young kid getting sick in the back of the car. Turns out she was right – science has shown that ginger is effective in relieving nausea. And not only car sickness nausea, but most forms of the upset tummy.

This relates back to what the monks told me in India – ginger is very good for settling and healing your stomach. With all the damage our stomachs get these days from drinking, coffee, processed foods and stress a little bit of ginger is exactly what we need.

Other Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger has also been shown to clean and thin the blood thus positively affecting the heart and almost every other organ in the body.

Chinese medicine also shows that when the stomach is health, the internal energies are healthy and are able to flow about the body much more freely. This will impact on everything you do.

Although ginger may not be able to fix all of your health problem I put a lot of faith in its excellent health benefits. I would hope that some women start to add ginger to more meals simply for its potential to do good.

Does anyone know of any other benefits that ginger may have?

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. Bell says:

    great post

  2. robin rogers says:

    I love the use of Ginger and Honey and Lemon,
    works wonders for reliveing the congestion , sore throat and cough
    that come with cold and flu. I make it up all the time and my family drinks it in hot tea, or just take it straight. the taste is wonderful.
    I cook with Ginger a lot too, it is just wonderful.

  3. Ranti Haruna says:

    Infact, I really enjoy taking ginger and honey tea, I do take lemon with or without diluting it in water because it gives me more energy. Ma, can a diabetic patient be taking ginger and honey already proccessed?

  4. Sandhya says:

    Ginger is also good for the skin. The more older grows the person, more wrinkles appear. Adding Ginger to food, give elasticity to the skin and making it appear younger.

  5. Elaine says:

    I like to juice a piece of ginger together with a green apple and a few stalks of celery it makes a lovely refreshing drink and a good cleanser for the body.

  6. Lynda Bracegirdle says:

    I arrived at this site because I was checking if Ginger had any health benefits. What prompted the search search is :-

    I have suffered from stomach acid for a long time, and had to keep antacids with me …..even laying down at night caused real problems.

    A couple of weeks ago I bought some crystalised ginger and have been eating a few pieces each day……..last night I realised I have not had to take antacids for days and have not experienced discomfort at night……

    The only change in my eating habits, had been the ginger. It seemed to be more than a coincidence – so I did a search and here I am.

    Also learned about the properties of honey & lemon – which, combined with ginger as a drink each day will be part of my routine from now on..

  7. Janet says:

    You can’t go wrong with eating a few pieces each day. It is extremly helpful during the winter months in warding off colds, as I believe it helps in building antibodies in your system. Its also breaks up muscus in your system. Trader Joe’s has an uncrystallized candied ginger with very little sugar. You cannot stop eating it. Delicious…… Fresh ginger of course is good with tea and you can also make a drinkg of it called ginger beer.— Very good for you.

  8. wayne says:

    I started taking ginger and honey now for only a week. I make a tea every evening, but cutting off a piece and chop it small and squeeze it through a garlic press. I add water bring it to a boil, then in a cup though a strainer, and add my honey. I hope it does what I have been reading, but if not it makes for a great drink in winter.

  9. sonia C says:

    I have known ginger and honey and lemon for a long time and to
    this day I still use it. I carry a fresh piece of giner in my pocket
    if I have a dry cough

  10. SHABINA NAIR says:

    My mum makes sure that she always adds lots of ginger to her cooking. Her cooking is not only delicious but also nutritious. We all swear by its goodness!!!

  11. Melanie says:

    Just curious – if eating Sushi Ginger could be as beneficial. I really enjoy eating this type of ginger and use it with various meals. Thoughts anyone?

  12. Debbie Sandher says:

    I love ginger, I am adding to chai. I boil it with fennel seeds and add tea bag later. I also make curry, just using freshly ground garlic and ginger, cook that in olive oil, I don’t over cook it, I only cook it for few minutes, I use lots and lots of garlic and ginger and add couple of tomatoes, add cumin seeds, turmeric and salt and later add water, cook it for another five minutes. Its like thick soup, indian curry. My whole family love it. Its very healthy curry. Even my kids love it.

  13. Mohammad Yousuf says:

    I’m a student nurse and I do have faith in Honey and Ginger as a good source of medicine, It has proven to me that honey and ginger worked better than antibiotics in some case in my life. specially common cold. I enjoy honey ginger green tea almost every evening.

  14. Andria Williams says:

    I love the taste of ginger and honey as it makes me more energised also makes my stomach feels great after a long day.

  15. Brianna Debiase says:

    I blend the ginger(after peeling) in a food processor with a cup of water, then heat in a saucepan with some more water(i use a lot of ginger!) and some cloves. I don’t boil it, as I don’t want to cook it and risk lessening its natural effects. I love to bring a flask of it on walks. I have also found that it can do wonders for a sore throat, and I wonder if it could be of benefit to singers? sore throat or not . . .

  16. candy says:

    I had always suffered from irritable bowel syndrome but ever since i’ve added ginger to my diet i’ve had no symptoms of a bloated stomach.I am so releived that i don’t have to take anymore medications.

  17. Estefania says:

    ginger is great! for colds I make tea with ginger, honey, lemon, rosemary and thyme… better than any over the counter medicine!

  18. Mahalia says:

    I have been doing a lot of reading about ginger and aside from all the listed health benefits, they can also help one to lose weight if used in consistency and in long periods of time. I am just trying to find out how!

  19. LUTHER says:

    i am new to ginger and honey but will stay with it i use the powder ginger and honey it maks my tummy feel beter ill stay with it . does the powder wor as good as crystals some one let me know

  20. Kelly says:

    Do I need to peel the ginger before grating it for tea or cooking?

  21. Marilou says:

    I love Ginger,,,I eat them fresh everyday,,sounds crazy but its true I never had any stomach ache…I use to suffer from too much head ache now I dont have it for almost 3 mos…thanx to Ginger Power…

    • marielou says:

      You are right about the headache situation ‘ I was in a restaurant one day I had a Terrible headache suddenly’ I asked the waitress to give me a piece of ginger she told they have only ginger sliced for salad, she gave me a couple slices, before five minutes of eating them I do not where that headache went. Amazing

  22. shama says:

    hi, I was just wondering what else are the benefits of Ginger other than the ones I know so I searched and reached here. Really glad to know what u all had said especially Ginger drink with honey and lime. I will certainly share my way of getting best out if Ginger. Whenever anyone in my family gets cold and flu first medicine is Ginger
    I make Ginger tea for my husband its amazingly beneficial. Before he used to end up eating antibiotics but eversince this tea has been made to drink no antibiotics because at first signs of flu the disease is arrested I boil water and add (2 pieces of inch size)lots of crushed Ginger with peel add pinch of fennel , pinch of cinnamon powder, 4 cloves bring it to boil then add tea and sugar let it boil for a while strain and add milk powder. Its wonderful for throat pain and flu. Good bye medicine. For kids cough grate Ginger and squeeze its liquid then add honey in equal quantity give to coughing child 3-4 times a day.

  23. lizbeth says:

    I have recently become a regular user of ginger in my cooking and I love to drink ginger tea but all I knew was that it was supposed to be good for you. One thing I know it works well for is an irritated stomach (acid reflux). Once when I was going through a very stressful period in my life I developed acid reflux and I just bought some ginger teabags and used it to see if it would help…sure enough it did.
    Then at the birth of my last child 21mths ago, some friends of mine made an indian sweet dish consisting of flour, sugar,butter, blackpepper and tons of ginger. This I was told was going to clean me out and also help to bring in my milk for my baby. It certainly did.
    Then when I got home from the hospital my mother did most of the cooking and she loved using ginger in any dish she prepared.
    Now eversince she’s gone, we are hooked on it. My husband who is part indian has recently started preparing a lot of indian dishes and most of them so far incorporate ginger as an ingredient.

    I’m just so happy that I visited this site and was able to learn even more about the benefits of ginger and since my family now has the flu/cold I am going to make some ginger remedies for us all.

  24. Tina says:

    I just bought one fo those juicers and have been juicing loads of ginger, pine apple and carrots. I love the smell and taste of ginger. i feel so good, so decieded to check on health benefits if any. I am so happy iam off to juice some more.

  25. Eat Smart Age Smart says:

    Ginger has long been used as a natural treatment for colds and the flu. Many people also find ginger to be helpful in the case of stomach flus or food poisoning, which is not surprising given the positive effects ginger has upon the digestive tract.

  26. JEN says:

    This is so funny, I love tea and have all kinds. Yesterday and Today I chose the lemon ginger tea. This peaked my intrest in finding out the benifits of ginger. you all say it is good for a cold. Good for me cause I just started getting a cold yesterday. today I am feeling better just a little sore throat by I am hoping to feel even better tomorrow.

  27. Lloyd McNamara says:

    Ihave heard that ginger is good for arithrits pain is this possible Thanks Lloyd.

  28. Addison82 says:

    Wow! Great to hear so many positive comments about the use of ginger. I’m going to start using it daily from now on as well. I’ve just made a concoction of green tea, lemon, ginger and honey and it tastes delicious.

  29. Ali Saunt says:

    I add fresh ginger, lemon and garlic! (yes garlic) to a jug of boiling water and then liquidise the lot. Fantastic detox potion!

  30. Ali Saunt says:

    I add fresh ginger, lemon and garlic! (yes garlic) to a jug of boiling water and then liquidise the lot. Fantastic detox potion!

  31. joey says:

    ginger is good. i always use it when cooking. it added a good taste for cooking and help to maintain our fitness

  32. myiezza says:

    i started drinking ginger tea since last year but only once a week. but now i took it daily and believe it or not i started 2 lose weight n i feel more energetic. the tip is that after every meal, i will drink ginger tea. not only that, i didnt get menstrual cramps anymore.

  33. sylvia says:



  34. Nkechi Akuma says:

    I put fresh ginger in my family meal but not always. Haven read of ginger in this way, I have made up my mind to take ginger tea on dailly bases and also add ginger to every meal.

  35. Michaela says:

    After hard excercise in the gym, there is nothing better than a cold drik made of freshly grated ginger, lemon, honey and water!!!! And it so so quick and easy to make!

  36. amitkumar says:

    Ginger called as king of medicines and also an aphrodisiac is the best remedy out there for multiple cure remedies like constipation, cold, allergy, bad breath and even headaches, ear aches a lot. A really informative article .

    • marielou says:

      I had a litlle sore inside my mouth for days I used mouth rince after brushing every night without result last night I sliced a piece of raw ginger and leave it on the sore inside my mouth, this morning miraculously the sore is gone. Yeahhh!

  37. Fredrick African says:

    i know ginger is a really powerful herb especially when mixed with garlic, aloe, cider vinegar and honey can cure a thousand body ailments and that mixture is a good natural antibiotic and colon cleanser. why dont you try it for a two weeks in between meals and see for yourself

  38. Donholo says:

    Thank u for the article post. I am happy cause u are sharing the same idea with me, but some thing u did not add is that Ginger helps to develope the Psychic center of human.

  39. ARON W.NZALLAH says:

    I have recently become a user of ginger tea,its good and it has to be used by the majority of people.Some processing industries has to available in my country Tanzania.As the raw material is available.
    thanks. ARON

  40. veroinca says:

    please am interested much on ginger, can average man be taken ginger while taken drugs too. also inlight me more on the area of pain release and how to use it.


  41. Mukatimui Lubasi says:

    I have a heart problem. I am very excited to learn the magic of ginger. Thanks, this sounds like a solution to me. From today onwards ginger will be part of every meal I take.

  42. dorothy says:

    I have been taking prilox for by gastric ulcur for over a year and it helped be alot – Now i hear that it is not good to be taking this product all the time – Does ginger help an gastric ulcur

    thank you

  43. shami says:

    is it true,that ginger goes for stomach ache

  44. Shola ajibade says:

    I have been adding ginger to my pepper anytime i want to blend it,i never know that it is this good i use it because of the nice aroma not knowing it is very medicinal.

  45. nyc says:


    I must say I was told by my step-mom to drink a cup of gnger tea every morning to help lower my blood pressure. Two weeks consuming ginger my blood pressure went from near stroke levels to 110-115/75-69..

    Thx God I found something that helps bc I wasn’t goingto take these meds all my life. Im only 34..


  46. nyc says:

    Cinnamon is also great for regulating you sugar if you suffers from sugar.
    You just have to keep an eye on the numbers for it can go low.

    Just an insight.

    PS. My stepfather mother/brother drinks a cup every night b4 they go to sleep or early in the morning.

    Good luck

  47. Portland said says:

    Ginger has also been know to prevent when used reguarly bladder infections, it works on the same lines as cranberry by pushing the bad bacteria out of the walls of the bladder, it also works as a anti-fungal, antibiotic to keep the liver and system clean, at the first onset of a bladder infection start drinking either Ginger tea or you can juice it in a juicer and do a shot of Ginger twice daily, be sure to drink lots of lemon water also to help flush your system and take acidolfulus, and vitamin c at night before you go to bet to boost up on good bacteria. You will start to feel better in a couple of days! Good luck!

  48. shia says:

    I have arthritis in my spine. Degenerative disk disease and curvature of the spine. I have been drinking a concoction of ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, lemon, honey and hot water. This really helps me. I think I am going to add garlic and cinnamon now too!

  49. JENI NJERU says:

    I would wish u continue with the same kind of advive to people.

  50. caroline kariuki says:

    can ginger help in loosing weight ?

  51. gamaliel david says:

    your facts of ginger is very true.i want to tell my personal experience.combined with holy basil powder it can cure any any kind of throat and lung problems.thanks for your article

  52. Berny Wright says:

    I love ginger in everything (tea, sushi and food) and add it whenever possible. My mother made us a fresh ginger teawith lemon which we drank every day and we never caught a cold in grammar school. Whenever my broher got sick to his stomach, she would make him fresh mint and ginger tea which worked miracles!

  53. Mandi says:

    I love the jars of stem ginger in syrip does this have the same benefits? or do i need to use fresh ginger??

  54. sawsan says:

    Today I was chatting to my sister in law and discovered that she lost a lot of weight, when I asked her about the secret, she said she soaks ginger after she peels it in cold water and drink it besides green tea.

    Also I noticed when I use the dry chinese ginger as a tea, I recover fast from flu, what a magic!!!!!!!

  55. yvonne says:

    Wonderful job it works good.

  56. Cordelia T Karn says:

    I recently just heard about ginger,lime and honey and iv already seen improvement from it. really is great and I hardly recommened it.

  57. Deb says:

    I eat ginger raw , slice it into tiny thin slices and soak it in some vinegar, little salt and sugar and eat it. :)

  58. carol hotson says:

    I have only recently started drinking pure ginger lemon and honey,which has helped tremendously with my stomach problems ie indigestion hartburn pain etc. the most amazing benefit of all was when i couldnt find my inhaler during an asthma attack and drinking aglass of ginger and lemon stopped it in its tracks immediatly.

  59. KC says:

    Enjoyed all your comments. Would some of you share how you prepare your ginger? Are you using fresh ginger? Are you zesting, slicing, etc.? Thanks!

  60. harry apraku says:

    ginger is the number one stopper of cold, trust this cos i actually experience this my self.i had a severe cold at the intake of ginger, for just two days,there was a tremendous recovery.for me i peel off the cover and chew it raw,this might seem crazy but it works like magic.

  61. LE says:

    I love Ginger in a “Healing Soup” I make… just to have around when nothing else appeals to me… I have very much enjoyed everyone’s testimony on what Ginger has done for them… I will start taking everyday now also for the “HEALTH” of it!!!
    Here’s my Recipe~
    “Ellie’s Healing Soup”
    Fresh Ginger (@ the size of 2-3 grape tomatoes)
    (2) Carrots (Lg)
    Above two items w/ 1 Cup of water, place in blender or Vitamix mix until liquidized
    (1) Med Onion /Chopped
    (4) Stalks Celery /Chopped
    (1Lg) Bunch Fresh Bok Choy /Chopped
    (1) Cup Collard Greens /Chopped
    Fresh Garlic to taste… Chopped
    1/4 Cup Olive Oil or Coconut Oil (Coconut Oil, my fav)
    Organic or regular Chicken Both / 8 CUPS
    Cook in Crock-Pot until veggies tender… 2-3 hours.

    I started this Healing Soup back a couple of months ago, when I just didn’t feel good… Our God is amazing!!!

    *Can serve with Rice or not….
    God Bless,

  62. Aron Nzallah says:

    Dear brothers and sisters,fresh honey is more than we thinks,in my house i always never miss honey.It helps my family ehven in the midnight when one of the family member sufferong from dry cough and burns. Lemon i use it several times even when drinking black tea,eating fried fish.not only enjoying the taste of ascobic acid but also as its antoxidant.Thanks

  63. ekwere says:

    Is ginger good for women looking for babies too?

  64. soniya says:

    is ginger helpful to cure piles?

  65. Patty says:

    Ginger is the shit! I like to use a coffee french press like I was making coffee! But instead I fill it with loads of chopped fresh ginger, chopped fresh garlic, lemon peel, lemon juice, pulp etc and to finish, the purest honey you can find! I heat water just before boiling and then fill the French press almost full, perform a generous stir then put the lid on the press to keep it’s heat. Finally, I let it steep for about 5 mins, push the press down then viola, beautiful lemon honey ginger garlic tea is born!! Pour in a tall cup and enjoy! :)

  66. nwanguma chuddy says:

    i luv taking ginger is really good in my body. I want to ask if ginger is good to birds.

  67. meg schwarz says:

    I have started using ginger, lemon and honey in a tea for gastroparesis (inability for stomach to empty effectively). I have found it really soothing and fantastic for my digestion. I wished I had come across this wonderful root vegetable a long time ago. I drink it as a tea up to four times a day.

  68. Nabarun Roy says:

    Ginger, not only as drink, it can be taken as pickles. small slices of ginger dipped into salty water mixed with mustered oil and some amount of vinegar may test the best. Just you need to store the mixture for 7 days in a clean bottle tightly closed. Keeping the bottle filled with the above, in sunshine will make the thing just more delicious. Try it!

  69. FRANCELINA says:

    I gained weigh after menopause, have not been able to lose any even thou I go into different diets, doctors, gyms. Now I have develop high
    blood, but I do not believe in pills,trusting old herbs medicines I decided to do garlic, now I wonder if ginger will help both my problems,
    weight and blood pressure. I will start tomorrow with the combination.Pls anybody, advise will be appreciated.

  70. Mark says:

    Hi all,
    Daily morning I crushed 20gram Ginger+3 black pepper & boil it with 2glass water.Leave it for half an hour.Squeeze 1 lime.Add 1big spoon honey.Filter it properly & drink it in the morning.It will reduce your weight.After filtering properly the remaining of crushed ginger should also be eaten by sprinkling little black salt.It will reduce your weight as well as you will never suffer from stomach ache.It will increase your digestion power.It tastes awesome.

  71. Joyce Emashemigba says:

    i love your good work Maria. but i will need to ask you some thing……………..

  72. Gerard says:

    Ginger garlic and lemon together is realy good for racing pigeons I use it all the time

  73. Mary says:

    I have siatica pain, and read on line that crystallized ginger could help. I went right out and bought some. I’ve had about three pieces and already the pain is much more tolerable. I will continue with this treatment and I’m sure I will be pain free.

  74. Tanna says:

    I regularly use honey, lemon, ginger tea. Quite tasty and warming. Ginger is very good for you; however, I do urge anyone using it regularly and often to make sure you check out side effects of ginger and you can overcomsume it and cause problems. As with anything moderation is key. I read that diabetics should be careful as it can cause blood sugars to decrease rapidly causing hypoglycemia.

  75. CeliacMom says:

    My son has Celiac Disease (bloating, stomach pain, etc.). I give him Ginger candy (since he won’t take Ginger straight) and they have always helped when his stomach is a mess.

    I have recently purchased a NutriBullet and have started making him breakfast shakes. I have started putting a few slices in his smoothie with all the other goodies (strawberry, pineapple, mango, egg, artichoke powder, flax seed and honey). He loves the smoothie and it goes down easy and he seems to be feeling better. Hoping to his continued healing and feeling better…..

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