Get hot flat abs with these abs exercises

Get a flat stomach

Other than the arms and the butt women most often ask me about their abs. They all seem to want a flat stomach that is tight, flat and defined. No body wants a flabby stomach. Here are the best exercises to maximize your abs workout to ensure you get some hot flat abs as fast as possible!

The importance of training the abs

I should point out that training the abs goes beyond just getting a nice looking six pack. There are some excellent health reasons for doing so.

If you suffer from a bad back or hip problems then quite often a healthy abs workout can help remedy the problem. Having a strong midsection is one of the best ways to support the back muscles and the spine. As you probably know, it is often the people who have large bellys that have chronic back problems as the back is forced to support all that weight.

So, we can guess that the opposite is also true – having a strong midsection will relieve some work that the back has to do.

Losing fat to get hot abs

I have to also mention this point – you cannot get flat, defined and sexy abs unless you are prepared to lose a bit of fat. To do this you need to watch what you eat and do a lot more cardio exercise to burn calories and fat stores. This is when you will truly see some progress in your abdominal development. More losing fat ideas here.

Exercises to get those abs going!

This post is about the exercises that get the fastest results so we will not worry too much about the cardio and the diet side of things. Here are my favorite abs exercises at the moment and some tips you can use to make them even more effective.

1 – Decline Sit Up Twist
If you have a gym membership then head over to the decline sit up bench and lock your legs in. This is one of the best exercises for stimulating the abs muscles.

To make the exercise even more effective, do each rep as slow as possible and at the top of the motion crunch your elbow over to the opposite knee. This gets and even tighter contraction. Make sure you drop all the way down to stretch your abs but do not rest at the bottom position – keep the abs tight.

2 – The Hanging Knee Raise
I’ve talked about this exercise a lot lately but the hanging knee raise will blast your lower abs like no other exercise.

The main tip here is to make sure you tilt your pelvis as your knees near your chest as this provides an extra bit of a ‘crunch’ that will fatigue your abs more. I also feel this little movement brings the lower abs into play even moreso.

If you are an expert at this exercise you can try strapping a light weight onto your feet to increase the resistance. I have found this helps a lot but you have to be ready for some sore abs the next day!

3 – Swiss Ball Twisting Crunches
This swiss ball (fitness ball) is a great device for making abs training more friendly on the back. It also makes the stretch and the contraction a lot better as well and as such we can make faster progress. To make this exercise even more effective you do it twisting – that is you twist your right elbow to your left knee and so on.

How to put it all together
Using these three exercises as your total abs workout is a great idea. It will bring you quick progress. Here is a suggested routine:

Some people get really frustrated with their abs exercises but if you learn the technique properly and train them twice a week as mentioned above you should see progress very soon.

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. Cassie says:

    You should probally tell people what to do if tey dont have a gym membership…

  2. Sharon Dhaliwal says:

    ….what if your skinny and u wana put on weight but you also have a flabby stomach u want to tone down, i cant afford to lose any more weight. :(

  3. sheridan says:

    what if people dont have a gym membership what should we replace the decline sit up twist with? also the swiss ball crunches arent very explanatory, maybe pictures would help! ive been on about 30 websites the past hour and nothings helping me on my weight loss quest!

  4. Sophie says:

    for sharon stop eating JUNKFOOD duh, and drink a lot of water and do exersice, i’m skinny too but i want the fat away from my stomach and i t actually works so stop eating junk and eat lots of veggies and protein and don’t even think about drinking diet coke just take my advice and do bout 30 min of cardio a week it will help, i have great abs an i proud of it=D

    good luck,(fllw my advice plz)

  5. Sarah says:

    I would really like to get a flat toned tummy and thighs and the exercises mentioned above are not very explanitory and maybe pictures or elaboration would help. Thanks. I would also like to know how you could work your tumming in the comfort of your own home (having no equipment)?

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