Foods You Should BAN/REDUCE When Trying to Lose Weight

pastaWhen you are trying to lose weight the foods you eat will make all the difference. It doesn’t matter how much you exercise, if your diet is bad your progress will be as well.

Foods you should avoid when trying to lose weight

Here are is a list of the main foods you should avoid when trying to lose weight. Some of them you should ban completely, other you should just have less often.

1. Pasta – BAN

While you are on your weight loss program you should ban pasta from your diet. Pasta is pretty much straight complex carbohydrate and when you mix it with the fat based toppings like cream and cheese you’ve got yourself a really fatty food. We also usually eat pasta at night time right before bed which means we have no hope of burning it off.

2. White Bread – BAN

Again, while you are on your weight loss diet you should ban white bread. White bread is so much worse than other types of bread because it is made with a lot of sugar, salt and other preservatives. It is also very high in carbs. This is something of little nutritional value so get rid of it. If you REALLY need to have bread for your sandwhich or carbs fix use a healthy made brown bread.

3. Fried foods – BAN

Fried foods you can pretty much ban all the time – even when are you aren’t trying to lose weight. Fries and chips and other things that are deep fried are no good for you. The salt, saturated fats and sugar will stop you from losing weight. They cause heart problems and make you thirsty for more. Skip them.

Don’t be fooled by the packed either. A lot of dried foods like biscuits and crisps are fried and full of all the same nasties.

4. Sodas – BAN

Coke and other sugary soft drinks pollute you body with so many calories it isn’t funny. It takes a long time to burn off one can of Coke in the gym so cut it out and reap the benefits. Your teeth will thank you and your hips and butt will look better than ever.

5. Alcohol – REDUCE

I would love to say “BAN” but I know a lot of the reader here are verified party animals! Alcohol contains a lot of calories. Have you ever seen the amount of sugar that goes into a tropical cocktail? A lot! If you go out often or have a few drinks at home it will soon start adding up. Especially if you hit up the fast food on the way home in the Taxi!

6. Ham, Turkey, Chicken and other Deli Meats – REDUCE

I often hear from women who say they are getting good amounts of protein by having lots of deli ham in their sandwhich at lunch time. This makes me shudder. Those meats are not very fresh, compound (a mix of junk) and full of sugar and preservatives. How do you think they get it to stay fresh on the deli fridge stand for so long? This stuff is not a good source of protein and if you have it everyday it will retard your weight loss progress.

These are some foods you should watch out for when on your weight loss program. They can stop you from losing weight quite easily, especially when you notice that usually you will eat several of them on any given day. Replace them with lots of fruit and vegetables and the weight will strip away.

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. chat says:

    what about fresh chicken meat?

  2. RT says:

    Hey Chat.

    Fresh meats from a butcher are 100 times more healthy than deli meats. I’m a vego though so I don’t eat them! :)


  3. AT says:

    What about tuna sandwich (wholemeal bread)??

  4. LO says:

    if it’s a DIY sandwich, tuna in water/mineral water, Yes. Tuna in brine (high sodium), oil (high fat), tuna mayo (shudders), NO.

    Most likely deli sandwiches use Tuna mayo – easy to scoop and spread. avoid those. get a grilled turkey breast instead.

  5. silllywillly says:

    if im only wanting to lose like ten to twenty pounds, and i drink sodas on a regular basis, how much could i lose just by giving up sodas and just drinking water?

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