Circuit Training for Weight Loss

Circuit Training  Weight LossBored of the same weight loss workouts? Try a circuit!

Circuit Training BLASTS Fitness Levels
One thing I love about circuit training is the effect it has on your fitness. Weight loss is made so much easier when you are fit and strong.

Circuits can be done by both beginners and advanced trainers and the same circuit can be used by everyone; just adapt it to your fitness levels.

They are great because they work out your whole body while keeping intencity levels high and your heart rate up. So, you can lose weight, build fitness and add muscle at the same time.

Professional Sports People use Circuits
Many pro sports – football, boxing, gridiron, etc. – use circuits. They are perfect for building both endurance and explosive fitness and thus perfect for many athletes.

Circuit One
This is an excellent beginner circuit and can be done by anyone of moderate fitness levels. It is a full body workout and will keep your heart rate up as well as burning all your muscles.

Warm up first.

1. Jumping Squat (30 – 60 seconds)

10 seconds break

2. Push Up (30 – 60)

10 seconds break

3. Sit up Twists (30 – 60)

10 seconds break

4. Chin Up or Bent over Row (30 – 60)

10 seconds break

5. Over head press (30 – 60)

10 seconds rest


This is a similar circuit I used in pre season soccer training and it got me ripped and very fit.

I will be posting alternative circuits as I try them. Does anyone have any that they have used that they would like to share?

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. Angie says:

    Well i made a workout circuit myself, it is as follows
    first warm up with a few minutes of jogging, and stretches
    -Jumping squats until failure
    -Tricep dips on chair for 1 min
    - Reverse crunches for 1 min
    -wall push ups for 1 min
    -1 min of bicycle crunches
    Repeat 4-5 times, 10 seconods rest in between sets, and 30seconds rest between each session
    Finally, warm up with some walking and stretches

  2. Tara says:

    I do this for cardio when I want a change of pace, you will sweat bullets. First round is 25 each, second 20 each, third 15 each. You can choose your own reps:
    -Jumping Jacks
    -Push Ups
    -Running Knee Lifts (Run in place bringing knees to hip level)
    -Jump Scissor lunges
    -Mountain Climbers (on a step or bench, assume push up position and hike knees into chest, alternate as fast speed)
    -Running Ham Curls (Run in place bringing heels to your butt)
    -Jump Squats on bench
    Rest for 30 seconds and repeat two more times.

    Awesome sweat!

  3. Tonya says:

    30sec ON/ 30sec OFF Workout Routine
    Go hard for 30sec, recover 30sec : REPEAT 3-5x
    3min light jog (warm-up)
    Stationary Bike (30 on/ 30 off)
    Jump Rope (30/30)
    Quick Feet (use riser or stair, step up down quickly, pump arms fast)
    Shuffles (cones 5ft apart)
    Sprint (cones 10ft apart)
    Step Ups (use riser (3-4high) or bench)
    Back Bends (floor or ball)
    Wall Sits (parallel to floor, hands in front)
    Recover for 1-3min, REPEAT

  4. Exercise Guy says:

    Last year a study was published to determine the effect of circuit training directed toward motion and action velocity over the sprint-agility and anaerobic endurance.

    The study concluded that circuit training, which is designed to be performed 3 days a week during 10 weeks of training, improves sprint-agility and anaerobic endurance.

    Referance – Effect of circuit training on the sprint-agility and anaerobic endurance.

    TaÅŸkin H.

    Department of Trainer Education, Discipline Sciences of Movement and Training, School of Physical Education and Sport, Selcuk University, Alaaddin Keykubat Campus, Konya, Turkey.

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