101 Weight Loss Tips For Women: The Biggest List Online!

101 Weight Loss Tips by Lean Curves:

I have wanted to do something like this for a while. Here are 101 weight loss tips concerning diet, cardio, weight training, fitness, motivation, health, goals and much more.

Weight loss tips:

  1. Drink water
  2. Train low intencity before breakfast
  3. After you’ve eaten do high intencity cardio
  4. Avoid refined sugar
  5. Avoid complex carbs
  6. Don’t eat within two hours of dinner
  7. Train with weights
  8. Do some light cardio after dinner
  9. Eat fruit
  10. Eat vegetables
  11. Increase protein foods like meat, fish, eggs, etc.
  12. Take a multivitamin
  13. Take a cod liver oil supplement
  14. Run hills and climb stairs
  15. Increase your intensity each workout
  16. Eat leafy green vegetables
  17. Keep active inbetween workout sessions
  18. Swap your work chair for a fitness ball
  19. Keep fitness equipment like dumb bells, etc. in every room of the house
  20. Find someone to train with in the mornings
  21. Find someone who is better than you at fitness to train with
  22. Make fruit a whole meal instead of a snack
  23. Replace television with active past times like walking, etc.
  24. Join a sport team or a fitness class
  25. Experiment with martial arts and tai chi and yoga
  26. If you are doing weight training and cardio, do the weight training first
  27. Choose cardio exercises that work the whole body, not just the legs
  28. Try not to mix fats and carbs in the same meal (ie cheese and pasta)
  29. Avoid coffee as it leads to bad diet habits
  30. Drink green tea for its health and antioxidant properties
  31. Drink more water
  32. Drink even more water
  33. Make committments to train with different people at different times in the week to keep active
  34. Take the stairs instead of the lift no matter how you are feeling
  35. Park your car further away from your destination or get off the bus early
  36. Make a big pot of vegetable soup on the weekend and eat it for snacks during the week
  37. Pre-cook as many meals as you can and keep them handy at work or at home for ‘junk snack’ times
  38. Keep your ‘cheat days’ healthy by choosing resteraunts that have healthy foods like salads, meats and fish
  39. Eat chilli – the burning sensation is your metabolism speeding up
  40. Eat more often but not more
  41. Eat six meals a day with a two hour spacing inbetween
  42. Use a small bowl or plate to create the illusion of eating a lot
  43. Replace chicken with lean red meat
  44. Find someone you don’t like to do cardio or sport with as you will try harder to win and be more competitive
  45. Experiment with mixing weight training and cardio together with circuits
  46. Read as many weight loss books as you can
  47. Avoid alcohol and late nights as it DOES impact on fat loss training and progress
  48. Don’t hang around ‘junk food friends’ at times you know you will cheat
  49. Go to the shops on a full stomach
  50. Drink a glass of water before every meal
  51. Avoid diuretic fat loss gimmicks as the weight loss will only be water
  52. Keep a record of the foods you eat during the day
  53. Measure your calories for everything you eat for one whole week (you’ll be surprised)
  54. Start developing habits that foster weight loss like eating at the right time and not using food as an emotional crutch
  55. Add more resistance to your workouts by increasing the weight, leverage or anything else you can to make it more difficult
  56. Let your work mates and your family know you are trying to lose weight – they will support you
  57. Turn dreams into goals by writing them down and regularly reading them
  58. Read and research into everything you put into your mouth – calories and unhealthy substances can be squeezed into many places
  59. Make short term goals and long term goals achievable and measure your progress regularly
  60. Take days off – its ok to relax occasionally
  61. Don’t worry too much about progress – enjoy the fitness
  62. Train outdoors – sun and air are good for you
  63. Watch shows like The Biggest Loser for inspiration
  64. Read about the health problems associated with being over weight and get determined
  65. Drink more water
  66. Hire a personal trainer if you find it really hard to get motivated
  67. If you are lazy at home join a gym
  68. Do cardio with up-beat music
  69. Don’t get sidetracked by gossiping to the hot guy/girl at the next treadmill
  70. Buy a nice pair of shorts or t-shirt that you want to (realistically) be able to fit in by summer
  71. Don’t be self concious at the gym – no one cares
  72. Milk is good for you – don’t cut it out on account of losing weight
  73. Just do it – stop making excuses
  74. Use big compound weight training exercises like the squat, bench press, chin up, dip, military press and deadlift instead of isolation exercises
  75. Avoid fancy gym machines and just use free weights
  76. If your really bored with free weights, try gym machines for variety
  77. Try and relate your weight loss goals to helping people – it helps
  78. When you are struggling to take another step on your jog pick an item in the distance and aim for it
  79. Read inspiration stories about sports champions
  80. Attend sport matches like football, athletics and bodybuilding contests
  81. Instead of weighing yourself use a tape measure
  82. Use maths in weight loss – ie one bowl of iced cream cut out of your diet each night = 10 mins less on the treadmill tomorrow
  83. Eat less man made food
  84. Opt for organic foods and unprocessed things
  85. Learn that you cannot ’spot reduce’ – fat comes off from the whole body not just one section
  86. Muscle and fat do not co-exist well so build some muscle
  87. Take spas, massages, etc. to help muscles recover faster – thus being able to train more
  88. Never train through injuries or when muscles are still sore
  89. High intensity training is harder and better – don’t believe hype about low intensity cardio burning more fat – high intensity keeps your heart rate up long after you leave the track
  90. Stretch muscles that are sore and stretch before, during and after training
  91. See a doctor before doing hard weight loss stuff
  92. 3500 calories = one pound of fat – diet is more important that hours on the treadmill
  93. Skipping meals won’t burn fat – keep your metabolism burning by eating more often
  94. Hot water will burn calories as well as being a Chinese medicine. Cold water will do the same
  95. Replace a smaller meal with a protein shake – liquid food is better for you
  96. Don’t wastre your money on pills or quick fixes – change your habits
  97. Never sacrifice your health to lose a bit of fat
  98. Be creative with cardio – running and biking isn’t the only way
  99. Never train for more than one hour at a time
  100. If you lose motivation, re-check your goals and ambitions and make them firm
  101. Drink more water!

There is the biggest list of weight loss tips on the internet! Please leave some comments of any more I should add and don’t forget to bookmark it with the icons at the top so others can enjoy!

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. Alison says:

    Thanks for this! I haven’t seen anything quite like it. I think you got most of the important tips in there.

  2. christine says:

    MY LIST!
    ·Stretch before and after workouts
    ·Warm up 3-5 minutes/ Cool down 3-5 minutes
    ·Drink water before, during, and after workouts
    ·Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day
    ·Once heart rate and breathing increases, workouts can be divided no less then 10 minutes sessions
    ·Exercises that burn more calories: swimming, bicycling, jogging, jump rope
    ·Full body workout: Running (preferably outdoors)
    ·Total body workout for muscles: Swimming (form of resistance benefiting heart and lungs)
    ·Best method to loose weight/ shed body fat: Steppers
    ·Get Lean and toned: Aerobics
    ·Beneficial in raising heart level: Stationary bikes (good for quadriceps)
    ·Cut back on fat and sugar to instantly loose weight
    ·Increased heart rate burns fat
    ·Lower carb intake
    ·BMR is approximately 60% of calories burned of your normal intake (just being alive)
    ·Daily movements burns 30% of calories
    ·Daily movements burns 30% however exercise increases percentage & burns more several hours afterwards
    ·To speed up % you need to: 1) build muscle, 2) exercise, 3) eat little eat often
    ·“Eat little eat often” keep metabolism high with less more frequent meals, control hunger, less bingeing
    ·Muscles: for every lb. of muscle your body used 50 calories a day (it’s metabolically active)
    ·Components that influences weight fluctuation (highest to lowest) are Water, Muscle, and Fat
    ·Muscles weigh more then fat
    ·Scale will go up and down due to water fluctuation therefore weigh in only one a month until more level
    ·Inches is better and more important to measure rather then pounds to track progress
    ·Health to loose 1-2 pounds per week
    ·Restrict 200-500 calories a day
    ·5-6 smaller meals per day / 2-3 hours in between
    ·Include: Fiber, Protein, and Vitamins
    ·Snacks: baby carrots, fruits, baby tomatoes, salads, light tuna, plain yogurt, smoothies, and shakes
    ·Foods: Low fat chicken, fish such as salmon and tuna, whole meal breads, high fiber cereals
    ·Drink: water, propel, and lemonade
    ·Always exhale when you push the weights up or out because you have a little more strength
    ·Land squarely on the heel and push off the toes so foot patters cadence correct for your spine and back
    ·It takes about four weeks for you to get used to a routine, then four weeks of high benefit
    ·Change your programs every 8 weeks
    ·Best workout is at 2pm
    ·CELLULITE: detoxifying diet
    ·Purify the body with combo of: exercise, healthy diet, tension reduction, and proper circulation
    ·Firm muscles and the tissue surrounding the muscles
    Sip water throughout the workout. When you get tired, walk in place (don’t stop moving)

  3. Smit says:

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  6. Joon says:

    I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!e

  7. Katie says:

    Thank God for that 101 list! Now i know I really AM doing the right things – after 22 years of heading for the hot chocolate instead of my trainers I made the change 6 weeks ago, and since week 3, am loving every second of it.


  8. Helga says:

    You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!

  9. Meteor says:

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  25. Lindsey says:

    #5 is wrong “Avoid complex carbs ”

    You should be avoiding SIMPLE carbs, not complex. Complex carbs are your whole grains and should not be avoided at all.

  26. maureen says:

    #72 is also wrong. Milk is NOT good for you.
    #92. exercise is more important than cutting calories. you do want to cut some calories, but if you make too drastic of a cut, your body will just compensate. especially if you’re a woman

  27. Nikky says:

    I don’t agree with “avoid coffee, it leads to bad habits”. Coffee has cancer fighting properites, the caffeine is a great boost pre-gym workout and recent studies have found that it does not dehydrate you as previously suspected. I would say, limit your coffee intake and cut out the cream and sugar if you take it.

  28. Sexy at any Size says:

    Some very good tips, and i say good because they would promote good health when implemented. I feel that the ultimate goal of a person should be good health, fitness and wellbeing rather than reaching a predetermined goal of weight or size.

  29. Workinitforme says:

    I’d like to know what the benefits are of replacing chicken with lean red meats. We have been told for so long to eat chicken instead of red meat.

  30. shivani says:

    i am feeling motivated and will try to follow the rules.
    it is suerly going to help. a very informative and execellent site especially for those who are suffering from the depression relating to obesity.

  31. Lynsi Leigh says:

    Thank you soo much! This is the site I have been looking for!

  32. Ashley says:

    this was overall very helpful, except on number 88. It says never work when muscles are still sore. The reason for the soreness is that muscles release small amounts of poison into themselves when they are worked, also they microscopically tear, and in order to heal themselves, they NEED to be worked to increase blood flow (detox) and help “sew” them together. A lot of stretching should also be included

  33. Notorious BIG says:

    I was told that drinking tea negatively effects the way your body breaks down sugar and that is inhibits the absorbtion of iron. Anyone ever heard anything like this?

  34. megan says:

    thank you soo much for putting this on here..!

  35. Steph says:

    I am a younger woman finding out what it feels like to really be one! These are some really good tips that i am going to try! If you have any other tips that you are willing to help me with would be awesome! I just graduated high school and not liking the size that im at now! My metabolism isnt as good as it used to be, but im still very active!? Whats gone wrong!? Email me!

  36. Anon. says:

    @ Notorious: Tea actually helps your body regulate sugar, and as for inhibiting iron absorption it can reduce it by around 40%, but that’s only when taken with a meal. I’m not sure about you, but whenever I drink tea, it’s usually by itself in the morning or at night (long before, or after I have a real meal.)

    As for tip 5: Avoiding complex carbs would actually be a bad idea when you’re trying to lose weight. It’s the simple carbs that you have to look out for.
    * Simple carbohydrates are digested quickly. Many simple carbohydrates contain refined sugars and few essential vitamins and minerals. Examples include fruits, fruit juice, milk, yoghurt, honey, molasses and sugar.
    * Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and are usually packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Examples are vegetables, breads, cereals, legumes and pasta.
    And rule 95: Replace a smaller meal with a protein shake – liquid food is better for you…yeah, not exactly the healthiest of rules….

  37. Harris says:

    excellent tips. i am a man, but i need to help my girlfriend. she is not overweight but has been complaining about her not-so-beautiful abs. thanks a lot, she likes these tips, but will look into more specific things.

  38. Ayana says:

    wow. this is excellent!

  39. Meagan says:

    Great List!

    One of the most helpful things for me has been being creative with my cooking! Knowing everything that goes into every meal, still having it taste delicious, AND knowing I made it myself helps me stay focused and positive. I’ve heard garlic also boosts the metabolism similarly to spice. Good luck!

  40. madison says:

    this website is so helpful! thanx for all of these tips! Ineeded these!! BIG TIME : )

  41. amina magid says:

    comperhensive list, thank you

  42. britne says:

    drinking more water is a good one you actually need to drink water before a work out to burn a sufficient amount of fat :)

  43. Kelsey says:

    Great tips, thanks!

  44. Mou says:

    Thnx…it really works!!!

  45. JIl says:

    i have been on a diet for around six months and i have lost a total four stone. it has been up and down,whenever i put extra weight on i do not just give up i lose it again. so dieting can work,never give up.i have gone from a size 18 almost 20 to a size 12,admittedly i am not happy yet and would like to lose more weight,but it can be done so everyone out there with a bit of self control you can do it and giving up on some favourite things will do the trick.you can do it too.

  46. janhavi says:

    good job……

  47. Emilie Hus says:

    Id like to loss a hundred lbs. And more importantly keep it off, What I found most interesting is the tip on the list, About Not drinking Coffee because it, leads to bad eatting habbits..I wonder where that thought comes from. Milk is good for you, Just drink Fatfree or the one percent, I would think for women, because of future bone loss? Thanks interesting list and site.

  48. punitha says:

    Excellent work,keep it up, i need to cut down 15kgs and am 40yrs

  49. neha mehta says:

    thanks for the tips. These are really helpful

  50. Lucy says:

    Actually #72 can be viewed as right ro wrong depending on what you want to achieve. Milk is good for you particularly after workout as in studies has shown to hlep body fat loss while improving muscle.

    However from a dietary point of view for calcium intake for women, seasame seeds are a better source.

  51. sean says:

    Knowledge is power and enthusiasm pulls the switch. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us in your incredible writing. you’re sharing many very helpful Weight Loss tips here . I’ll try to follow all tips if possible. I was reading some more tips from someone who seems to think like you do

  52. Ashlee says:

    These tips are not completely true. Complex carbs are great sources of energy for the body to do it’s daily processes. Alcohol (in moderate consumption i.e. one drink a day if you are a woman and two drinks a day if you are a man) is actually proven to reduce your risk of heart disease. There is nothing wrong with mixing fats and carbs as long as you don’t go overboard. Coffee really isn’t bad. It actually supresses the appetite making you feel fuller, longer. If you have problems with eating when you’re not really hungry, grab a cup of coffee. I can’t sit here and correct every single one of these, but a lot of these suggestions on the list are wrong. It really doesn’t matter what type of exercise you are doing, as long as you are burning calories. True, some exercises burn more calories than others, but as far as doing a certain type of exercise is not necessary for weight loss. The simplest way I can put weight loss is burn off more calories than you put in. It doesn’t matter how you do it.

  53. Jo Deer says:

    First, the Truth About Abs it is about reducing your weight by means of full body exercise that in your creative plan you accomplished the loss in a fit way with a good category of fit foods and exercises that fit your lifestyle and attitude. This is weighty for the reason that to uphold your new fit lifestyle you will need to permanently incorporate your new consumption routine and carrying out regime. category and clothes that suit your pace of life is the best way to stay the itinerary with your new fit lifestyle.

  54. nicole says:

    #5. Avoid complex carbs.

    False. You want to avoid excess simple carbs (white breads/pastas, candy, ect) . Simple carbs cause a spike in blood sugar and when that spike drops, you feel hungry. You WANT to eat complex carbs, for they contain more fiber, protein and are lower in fat. i.e. whole grains, fruits, vegetables and legumes. Complex carbs stay with you longer and make you feel fuller, longer.

  55. Preston says:

    Intensity. 102nd Weight Loss tip don’t trust someone who can’t spell intensity.

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