7 gym exercises that will help you lose that fat butt

Want to lose that fat butt and get beach ready?

So you’re trying to find some gym exercises that will help you lose fat off your butt. You came to the right place!

7 gym exercises that will help lose that fat butt

These are some exercises that you can do at the gym to work your butt. Some of them are cardio related, other are resistance exercises that will develop the butt muscles and thus help in fat burning.

1. Bike riding
The good old exercise bike. New scientific studies have shown that riding an exercise bike in a certain fashion can actually help spot reduce fat off of your butt. We never thought it was possible but now it seems it might be.

2. Incline treadmill
The treadmill goes up on an incline so it is like you are running up a hill. Many women do not want to acknowledge this feature as it is so darn hard! However, running up a hill is one of the best exercises you can do for your butt and legs.

3. Squats
Squats come in all different shapes and sizes but here I am talking about the weighted squat that you do in the squat rack. It is a great way to really blast those butt muscles. The squat is the queen of all exercises.

4. Lunges
Like the squat the lunge is one of the exercises everyone should do at the gym if they want to work their butt. It targets the muscles so well and really helps you to burn fat off of the area by building up a bit more muscle. It is a good exercise to get a firmer rear end!

5. Step ups
Step ups are almost like a version of the squat but done in reverse. Does that make sense? If you find a nice stable bench and grab some dumbbells stepping up one leg at a time to the bench really puts the glutes under a good stress. This is a great exercise to do if you are a little bored with the regular stuff as you can see how many you can do and then try and beat that number.

6. Stair climber
Oooh my butt cheeks tense up just thinking about the stair climber. This works your butt almost like no other. Last week my gym got all new equipment and new stair climbers were part of the new features. They really target your butt and legs hard while giving an awesome cardio workout. I think I am going to trial them for a new fitness program so I can get super fit for soccer this year.

7. Wide leg presses
The leg press machine is safe. It is controlled and it helps you develop your skills at targeting certian leg muscles. If you take a wider stance you will find you work your butt more as well as the inside of your legs or hamstrings. Also, try putting your feet on different heights on the plate. Higher positions may make the exercise harder.

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There is a whole variety of things you can do at the gym to help lose your fat butt. If you aren’t happy with your butt’s shape or size remember to watch your diet and keep exercising.

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. chat says:

    So how many reps would you need for each exercise? When I am at the gym and working on my legs, i normally start with weighted(10 lbs per hand) lunges and do about 3 sets of 20, and then do step ups with dumbells as well (probably 3 sets of 20 also or whatever i can do), and then i do squats with a bar (3 sets of 20 also). And how inclined does it have to be when running on the treadmill. I normally put it on 4. Is that a good incline number?

  2. RT says:

    Hey Chat.

    Generally I would say 20 reps is way too many. Do you “fail” at 20 reps or is that a number you just like? Also, are you adding weight every time you do it or do you always grab the same set of dumbbells? This is important.

    4 is a good incline setting. You must be nice and fit!


  3. chat says:

    Yeah i do until i cant do no more, but then i get back up and do some more. Is that bad? At the beggining i try and do 8 lbs, then 10 lbs dumbells, and then i move to a 12 lbs bar. I ran straight for ten minutes with 4. Should i run some more? My legs are getting toned since it wasnt hard for me to get back in shape. I played sports throughout high school and i was always active in working out in college too. I just lacked after i graduated (getting a new job and all). But now i am slowly getting active again. I spice up my routine from doing tae bo, to hip hop abs, to running, jogging, and working out at the gym. The only issue i have is really my lower belly.

  4. MONIQUE says:


  5. Breann says:

    i want to lose weight i have hard time to work out cuz of csection surgery so i really want to lose weight to back my normal weight so bad.

  6. mandy says:

    You need to do interval train on the treadmill, increasing from 10 minutes to 30 if possible. You could do a brisk walk on 1.0 incline for 3 – 5 mins then up the speed and the incline for 2 mins and back down to the first speed but add incline. Look to perform this with a sound technique and posture which will in turn burn fat and help your abs. You can do a reverse lift for lower abs. Lay on the floor legs up, ankles crossed and gently lift bottom from floor and raise feet to ceiling. Anotherone is laying on your back, take a swiss ball and place legs over the ball. Dig heels in and roll the ball away from the floor and lower. It is difficult and it is best to use a small swiss ball so you can grip.

  7. Darshna says:

    Really its very useful and also it works.
    I have reduced around 10kgs not by reading but by following all the tips..

  8. Jen says:

    i have a butt i wanna keep i just want to flatten my stomach..will running on the treadmill make my butt smaller?

  9. jody says:

    i am trying to lose weight and tone up i am working on my legs bum and arms, i go on the exercise bike/rowing machine and air walker at the gym and do weights at home however my arms dont seem to improve i really want to get rid of my “bingo wings” ;) and tone up quiicker, any suggestion please?

  10. Denice says:

    I am looking for butt exercise I can do- even though I have a bad knee. Very painful from arthritis. I know strengthening leg muscles will help- but I must be careful. Suggestions?

  11. jody says:

    just laying on your back Denice and tensing your bum cheeks and holding them then losen and so on ..
    hope it helps!

  12. kinnise says:

    luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it! amnd u know the good news i lose it in my butt

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