Fitflops Review: the flip flops that tone your legs

fit flopI got an email from reader Mazie who told me about these shoes called Fitflops which supposedly tone your legs and butt while you walk. I was so blown away by this claim that I had to investigate.

Why this review of Fitflops is 100% biased

Alright. First let me start by saying I do not believe that these shoes tone your legs and butt. I am, in fact, firmly sticking to my view point that no shoe is ever going to tone your legs and butt. But that’s just me.

I also have not tried the shoes. You can buy them from Amazon here though.

However, I also believe that I do not have to try the shoes to know they don’t work. Sort of like I don’t need to try the latest late night TV gadget to know its a piece of junk.

So why am I so certain that these shoes will NOT tone your legs and butt? Simple. Do they burn fat? Do they help you control your diet? Do they provide a increasing level of resistance like weights workout would? No. I didn’t think so.

This site has thousands of daily readers, however, and I owe to to you to do an unbaised review of the Fitflop. Now that you know I have certain predisposed ideas of the product, lets get on with the review.

How Fitflops tone your legs and butt

Seeing as the Fitflop’s official website was down for a full day while I tried to research them I had to rely on this article for my quotes on how the company belives they help tone your butt and legs. They say:

“The FitFlop’s uniquely built multi-density midsole activates muscles midstep to help tone thighs, calves and glutes by slightly destabalizing the foot as one walks, creating a continuous tension in the leg and buttock muscles.”

Ah… what the…? Are you sure that is good for your posture? Creating a continuous tension by destabalizing the foot. That sounds unhealthy. This doctor said that flip flops are dangerous because women overuse them, the cause you to clench your toes and, yep, you guessed it, they are unstable. But the Fitflop is making them MORE unstable so that we will always be contracting our leg muscles. I don’t know about that.

The Fitflop press release continues:

“In fact, FitFlops are biomechanically engineered to improve core muscle strength, absorb shock on feet, knees and back, encourage better posture, burn calories, help reduce cellulite and lessen joint strain…”

Here we have some more benefits that the Fitflop provides. Absorbing shock on the feet, knees and back is a very good thing. Encouraging better posture is a good thing. Wait a minute! This shoe is going to encourage calorie burning? How? Are we going to love wearing them so much we will want to walk more? Rubbish.

Help reduce cellulite? Come on now. How is a shoe going to help reduce lumpy fat under the skin?

I have to conclude by saying I love flip flops. I wear them everyday despite the potential damage then can do to my feet. I do not know whether the amazing claims made by this company are true but I would bet a good amount of money they weren’t. Women struggle with weight loss and muscle toning for years by going to the gym and careful dieting and to suggest that a flip flop is going to tone your legs is laughable.

They do look nice though.

UPDATE – Due to overwhelming response from readers wanting to buy Fitflops you can now buy them from Amazon here.

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. Christine N says:

    Whether or not they do actually work, which is most likely a “not”… I’ve heard they’re extremely comfortable. They’re cute, too.

  2. Lynn says:

    how do i buy these??

  3. RT says:

    Lynn – You can get them by following the aff. link in the post.


  4. Mia says:

    I’m from the UK and bought a pair in black, I was a little skeptical, but after a hip muscle injury, I thought they might be a comfortable pair of shoes to wear, whilst also doing pilates regularly and attending physio.

    I can confirm that they do engage the gluteus maximus muscles on heel strike, they aid in keeping a better posture when walking and standing, and help to control pronation of the foot and internal rotation of the hip and knee. They help to keep the pelvis in a more neutral position, and this benefits you from the ankle to the shoulder. Take it from someone who has suffered severe muscular skeletal injuries and imbalances, that any shoe that engages the gluteus maximus with optimum effect on heel strike is definitely worth looking into.

  5. Heatherdawn says:

    I bought some towards the end of the summer ( little late I know ) but I’ve only worn them a couple of time. They ARE comfortable and look really cute! It does help with my posture and feels good on my hip. I have a hip that pops everytime I take a step and tends to get sore sometimes. These shoes help with that. I bought mine on Bath and Body Works website. Last I heard, they were backordered through the U.S and Bath and Body Works is the only one that has a major contract with the manufacture, so they get them first.

  6. KLM9876 says:

    Absolutely hated these shoes. I was skeptical but I read positive reviews and decided to give them a try. I usually am an active walker but I’ve been away from it for several months. As soon as these shoes came in, I put them on and went for a one hour semi-fast paced walk on my tredmill. Not only did my feet have blisters the next day from trying to keep them from slipping off (I assure you I had the correct size), my muscles felt absolutely nothing for days to come. I continued this “experiment” for several days and felt no improvements. I returned them to bath and body works and the manager actually said to me, “ANOTHER pair being returned. I assume you hated them and they did not work.” Enough said. Save your money for holiday shopping and stick to traditional workouts.

  7. Car says:

    I just find it funny how they supposedly help you engage your muscles with these shoes by walking…but don’t you already engage your muscles by just walking anyway? Even if it does help you tone your glutes and legs, you’d probably have to walk, like what, 3-4 hours a day to see results?

  8. Demi says:

    I used these shoes, and not only are they comfortable, but they really work!!

    I used these for 2 weeks, and after that i had newly toned, really well defined leg muscles!!

    I definitly recommend these!!

  9. Selena Mars says:

    This is not the first time a shoe has made this claim. I remember people used to say the same thing about certain dr.scholls shoes when I was a teenager. I wore those one summer and it did seem to give me more of a calf. Also, women who wear high heels a lot seem to always have a nicely defined leg. Coincedence? I think not.

  10. TJ's Mommy says:

    Ok, So I own a pair of these shoes. I love walking and am really into fitness so my husband saw these and came home with them for me. I decided to come on this site to look up the reviews on them. Above…WHY would you walk on a treadmill in Fitflops, or ANY flipflops for that matter and an hour semi-fast paced after 7 months of not walking???? Can you really call that an accurate review? I wore them walking around for about 30 minutes today and not only are they super cute, they are REALLY comfortable. Walking in general improves your legs and surely ANY woman who believes that its soley the shoes has to know that walking in general improves your health and fitness…which means these Fitflops encourage walking…period.The more walking the better your legs. If you walk a lot already and decide to try these, they WILL help!

  11. mlhardee says:

    I agree with several of the reviews. I DID buy these shoes. The advertising department for these shoes should be given kudos – these FitFlops sound miraculous! But reality says otherwise…these shoes have numerous design flaws. First, if you have slightly higher than normal arches, these flops will not fit your foot correctly. The reason for this is that the T-strap across the arch is made of a non-stretchy, almost grosgrain ribbon-type of heavy, woven material, and does NOT stretch to conform to higher-arched feet. Because of this, my feet kept shifting backwards in the shoe and I had trouble keeping the shoe on my foot, much less able to walk normally in them. Plus, if your feet even slightly over- or under-pronate, your feet will shift to the inside (or outside) of the shoe and you will find yourself walking on the edge of the shoe – I was constantly trying to shift my foot back to center. The strap does nothing to hold the foot in correctly – the shoe needs more support to hold to and conform with the foot. Further, the leather strap between the toes is either shoddily made or poorly designed – the edge of the leather is rough and rubbed blisters on my second toes within the first five minutes. While the shoes are very cushiony and I can see where they would help in burning calories, I spent the entire 1-mile walk stopping to shift my foot back into the shoe in its correct position, tugging on the T-strap to the correct position on the top of my arch, or putting bandaids on my new blisters. I recommend making sure the company you buy from has a good return policy.

  12. kristy says:

    You should not be walking at a fast pace in flip flops, get a grip. People, just walk more in general. And for the casual day to day outings, wear the fitflips. It will help the day to day walking be a bit more beneficial, but at the end of the day you just need to workout. No shoe is going to work a miracle for a person who has not dieted or worked out for 6 years.

  13. Heidi says:

    I have them and have worn them for about 2 months. I love them because I clean houses for a living and my feet and back were always hurting. Not anymore!! I doubt if they really tone your bottom half, but who cares? They feel great!

  14. Amy says:

    You can purchase these off of the Victoria’s Secret website. They are $49.95

  15. kristy warshauer says:

    i just want to say some times standing differently or pressure to different part of your foot very well could activate energies in the meridians to change the local biochemistry and metabolism of an area of the body . just being more comfpetable could relax muscles and transform the legs muscles to gradually shape differently and decrease swelling . Sometimes the power of belief is very real.

  16. Sumita says:

    The straps left dark marks on my feet. These marks are taking a long time to go. I don’t use my fitflops anymore. Waste of money.

  17. Emily says:

    Avon has shoes designed by Curves that are comparable to the more costlier brands but are a fraction on the price! The Leg toning Sneakers and Sandals are under $50. The Leg toning Flip Flops are under $30. I have the sandals and love them!

  18. Chris says:

    I bought a pair and within a few hours of wear, my posture straightened, my hip and back quit hurting. I now have three pair and I sent pairs to my Mother and Aunt, and they wear them all the time (they are 83!) and love them. I even wear mine to work on dress down days w/toe socks, have seen severel other people showing up with them on after I rave and tell them to buy them at Macy’s. I really don’t care about all the negative input because they truly work for me.

  19. celine says:

    I love these shoes. I workout regularly but still have a “problem” area under my butt… blah… i live in So Cal & wear regular flip flips 9 months of the year. I figured these can only help? After wearing these i noticed a definite tingly soreness in my legs (still doing same workouts & walking around the house and chasing kids in these shoes) and after 6 weeks now, i still notice my legs feel a bit sore in the AMs and most importantly, that problem area is smoother and tighter! Yes, but butt is tighter! I swear. these work for me and my kind of foot i guess!

  20. Pam says:

    did anyone else have a terrible experience, I live in nyc and walk all the time, I wore the fitflops and followed directions the first two days I had them, by the third day my back was bothering me and by the fifth day I was in total muscle spasm, confined to bed on muscle relaxers. It could only be the shoes………….worst thing ever, never had pain in childbirth, I returned them real fast!

  21. roxy says:

    Working in canary wharf meant i couldnt help but notice the huge posters hanging in sweaty betty for these magical “fit flops” that will apparently tone and tighten my bum and mk my legs give giselle bundchen a run for her money…..

    2 months on and after wearing the fit flops pretty much everyday, walkin to work, around the flat, on weekends when shopping (basically any occasion where i wld be wlkin alot and didnt mind wearing these big clumpy fit flops);

    I fail to see any distinct change in my legs and bum….that said i work out at least twice a wk too and have been eating healthily. Unlike some of the deluded wishful thinkin girls out there i didnt put all my hopes and dreams into a pair of shoes!

    They are extremely comfortable and good for walkin in because the wedgy heels are nice and springy but they are not gona do what they say on the ads or the labels girls! so be warned. Comfy shoes, not that ugly to look at, but they DO NOT make you “fit” and “toned” or whatever it is the retailer promises

  22. Helen Minnis says:

    I have one in every color and plan to wear them all winter – love love love them. Footsmart should give me a free pair because i have sold several of my friends on FITflops!

  23. Amanda says:

    As a wearer for about 3 weeks now I can see the scepticism, I was the same……….how on earth can a shoe make you tone up, lose weight etc etc.

    Now to be honest, I think the only reason they have helped me is I have some issues with my lower back and my calves that I am working on with my physio. I always HATED walking as I would get far too much tension and end up feeling very tired too quick due to my body not working properly. These seem to have energised my walking, now I am walking about an hour to two up the beach every day……… yeh, i am getting toned bottom and thighs and I am losing weight…….just as I am being more active as they are the most comfortable and supportive shoe I have found.

    Plus yes, they are cute, I have the sparkly silver ones.

    They are much much much better than flat shoes, they give support and they energise your walk more, so you walk further and with more energy, faster etc.

    I think they just act a bit like orthotics, offering support to strengthen your daily walk…..thats all in my view, but good if you have short calve muscles, back tension in the lower back and glutes etc which makes your walk lacklustre as mine was.

  24. Mary says:

    I had been wearing compression stockings for over a year because of varicose veins – after wearing fitflops for 6 months – my veins are no longer a problem. But I do need to wear my fitlfops (I have 2 pairs) a little bit everyday. Needless to say, I think they are wonderful and am now looking for toe socks, so I can wear them in the winter.

  25. anna says:

    If your looking to loose weight or tone up forget about fit flops. The people who say that they have sore muscles initially are seriously seriously unfit and need to do some proper exercise. I bought them and even tried a serious walk in them, but was left not feeling a thing. A waste of money.

  26. Elva says:

    I am trying to find out about Fitflops. I have a seriously dropped arch which causes problems with walking and has also caused problems to my quad muscles which now need exercising to strenthen the quads and glutes. I am wondering if these Fitflops would help. There are so many opposite reviews it is difficult to make a decision as to whether to try some out, or not!

  27. lisy says:

    I got my fitflops at Ladies footlockers and after a month of having then I ran an got a pair for my mom…. We love to walk everyday and I honestly can say that they were well spent money. I ‘ve had an ankle injury for 5 months and I had to use an air cast, plus I had to go for therapy once weekly, since I’ve had them, my condition has improve and I no longer use my aircast…. My legs do feel tone and my mom and I just love how confy they feel….. To me it was money well spent….

  28. Linda says:

    I really want to try these fit flops but after reading the reviews and opinons I’m now wondering if I should even spend the money. I’m an active person and I go to the gym but I never seem to get the leg and butt results that I desire…I did find these for only $34.95 Someone help me decide!

  29. jamie says:

    I own a pair, and they are WAY more comfortable than the basic flat slap of plastic called a flip flop that you can buy for $3 at wal-mart. They cushion your foot, and the way the straps are placed actually help with arch support. And they do make me feel like Im walking taller, which I guess means they are helping my posture. I also have shoes which may me clench with my toes more than these shoes. I bought then for $50 last year at the bath and body works website, and I would still pay $50 for them. Now that they are on sale, I may stock up on a few pairs in different colors. I will never wear flat flip flops again.

  30. Brianne says:

    I bought a pair of fit flops and absolutely LOVED them! Wore them all last summer. Even took them to Disney World and walked 10+ miles a day in them!! The most comfortable sandals I have ever purchased. Since the initial purchase, I have bought two more pairs of fitflops in different colors. I do workout 4-5 times a week and did not notice any difference in my leg muscles. I am sure they don’t hurt by wearing them, but don’t expect them to perform miracles on your cellulite. They did nothing to improve mine, but I am the biggest fan of fit flops!!

  31. Mary says:

    You can buy these flip flops at the Flip Flop Shops in California. They really do work! Theres a store in the Topanga mall and another one at Universal Citywalk. I bought 2 pairs of them and I LOVE them. They also carry Olukai which are orthopedic….. Highly recommend them and those stores.


  32. Sonia says:

    These are the best flip flops ever!!!

  33. Susan L. says:

    I love FIT FLOPS!!!

    I bought three different styles in three different colors and they all work great in different ways. I have noticed my thighs and butt are much firmer and im beggining to get calves!!! YAY!!! I went everywhere looking for these. I finally found them at the Flip Flop Shop in the Topanga Mall in California. I love this place!!! I live in flip flops and this place has the biggest variety for women and men and some kids. The staff there is wonderful and friendly. They also have a selection of Fit Flops, no like the other places which only carry one style and not the right size….

    YAY go FIT FLOPS!!!!

  34. Gail Heitner says:

    Has anyone found that the flip flops “catch” on the floor and cause you to lose your balance and even fall? I love wearing them and find them very comfortable, but this happened to me twice.

  35. Linda says:

    Who cares if these sandles don’t tighten your butt or build muscles in your legs. They are the most comfortable sandles I own. I do wear them most everyday and when I am shopping or just out strolling. However, I put my sturdy shoes on when I walk on my treadmill or do anything that requires a steady foot. Let’s be sensible ladies, one shoe does not fit all.

  36. lynne says:

    hi,i have got a pair of these but not from victoria health from avon..half the price.
    had motor bike accident last year and damaged my cruciate ligament..since then when i walk my knee hurts and if i sit too long however when i wear these i feel like i am walking better and my knees seem to not hurt so in conclusion whether the scientists say whatever they are helping me and that is all you can ask for

  37. Cynthia says:

    I am 7 months pregnant and I am experiencing serious ankle and foot swelling which is normal during pregnancy. I’ve tried every pair of shoes I could find that would fit my feet and be comfortable with NO luck!! Very aggravating…argh! Out of sheer frustration I tried on the Fitflops…let’s be serious they are not the cutest shoes in my opinion and I tend to call them my Fred Flinstone Flipflops…and voila, they fit and were comfortable. I was amazed! They did indicate that if you foot is being pushed out the back that you should go up a size. I didn’t buy them because of the hype about how they tone your legs and butt only excercise and proper diet can do that. I have to admit that they are easier on my feet, legs and hips when I walk. This shoe may not work for everyone but I’m thankful I got a pair because they have helped me with being able to walk around comfortably again during my pregnancy.

  38. Carly says:

    I agree completely with mlhardee. A friend had a pair that she loved and after commenting on them, she bought me a pair for my birthday. I too have a high arch in my foot and so I had to return the pair she bought me (in the right size) and get a slightly larger pair just so I could get my foot into the right place. First wear of them and I got big blisters between my toes from the rough hard strp between the toes. I have been reluctant to perserveer with them as they were so uncomfortable. Disappointing as I walk in to work and these would have been great to get some extra benefits.

  39. Gloria C. Torres says:

    I just bought a pair of FitFlops yesterday…I wore them for 2 hours in the office. My toes are bleeding and blistered because of the center toe piece. I brought them back to the store where I purchased them, and they refused to take them back because, “they had been worn!” So now I am stuck with a pair of $60 flip-flops, that kill one’s toes and which I will never again wear…and, I would never give them to someone else to suffer the pain they cause between your toes!

  40. sue clemens says:

    I have a pair of fit flops and feel they are most comfortable to wear. I wasn’t sure if they actually toned my leg muscles, until i put on my knee high boots for the first time in ages. When i was pulling up the zip, i was amazed at how quick the zip pulled up. Normally i would have to hold the zip together and push my skin inside the boot. I was so shocked to see i have lost some fat in my calf area, which i always wanted to happen. I would say the claim to tone legs is true, as i have seen the results.

  41. Faith says:

    These sandals cause terrible blisters and bleeding between the first and second toes because the material used for the thong is very poor quality and stiff. Cannot use them for toning because I cannot walk very far in them.

  42. Laura says:

    I am on my third pair and love love love them. I have had quite a bit of problems with my feet and they are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn. I do Zumba and would love to have a FitFlop type excercise shoe! I am also excited to buy the Inuk boots.
    By the way, I have recently had several people mention my toned booty. Coinky dink?? maybe but I will take it.

  43. Lorrie says:

    I bought my Fit Flops in Aug/Sept 08. I had been suffering with a pinched nerve that caused my thigh to go numb. I also have low back issues, and rotated hip that causes my left leg to be slightly shorter. Am I in shape? No. Do I walk a lot? No. But I have been wearing these constantly since and my pain has decreased significantly. I wear them in the house as slippers and outside when weather permits.
    I do attribute my decreased pain to the forced posture corrections that these provide – at least for me. Lessened pain allows me to be more active. Over the course of the year and some odd months – I have lost 20# without any dietary changes.

  44. kc says:

    Fit flops made my hip hurt!

  45. hm says:

    why bother writing a review for a product you’re not going to research? obviously the benefits of the shoe aren’t going to be astronomical. likely, not even noticeable. but just as running on sand provides a more toning workout than just running on pavement or the treadmill, so can a shoe slightly improve the benefit of your regular walking. i don’t see why it wouldn’t work considering the concept. i just think the gain from it would be unnoticeable. and they’re not cute. they’re hideous!!! unless you’re the stay puft marshmallow woman!

    just a vote for the flip side…

  46. jammin says:

    the best way to tone is to exercise. the shoes won´t do that for you. your body moving will.
    i have snuggers model which is comfortable to walk in, waterproof and anti slip. i have no problems with it as a flat footed person using it. as for its other claims to fitness and cure for whatever pains..i´d say just treat it like any other shoe and have no expectations. if the marketing is so good, somebody will say the next shoe will be the new diet pill. now that would be silly right?

  47. Deborah says:

    I bought these in Singapore because my feet hurt all the time from walking on marble and concrete all day. My goal was to find a comfortable walking shoe. I got them home and realized they came with a warning label for the unfit, which I found rather amusing.

    I don’t know about muscle tone improvement, but the do indeed fulfill my goal of a comfortable walking shoe. Initially, I did get blisters. The toe strap is made of rough suede. I also got blisters on the edge of my big toes–where no direct contact is made with the shoe. Gradually the blisters stopped and now I’m left with an extremely comfortable everyday walking shoe.

  48. Betsy says:

    I am very surprised at this negative article especially since the writer did not try them. FitFlops are the most comfortable shoes and I certainly did notice that my calves, thighs and bum are firmer when wearing them. I also suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and after going to various drs for help with the pain I found FitFlops. The pain went away and I notice that when I don’t wear them, the pain starts coming back. I even bought a pair of Fitflop boots that are so comfortable and warm because of the fleece liner. The only negative to these are that there are more dressy styles.

  49. curlyq15 says:

    I am doing a report on the Negative Medical Effects of Wearing Flip Flops. Thank you for inventing these, whoever invented them!!!

  50. loulou53 says:

    I have short fat legs so when I heard about fitflops I went straight online & ordered the croc’s fitflops… I bought crocs because I have found the boots & the normal croc’s so comfortable….After the second day of walking my dogs my big toes were bleeding,they were so sore I had trouble getting home…I have two pairs one of which I have not worn,but the expiry date Is up for sending them back.I now have plasters on both my toes can not wear the fitflops,each pair cost me £45 so that Is £90 down the drain…Has anyone else had the same trouble? I wish I had bought the trainers or boots Instead of the toe post….Although I do own toe post FLIPFLOPS & have no trouble

  51. nesha dunn says:

    i love the fitflops,i am 19 years of age & i have never had skinny legs,i’ve only worn them for only a week & a half and i feel a difference in my legs already! thank you for creating such an amazing sandal.

  52. Phoebe says:

    On recommendation from a friend I bought a pair of Fitflops and have been very disappointed as the toe post and top were very rough, causing my toes to bleed within 10-15 minutes of wearing them. The shop reluctantly refunded my money and because I thought it might be just that particular style, a week later I bought some different ones in another shop, and they did exactly the same. I too was told by a young shop assistant that the Manager may not do a refund as they had been worn – funny that, as I’m sure that is what you do with shoes, and how would I know they would hurt unless I actually I wear them! Again I was lucky to get my money back, but I really would like a pair, as the majority of your reviews seem to be positive and I feel as though I’m missing out.

  53. Kimberly says:

    I bought a pair about 3 months ago, and wear them all the time. They have helped my plantar fasciitis, as well as my lower back. I have lost 2 inches in both of my thighs since wearing them and my butt has gotten much smaller as well. I have honestly noticed that the dimples on the backs of my legs are almost gone. That was the part that was too hard to believe for me, but I can honestly say that there is a significant difference in them. I would suggest that anyone try them that wants to lose inches in their legs and butt, and has foot or lower back problems! Love them.

  54. Ros says:

    My Fitflops 3 arrived in the mail this morning. I wore them around the house for 2 hours. I now have sore toes from the toe posts one of which has been bleeding. Most disappointed.

  55. Lisa says:

    I love them they are much more comfortable than flip flops which when I put them on now bother my feet. I also wear them all the time when I don’t mind having a bulkier sandal, I have noticed that my but and legs seem to be more toned. As for the black mark on your feet, that did happen once with the black pair I had when they got wet, But the ones that I usually wear can get wet and nothing comes off on my feet. It would be hard to order them in the mail because I have tried them on in the store and they all seem to fit differently, you need to try them on and walk in them first.

  56. Val says:

    I have 5 pairs because they are comfortable and attractive. However, if I wear them all day every day, I get severe pain in the knees, hips, and calves as well as muscle tightness in the legs and foot cramps. I can only assume that means they are working muscles differently from other footwear.

  57. Natalia says:

    Just found this prototype for something coming next Spring –

  58. meganne says:

    I bought my flip flops 3 months ago after my sister who has back problems recommended them to me. At that time I also had a problem with my back and achilles tendinitis. I can honestly say that I find them the most comfortable summer footwear I have ever worn.Currently I wear them every day.and my achilles problem has gone as has my back pain. Could be coincidental but I dont think so as I can feel the workout my legs are having.I will be investing in some more of these for sure.

  59. Beth says:

    I own several pair (both fitflop and sketchers tone-ups)and wear them everyday as well and LOVE them! I must say that the marketing people for these shoes are way off though. They do NOT tone you up but are amazingly comfortable and supportive. I was suffering from awful plantar fasciitis but have had NO PAIN since I started wearing these. They are INVALUABLE for that eventhough they are not valuable as a toning up devise.

  60. Gianna says:

    Now without getting into reading how the fitflops are designed…I believe you can get toned legs and butt through these…simply because if you look at how we workout at the gym…there are some leg equipments depending on how you position your feet…forces you to work certain muscles…so if you position the weight on the heels then you have the hamstrings butt etc…when on the toes you work calfs etc…so obviously the fitflops are designed in this way…

  61. Cindy says:

    I’ve been wearing mine for a day now and all I can feel is this muscle pain on my upper thighs although my runners knees seem to be loving these sandals. I can’t really tell the difference obviously, but yea… my thigh muscle hurts!

  62. Marie says:

    I have been wearing the sneakers with the muscle tone feature. Unfortunately, I sustained a fairly significant injury to my hamstring. Still recovering and working out lightly (treadmill), I esperience pain every time I put on the muscle tone sneakers and feel nearly no pain when I wear the flat ones. Coincidence? I think not.

  63. Liss says:

    If you have recently lost weight through dieting or if aging and gravity has made the butt go south, then these shoes will be good to tone the butt muscles. However, if one is slightly over weight and tend to over indulge a little too often, then these shoes will not miraculously make your buttocks firm. It will only tone the muscle underneath the fleshiness!

  64. grace kelly says:

    I have had fit flops for over a year. 3 pairs of sandals and 1 pair of the shoes. They are marvellous. I am 65. 40 years ago I broke my ankle badly.
    two years ago I started to have serious foot and ankle pain. Now with the fit flop shoes and sandals I can go for long walks and walk fast no stick required. I am glad to be able to exercise every day thanks to the fit flops.

  65. Shannon says:

    I just ordered a pair of the walkstar III’s not because they will help tone my legs but because they are approved by the podiatric association as having good support and being good for healthy joints. I have high arches and in the past few years the impact the balls and heels of my feet take has affected my knees so I needed to find healthier shoes. I’m excited for these!

  66. Kim says:

    Reading the reviews, it reminds me of how some people are only happy when they can complain about something.

    It is a no brainer that the only way any shoe can help tone and shape any body part is by using them. Sitting on your sofa or only putting them on for 15 to 30 minutes twice a week is not going to cut it.

    How does it work? It is the same concept behind free weights vs circuit training on machines. Circuit Machines do work major muscle groups and help people tone up and lose weight much like walking in regular tennis shoes helps people do the same thing. However, free weights require the smaller supporting muscles to engage in order to keep the major muscle groups balanced and engaged during a movement. The same is true for these shoes. The support under the arch and natural tilting with the thicker sole requires smaller muscles in the legs, rear, core, hips, and back to engage to help keep the person upright. The tilt forces the wearer to stand straighter to be able to maintain balance which puts the body in proper alignment to do the exercise safely and effectively.

    The statements that ‘it didn’t make someone sore’ is ridiculous. Of course, you shouldn’t be sore. Your body is required to use proper form to do the exercise. To the person that said it made her back and feet hurt after 2 weeks of use, get real. You damaged your body before even putting the shoes on. It takes much longer than 2 weeks to throw your body out of alignment just from wearing shoes to walk. (Typically, it takes about 2 months of daily use to cause that much of a difference in your hip, knee, and spinal alignment to cause muscles spasms and do the damage claimed.

    Do these shoes work? Yes, they do. Are they miracle workers? No. They are a tool to help people who are serious about doing something get results. They are also comfortable and help improve posture.

    I’ve worn Curve’s Rocking Tennis Shoes for about 2 years, and they worked with a rocking motion forcing the wearing to roll their foot the proper way when power walking. These flip flops give better support under the foot without the ‘tip over’ feeling the curved sole shoes give. The fit flops hug the feet in a supportive way (as long as you purchase the right size and get the ones with the wider top strap.)

    I recommend these shoes highly. I had worn regular flip flops from the end of March through July and started having major lower back and leg issues (lighting hot pain shooting through back and feet, and numbness in thighs). The fit flops automatically forced me to ease back a bit further to stand in them, and I felt the pressure easing from my back instantly. I also felt the tightess in my achilles tendon lesson, my back and joints didn’t lock up, and the arch of my foot was well supported.

    Good shoe……….. and WalMart has them much cheaper than reported here.

  67. Sam says:

    Hmmm I think most people didn’t read the instructions that came with the FFs. They clearly state to use the FFs progressively to prevent muscle cramps and also not to use them for Jogging, hiking , cycling Or running …

  68. magine mendoza says:

    hi, i just want to ask where can i sell my used fitflops? i need it to be sold asap. thanks for ur replies

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