A great abs workout at home

Get a sexy midsection with a home abs workout

If you don’t have time to go to the gym try an abs workout at home. You can still get excellent results and achieve that flat tummy or sexy six pack.

What you’ll need
To do a good abs workout at home you really don’t need all that much. However, some items will make the workout a little bit more comfortable and perhaps a little bit easier.

So, if you can find yourself:

  • a table about knee height (coffee table) to put your feet up on while doing crunches;
  • a gym mat or towel to put under your back;
  • a dumb bell or weight disc to put on your chest;
  • a good workout music CD

That is about all you will need.

What abs exercises are best at home?

The best abs exercises that you can do at home are the ones that require little to no fancy equipment and are done just using your body. And, as it turns out, these exercises are usually the best ones anyway! Working out with no equipment is an excellent way to make sure you are using proper technique and that you know how to do the exercise properly. Sometimes we can get caught up with all the fancy assistance that the gym provides and forget that technique is paramount.

For this home abs workout we will be using:

  1. The Reverse Crunch;
  2. The Twisting Crunch; and
  3. The Weighted Crunch;

These are some very basic and core movements that are essential to abs training. They provide a very simple and effective way to make some fast progress. You will find that your abs are very sore after this workout!

How to do the abs exercises properly
These abs exercise are all based on similar motions and techniques.

The reverse crunch is simple. Start by putting your hands palms down on the floor underneath your lower back so that it creates a kind of seat. Extend your legs out almost parellel to the floor with a slight bend in your knee. Tense your abs. With your abs tensed bring your slightly bent legs up towards your chest. When they get to your chest crunch your abs and rock back on your hands so that you get a deeper crunch effect. This is the main secret of the reverse crunch – the final little pelvis tilt.

The crunches are done both the same except one has a twist. Start with your lower back on the floor and place your heels on a low table so that your legs are at a 90 degree angle. Place your hands on your temples or crossed over your chest. Tense your abs and curl your upper body up starting with your head until you go as far as you can without lifting your lower back off the ground. Crunch your abs and lower yourself slowly and start the next crunch without resting at all.

To do the twist crunch just add a twist at the top of the crunch so that you are facing to one side each time. When doing the weighted crunches simply add a weight on your upper chest to add more resistance.

The abs workout at home
Here is how you abs workout should be:

Reverse Crunches 3 15 -20
Twisting Crunches 3 15 – 20
Weighted Crunches 3 8 – 10

A final note on the home abs workout
Remember that all of these exercises should be done extremely slowly. Many women have the picture in their head that if they do the crunches quickly it means that they are working harder and burning more calories and getting fitter. This is wrong. You will get most out of the abs exercises if you do them slowly – really making the muscles in the midsection and stomach work hard!

Questions? Ask us, we’ll help you out — Women’s Fitness Forum!

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  1. Breann says:

    I tryd this workout for 2 whole weeks and it worked. Now I have a y 6 pack now my husband is proud of me and we both have y abs now.

  2. tamara says:

    i think these crunches are really great and gonna try the now plz send me more

  3. carly says:

    i am long & lean but wont more toned abs, i am going to try this and based on the other comments this should be great!

  4. Nicole says:

    I am 15 and wanna lose a little, this looks like the way to go! I have high hopes for this!

  5. Shivon says:

    This workout does work ! as ou can see if you go to my website im petite and at times eating junkfood starts a little tummy! but i do this workout 5 times a week everyday when i get home from work! i add to it with pushups to tone my arms and lunges to tone my thighs.! it really does work! without paying for the gym=]

  6. bailey says:

    im 14 and i really nedd to lose a few punds my sister tried this and she looks great!! i have high hopes!!

  7. fidela says:

    hey, im 14, my family and friends think im just right. i weigh about 125ish. but i wont believe them as much if i dont have any abs myself. i go to a lot of summer camps, so i want to feel comfy with my bathingsuit=] so im guna give this baby a go.

  8. knikkia says:

    im fairly slim but i do want to tighten my mid section a little bit hope it works

  9. John says:

    i am 16 and i am a boy, i want other guys to see im hot, so im givin this baby a try =]

  10. kenya says:

    i want to loose a little stomach and this sound convincing. … and there are so many great inspiring comments so i want to be one of them and try it out…

  11. Melany Willson says:

    I am 14 years old , I am pretty skinny but have little bit a of a muffin top I wanna get tight abs, I hope this will work

  12. Caylee says:

    Hello, after a Long break from working out I am finally getting back into the gym routine and am going 3 times a week and soon to be starting some cardio on the alternate days. How many times a week do you recommend this routine? I am currently working my abs 2 times a week at the gym.


  13. someone says:

    hey, im 13 and well every year after the school year ends everyone and I mean everyone goes to the beach I wanna feel confident in my bathing suit, since im already pretty slim I hope this will help flatten my stomach, thanks!

  14. Kelsie says:

    I think Im going to try this workout. I have been doing my own ab workouts on my own but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’m going to give this a try for about 4 weeks and see where it leads me. (: I’ll keep you updated!

  15. chloe says:

    i am 20 and i need to lose weight and i am finding it really hard.. im going to give this a go..!

  16. your mom says:

    im 13 and my birthday is coming up and im having a pool party ! i wanna loose my gut and get abs fast ! i mean, im not fat just a little chubby at my stomache and this sounds fantastic !

  17. rivergirl says:

    hey im 14 and live at the river so im in a bathin suit practically 24/7. i use to go to the gym and tumble with all my friends but its to hot cus they dont have air conditioning. since summer i have gained a couple lbs and im not happy so i really hope thst this works!!!!!!!! (:

  18. FiReFoX says:

    Im 18 and getting ready to start collage in jaunray. It is winter time and I just feel lazy and outta place! I hope this workout does work soo I have that sexy body all the boys wanna look at wish me luck! If I can Ill fill you in, in a couple weeks! Good Luck to all of you we are strong independent women and we can do this!

  19. sholeha says:

    hi im 24 an i have 3 babies im 138 pounds and i want some great abs so imma give this a try. in high school i was in sports an marchin band but i done had my kids back to back so i gotta try this

  20. Donna says:

    Hello. I am a mom of 1. Does this really work?

  21. Taylor says:

    I am 12, & I am medium size. & I ‘ve always wanted to tighten my stomache up just a tad :)

  22. Zaith says:

    Hi, I am also doing ab workout for women and it really works.

  23. tasha says:

    hey im 14 i dont work out and i got like a 4 pack lol?? i climb trees alot like climb a tree at least twice a day and hang upside down and kinda do sit ups it works in like 2 weeks

  24. Anaka says:

    I have wanted abs for a very long time…im really going to give this a try….hope it works!

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