10 EASY Ways to Get REALLY FAT Quickly

Get Fat QuicklyHere are ten ways to ensure that you get nice and fat and unhealthy really quickly!

10 – Eat less

Yep. Eating less is a sure fire way to slow down your metabolism, cause you to binge on junk food and make you feel tired and lazy. Keep it up!

9 – Eat before bed time

If you want to add one some COMPLETELY useless rolls of fat then you should have another meal after dinner or at least have your dinner as close as you can to bed time. That way your body will have no chance of burning any of the calories and it will be absorbed straight as fat!

8 – Eat three square meals a day

Follow the old tradition of three square meals a day and watch the weight come on. Not only does it slow your metabolism down but it makes you snack on junk food when you are dying for a meal in between big meals. Good idea!

7. Sit on the computer all day

If you are at work or just like reading fitness blogs, it is a great idea to sit on the computer all day long and just read about all the good exercise ideas. It is great for your eye’s, back, neck and gut.

6. Mix carbs and fats

Having a big bowl of pasta covered in a cheese based sauce is a good way to get fat. Mixing the two types of food that are hardest to burn as energy is an excellent way to make sure your food gets converted straight into fat stores.

5. Replace water with sodas

Highly sugared drinks are a sweet replacement for boring old water. Who needs the pure clear stuff that cleanses your organs and quenches your hunger pains when you can have a fattening, teeth rotting, nutrient sucking soda? Not me.

4. Never eat fruit

Fruit is a boring food that is made up of so many vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Each calorie in a piece of fruit comes with so much benefit attached. It is better to forget about eating this food and opt for breads, man-made cereals and other fatty breakfast choices.

3. Stay up late as often as you can

It is a really good idea to be tired and emotional all day long. That way, to make yourself feel better you can head to the fridge and have some whipped cream and chocolate! It is also a great way to stop your body from processing all the day’s information and preventing a lot of toxins from being sorted out.

2. Never exercise

I think if you want to add weight as fast as you can you just need to stop exercising all together. Exercise boosts your heart rate, boosts your metabolism and burns calories even when you have finished the workout. That means you will stop foods and energies from being absorbed as fat! Bad idea.

1. Never cook your own meals

Eating out or getting take away every day and every night because you are too tired or lazy to cook your own meal is probably the best way to get as fat as you can as fast as you can .Take away foods cripple your body with msg, salt, refined sugar and saturated fats. Perfect!

About Katie

Katie has transformed her body from a flabby 186lbs, to a fit & toned 124 pounds through healthy diet and exercise. Katie joined the Lean Curves team in 2007 and has posted hundreds of articles on fitness, fat loss and healthy eating.


  1. RT says:

    Thanks Swan!
    Good to see you are still around here.

  2. R says:

    hahaha this is hilarious.
    thanks for the tips!

  3. R says:

    Hey…I do mostly everything in this article everyday…and I still cannot gain weight . I have been doing everything here for about my whole life. Im 20 years old and not even 100 pounds…so if you can put real ways to get fat up there i would love it , because that wont work for me.

  4. P.I says:

    Tired of being so skinny. Will definately try it out.

  5. Jess says:

    What about whole wheat pasta. Is this just as bad as white pasta.

  6. Adeel Mulla says:

    To those who think the above tips are NOT sarcastic, PLEASE do not use them to gain weight because you’re thin…it will also cause you to become very very unhealthy and increase your chances of a heart attack. There are much better ways to gain weight in a healthy way. The tips are to help those of us who are overweight and unhealthy remember how we got there in the first place!

    • larry brown says:

      look i want to get fat because im bony and the girls and the boys pick on me and call me names and stuff but i and just fear it and you think i like being bony well i don’t and i want to get fat so i can stop get called names

  7. sean sheehan says:

    i do all of the get fat quik tips but i am still a 21yr old lad who drinks lots ov alcohol and stil only weigh 9 1/4 stone, have u got any other tips?

  8. Sean Sheehan says:

    can u think of any healthy ways to put on weight without drinkin weight gain milkshakes for the rest of my life?

  9. Emily says:

    Thanks! Hopefully I gain 50lbs fast! I really need to be 700lbs! Thanks again for all of your help!

  10. Obose Akhideno says:

    nope! I give up! am never getting fat! have done all these stuff for 30 years and am still as skinny as fido dido! how on earth do people ever get fat? just a little bit of weight is all i ask! i mean, is that too much to as for? there is just no hope for me, is there?

  11. Sean O'Malley says:

    I have CF and have hard time absorbing nutrients/anything. I do realize that eating a terribly diet takes a toll on ones health however I am also a poor college student and can barely even afford the unhealthy food. Basically I need to eat 3-4x the amount of hardcore organic food allday long everyday.

  12. plonk says:

    i have been trying to gain weight and it is so bloody hard unike ppl who binge eat when they feel down i do the total opposite if i have other worries i forget to eat..literally forget…the eating before bed time has proved useful for me

  13. O,b says:

    err i think if you were born skinny it’s difficult to get fat soo can you please make something that can help us gain a lil weight there are loads of stuff for people who want to loose weight is it so hard to find something for us :S! any way for all the skinny people feel ok about yourselfs and dont mind what others..

  14. Yen says:

    hahahaa.. that’s funny.. i never thought it’s like that..

  15. hongiee says:

    omfg, ROFL !
    Uhm iquess ill try ?

    i’ll be back fur the RESULTS! :]

  16. wish was fat says:

    Thanks so much!!! I am young but tried this and put on 29 lbs.

  17. Cranch says:

    Thanks for that, I will really try it out, coz I need to gain so much fat as I can, at least I need to add upto 5cm of fat to my skin.


  18. Susan says:

    hahahahah I read this but I want need something else 2 get fat!! cause many ways you have on this site,most of them I have being doing for years already and I don’t get fat! It’s a routine in my life doing those unhealthy thing butI stay skinny, what can i do?????

  19. O.o says:

    Thx for the info but ppl hate being healthy now idk whats going on O.o lol

  20. steven tetteh says:

    help me out, i have a big head but a small body to support it and i want to be fat in order to support it. hey guys tell me what to do.

  21. lenny says:

    thanks but whenever i eat all the fat goes 2 my butt

  22. taymar says:

    omg .. ive read this i shud be so fat right now … i do all that aniiways what elce can i do … i weigh 6 st i wnt 2 get 2 seven before september how can i do that really fast ??

  23. Zac says:

    Eat your food slowly you won’t feel full as fast and you can eat more:) got to gain 10 pounds in 6 days

  24. akbar says:

    sir its really a nice post.

  25. Rakesh Sharma says:

    I am very thin, but I want to get some fat. I am vegeterian, so If Have any tips, Please tell me..


  26. Anne says:

    You do know that quite a few of the things which you said are just stupid stereotypes on what people think about people who are fat and how they got fat.

    Then again, this is a health website.
    The problem though is that if you want to help people then you should not make fun of the people who you want to help.

    However some people might want to gain lots of fat but still be healthy however it seems that, that kind of view does not go down that well on most health forums.

    I only would this page because I was looking for “Is it true that the more small you are, the more faster you put on weight.”
    However I found this page and some other pages on Google making fun of fat people and how you should eat out at fast food places to get fat….etc.

    I myself am trying to find ways to get fat very fast but however I only get results such of this or pages for fitness…
    Really annoying.
    That is about it for my rant and I respect that I will never find this page again, what with the internet being such a huge place and everything.

  27. mike says:

    there is away to get fat with out all of that.go to youre local doctor they have tablets to slow youre matabalism down so you can gain weight.

  28. Billy says:

    Hey there everybody. I have tried hard to gain weight for a long time, and boom one day i did, then i lost i all. I have found a way to help try this……….Get some protein powder drink mix and make a drink at least 7 times a day and replace it with food i went from……..140pbs to 170pbs in a mounth it was easy (Thanks for reading hope it works for you all) :)

  29. rena says:

    i cant say much but i do really need help in getin fat quick

  30. vaibhav says:

    no effects seen
    even further bad happening i am loosing weight

  31. ashra says:

    ummm…tired of being skinny? i have now 42 kg & height is 5’2! need tp get more fat! like i want gain 6 more kg! is there any possible way to get fat!i ocassionaly drink,some tims smoke too! is tt becx of it i dont get? or didnt weight gain?its been more than 3 yrs i am in same weight! this really suksss! can u guys help me out this plz!

  32. Elie says:

    HAHA … this is a : 10 easy ways to die quickly … lol

  33. Fatso says:

    I tried this and put on loads of weight im really happy being fat. You have more fun when your so fat I weigh 20 st. Also i had to buy a whole new wardrobe. Come on people we should all be

  34. AHMED OSMAN says:

    my name is Ahmed i read the topic mentioned above, and i will follow all the steps, my hight is 1.78mtr, my weight is 65kgs, age:26yrs, so i would like to be as fast as i can 80kgs, then after that make exercise, and be body boulder to have beautifull shape.

  35. twisterfries says:

    this really is a good laugh. hahaha. but i’ve done some of the tips here too for i am really desperate to gain weight. unfortunately, i never gain weight. agggghhhh.

    i’ll be going to the gym today with my dad, hoping that it’ll help. and i’m trying to do it in the healthiest way possible. =)

  36. Natalie says:

    I reallly need to gain weight…its annoying being underweight..i`m gonna try ir out…hope it works

  37. r.d says:

    ha thanks for the tips but i don’t think that can really help out cos i’ve tried some of those. ya

  38. donte says:

    im a guy 19 old and i weigh just 54 kg would that thing works to me ?????

  39. humafathima says:

    sir,i am 17 and very thin i want to develop good structure and becom fat.pls send tips to my email sir pls……

  40. pottimist says:

    I accidentally live like that and I am still skinny!!!

  41. Tt says:

    That didn’t work :/. I have like THE hardest time absorbing fat. Like seriously. Sitting on the computer all day, sleeping for 12 hours or more and eating twice the amount that i usually ate caused me to lose 4 lbs. :( this really sucks

  42. Emma says:

    im already a little chubby and i want to be fat(: hehe. im not overweight…yet.

  43. Rob says:

    Ok well everything you have listed here is what i have been doing for the last 8 years or so and im at my heaviest now at 65Kg? would love to be around 70-80

  44. Mohamed says:

    I have been doing everything here for about my whole life
    Im from Srilanka and im 20 years old,
    My weigh is 45kg from 1 year, my weigh don’t change at all.
    Im so worried about my weigh, and also my face look soo thin!!

    I don’t agree with this article ! because all of my friends sad drinking water will make me fat !! so im drinking water from a long time ..and I have been doing everything here for about my whole life
    but i din see a change with drinking water ..lol.. still im 45kg .. im soo upset of my weigh??

    and also i don’t have Breakfast but i sleep 12hr and i Ever Exercise.

    so only i have to do is stop drinking water ryt????
    and im going to do as this article… it will give me a result ryt????

    please give me some advice to gain my weigh !!
    please Reply me..


  45. bla says:

    I actually found this usefull. whoever says that being skinny is good for ur health is a retard. skinny is as bad as being fat. stay in the middle. peace out

  46. skinny 4ever says:

    it doesn t work on me :(
    in fact all those things are my daily practice and maybe i am sick

  47. gor says:

    no it never works

  48. kartika says:

    dear sir, am 18 .. but am jus 40kg . i wanna gain weight with good structure …….. pls send tips to ma id … help me na:’-(((((

  49. TOM says:

    your all doing it wrong if you dont gain weight. when you eat your brain says ok full………………. NOOOOOOOOOOOO EAT TILL YOUR OVER STUFFED ALSO DRINK 2 LITERS OF SODA 3 TIMES A WEEK YOU GET BLOATED AND IT STORES AS FAT i used to be 100 pounds now im 210 pounds and gaining!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Elizabeth says:

    yeah i do all those things as well i can never seem to gain an ounce… talked with serveral doctors and find it utterly amazing that not one person can tell how me how to get fatter, but is nice to know that im not the only person who deals with this issue… has anyone found anything that works??

  51. calliope says:

    what about just eating junk food all day? need to gain weight in two days.

  52. Matthew Hajiyoka says:

    Hmm…Howabout…Lypo Injection?

  53. summer says:

    im gonna try ol of dat 2… im so thin i hate myself. i wanna get fat… help me out…

  54. maisy says:

    Can Candida infection make me thinner eveyday? Please I want to be fat and fatter

  55. Jess says:

    What a brilliant idea for an article. The premise is so interesting and inherently amusing that it appears on a fitness site.

    However Im sorry to say that there are far too many inaccuracies in this article for it to be brilliant. Or even good. Shame, for this premise had such promise.

    Firstly, carbs are most definitely NOT one of the “two types of food that are hardest to burn as energy”. Listed here are (essentially) the three “types” of food, in the order in which your body wants to metabolise them: carbs, fats, proteins. Carbs first.
    Sugar is a carb. If you eat any type of carbohydrate, your body converts it into glucose, the simplest sugar, which then gets converted into ATP, the “currency” of energy in your body. Therefore carbs are the quickest food to burn as energy. Not only does your body preferentially metabolise these first, but also this process begins in your mouth, before it even gets to your stomach (such is what happens with the carbohydrate starch).

    Secondly, fat cannot and will not be “absorbed” by your body. Your body doesnt have the ability to do this. Available fat can be used as fuel for energy, excess stored. This is why fat accumulates.

    Finally, I do agree that sitting in front of a computer will help make you fat. But any inactivity, especially sitting, will do much worse than that. It was recently shown that sitting will increase your chance of death by ALL CAUSES (including cancer and heart disease). See Katzmarzyk et al; Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., Vol. 41, No. 5, pp. 998–1005, 2009.
    Overall inactivity will kill you. So if you want to gain weight do not stop exercising. Just stick to eating proteins and anaerobic exercise.

  56. stacey says:

    What I do to get fat is :

    eat cream cheese on bread a LOT .

    I drink juice with my meals.

    I do eat fruit however because I don’t want to get unhealthy.

    I do absolutely NOTHING all day long.

    I sleep from 12-9 it’s a lot but i can’t help tt.

    I eat before I sleep.

    I eat a lot of french fries, chicken nuggets, microwave pizzas, ice cream, chips, microwave pretzels, sandwiches, bagels / butter or cream cheese, cheese, burgers, etc .

    When you’re bored EAT. When you’re sad EAT. When you’re happy EAT. When you’re mad EAT. ONLY THINK ABOUT EATING.

    When you’re really full keep eating and think about the reasons why you want to be fatter. My reasons are I look like a skeleton, I have a big head/nose/lips/feet/legs/hands/fingers/ EVERYTHING except my body, I don’t feel comfortable with my body, I don’t fit in with my friends (they all have perfect bodies )

    These are some of the things i used to do before . & i would gain weight. I currently lost a ton of weight.

  57. Erin M. Shaw says:

    -I really hope this works because ive tried alomst everything i can think of to gain weight.Im 15 years old and i only weight 115 pounds.Im gaining some muscle which brings me veins out alot.Now imagine a 15 year old that i super skinny with veins poping out in legs and arms.! I look really sick right now.Sometime i think i was cursed becaus ei used to have the badest body ever. I was a lil muscle and a lil average body fat but now. . woah. I dnt know what happened.Well since you guys are exsperiencing simular problems email me so we can talk mister_shaw2@yahoo.com

  58. rondel says:

    how will you prove that this is very effective? can you pls. answer this question with smart thinking

  59. Ranjani says:

    How to increase my weight

  60. Matthew Hoffman says:

    I have not gained any weight yet. Why not. I am eating a lot and things are just still not working.

  61. adrienne says:

    well im 16 years old & i hate being skinny ugh .! im really trying away to get FAT or THICK skinny people makes me sick always saying my fat self or u think i should lose weight no u should your bones thats all u need to eat ugh please help me i want to be fat not skinny but fat I NEED HELP
    ps. this kinda help ido most the stuff & dosent gain any weight

  62. PunkyAngel says:

    I haven’t tried the plan above, but I hardly believe it will work.

    I’m 14 (female), 1.52m in height, and weigh 40kg. I’ve heard on tv that if you starve ur self 4 2 days on a diet it will cause u to lower ur metabolism thing and save fat, then the next 2 days you can stuff ur self because u will be starving and u don’t even lose fat that way!Then u keep up the 4-day cycle gaining weight/fat till ur satisfied with ur weight.

    I’ve tried everything from eating fatty food to never excersicing but still no result, and most important NO FAT!! I’m still trying this and I’m seeing some improvement. Hope it does the same to u lot!!! :) lol.

  63. Temesgen says:

    Great! but do i have to stop drinking water? How? By the way i am Temesgen from Ethiopia! and i need to be fat!B/c my friends always laugh at me when it’s sport time or some thing like work! i realy wish your tips will work!

  64. Craig says:

    Hi im 22 and weigh 10 stone and i want to gain weight i want to get fat i wondered if anyone wanted to help me do this i seem to gain weight then lose it i really would like some help i dont really hav anyone to talk to about it they just dont understand plz help i really want to get fat would like to weigh 15 stone or even more i want to gain weight quickly thanks

  65. Aishath Yasmaanu says:

    hey guys, any ideas to gain weight.im 21 yrs with a weight 30kg.And height is 4 foot 8″.

  66. anitha naidu says:

    i have been doing this for the past 5 to 6 years but still i stay lanky

  67. Sally says:

    Aishath – increase your food intake & commence weight training exercises to build muscle

  68. priya sharma says:

    this artical was not good….you r misguiding people and playing with there health……….please give some healthy tips to gain weight………

  69. Geir says:

    1) get fat or slim is depends on your hormones.
    2) you psychological nature is mainly has something to do with your physical shape.
    3) thinking of getting fat or slim is one of biggest reasons for not being as you want to be.

    The real tips are :
    1) Don’t think about being fat or slim, just work on it and be penitent.
    2) make a steady schedule for you days and keep on it.
    3) eat fish.

  70. Tasha-Amy says:

    heyyy. .love the article. But to be honest, i have resorted to doing those things in the hope of gaining weight. I am a 17year old female from SA. My height is 1,71cm and i weigh 45kgs!! I look like a twig and i hate it! Everything nowadays is all about losing weight. How do you put it on?? No matter what i do i cant get past 50kgs! Any advice?:)*

  71. mohapi says:

    guys um reali serious i need to put on sum weight your “tips” dont wrk they r nt 4 the skinny born people because the thngs u mentioned are our daily routines bt dnt get us fat

  72. amanda says:

    please somebody i need good tips on getting fat i hate being hella skinny and short im 17 and im only 5ft and weight around 88-93 pounds i look like a stick and so far nothing has worked i eat like a cow! help meh!

  73. Rez says:

    This article is frankly offensive to those of us who legitimately want to gain some weight. I don’t need your sarcasm, I came to this site for serious healthy ways to have a healthy body.

  74. jackz says:

    i hpe these steps hlp cause it all seems very unhealthy,i really want to get fat but nothing seems to b,,,happening and its frustrating to see otherz with such nice bodies n we thin itz so unfair,everything is about fat people but the media dònt think of thin people

  75. Rohullah says:

    Thanks from your Directions
    i really want to be a bit fate ……….. i wanna gain weight… these are good steps … i am going to try it ……. I hope it works

  76. noogai03 says:

    i really want to be huge

  77. andre says:

    I have tried everything conceivable to gain weight, but nothing really works, absolutely nothing, there is more to it than merely theories.

  78. rohit says:

    you are giving tips to become fat or to become ill…
    slightly confused

  79. Keither Carrol says:

    Hey thanks for this,

    Started following your advice. been skinny all my life, have seen some results but am wondering what type of fatty foods should I be eating? Is it better to have ones high in carbs or high in sugars?

    Want to gain another 20kg …. HELP!


  80. maria says:

    hahah diz iz fuuunny i already do that & im like super skinny! hate my body lol

  81. Savannah says:

    Wow i tried this 19 weeks ago and gained only 100 pounds that is not good still want to grow more need to keep doing it.

  82. Raymond says:

    Thanks for your tips. Am 5’10 and only 59 kg….can you see the imbalance. LETS GAIN SOME WEIGHT!!!

  83. cha says:

    yes its true that even you do the 10 tips, my weight is still the same.can you suggest another tips to be done or food that cn be eaten to gain weight!!!!!!!

  84. Laura says:

    I\’ve been on a vacation kick and have been in the midst of planning that \”dream holiday getaway\”. Yeah WELLLL…. those lovely days of mindless wanderings and ponderings have ended up with the 50lb max \”LUGGAGE\” going on my body\”…. not where I wanted it!!…. so its back to losing the luggage weight as I work, and now I am traveling the neighborhood until the time when I finally can have the 50 lbs next to me in a suitcase and not under my skin or sticking to my organs or bones!

  85. jesicca says:

    I was wondering if there is a hormone type that just controls the fat percentage and not gain weight any more?!
    And what is the most useful way to get fat more, cuz i really want to get more fat to my body and i hate it being skinny espicially when my hand bones show!
    So plz plz , reply me as soon as you can!
    And thanks for the great website!

  86. jesicca says:

    hey =D
    Jesicca again , i wanted to add that i weight 25 kg and my hight is 167 cm , so plz as i said , reply and i will be so thankful!

  87. chris says:

    im a vegetarian, how can i get fat?im 20 years old but i only weight 28kgs, please help me.,

  88. geanne says:

    Hey, me too im tired of being skinny. :( it really sucks!!! my friends says that chocolate also can help to gain more weight, and it can easily you to get fat.

  89. trixie says:

    I need to gain weight but i dont have the appetite to eat and eat. but the moment i gain the weight, i loose it just as fast. i have no butt… i have nothing… Im not comfortable being this thin

  90. mike says:

    Thanks I am going to try this and ill be back next month to say how well it works my gf wants to try it:)

  91. gosd says:

    this is quite interestin especially reading the comments
    im ganna try this

  92. ? says:

    Thanks it really worked well I was 123 1 year later 458. one more time thanks a ton.

  93. levina says:

    i realy want to grow fat but i cant just make it, pliz may you tell me othe ways of reaching there

  94. Joe Smith says:

    Yeah I dont want to be skinny anymore.

  95. y skinny says:

    itz gr8 av tried almost evritin posted…i wont get fat…i tryin 2 get exercise evriday den i got fat only from shoulder to my hips..arrg my legs looks thin av been trying to get exercise for my leg7 als6 i hope dat wuld help wish me luck with my legs

  96. ashley says:

    I gain weight when I’m working…. I sit infront of d computer for 8hrs, I eat breakfast like rice and pasteurised milk. I eat lunch like macdonalds meal, rice or pasta; my drinks are coke or anything sweet. I will take my dinner at 8pm n I b eating rice again n drink cordial…. I’m sleeping at 11pm n wakeup at 6am… I realise by doin dat everyday makes me gain weight at least half a kilos for 2 days… My ass getting rounder n full and my boobs gets bigger too… FYI sleeping more than 7hrs u will not gain weight bcoz actually sleep more burns more fats… So eat dinner aftr 8pm sleep at 11pm, sleep around 6-7hrs only. Hopefully u guys can gain weight like me :) guud luck!

  97. desheika says:


  98. Vanu says:

    hi, i m 25years n weigh only 35kgs. somebody tel me how to put on weight pls

  99. ashley says:

    I’m 23yrs old height 163cm weighing at 50kg. I tink I’m thin. Wat u all guys think I’m thin or ok?? Hoping to hear feedback!! Ty

  100. jayjay says:

    hey ashley, ima 53 kg and im size normal juust 3 kg back would be twice as normal! so your ok

  101. sanjana says:

    am 25 an my weight is around 40 kg.nvr crossed dat level..i still luk like a school going baby ..i need to grow in al sizes wat shud i do…..

  102. James says:

    Hello. I am 17. I used to be 56 kg when I was 15 but now I’m 53. My body fat has gone down. I believe is solely due to hormones. I cannot tell which hormones. But is definitely hormones because fat is used by the body for hormones. So those who ate a lot but still can’t gain weight; is actually a good thing because you know that your system is functioning well. The truth is the only way to get fat is by eating food that contains fat. Doesn’t matter saturated fat, mono-unsaturated or poly-unsaturated fat. Do not restrict yourself from doing anything just because you want to get fat. By walking up the stairs or even taking a shower doesn’t really burn any significant amount of fat. If you restrict yourself from doing this doing that, you would may feel stress. But I must say sleeping would cause a person to lose fat. I mean if you sleep more, you lose fat more. Especially those in their teenage years. Hormones! haha. But you can’t get sleep deprived your whole life. Lol. Is always important to have enough of sleep. just sleep until you wake up. And what I meant was sleep until when you wake up, you try to sleep the next minute but you can’t sleep anymore, that means you have enough of sleep already. And also do eat food which has trans fat. It is bad for health. I also want to stress that you have to be patient. It might take up to 1 week to gain 2-3 pounds/1 kg. This is because the only source of fat are oil and milk. Even the skin of animals are oil call animal oil. When you consume milk or oil at one meal, let’s say lunch. Your body can only take in a certain amount of fat. Once you consume too much of fat at once, your brain will sense and your intestine will eliminate those fats into the rectum. That’s why if you eat too much of oil at once, you will have diarrhoea. But I don’t know the real reason why the body cannot take in too much of fat at once. Anyway, eat a balanced diet consuming of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Put more fats into your diet most importantly. Divide your meals. Perhaps 3/4/5 meals a day. Eat 80-90g a day. 100g(of course the more the better) is better but i don’t think is good because the next 2/3 days you might face problems and end up maybe taking just 60g. Use wisdom, feel your body. That’s why is not easy to get fat as well. So those who are overweight must have not only eaten a lot at one time but have been consistently eating a lot. So for us who want to be fat(not really fat but you know fatter), consistency is very important. If you feel like your stomach is full. Stop eating. There’s no point taking in anymore. And one more thing carbohydrates will not make one fat unless if you consumed a lot and i mean a lot. And it has to be continuous. Because the body can store carbohydrate roughly about 600g. This is the least amount. I don’t know whether it can store up to 1000 or 2000. Carbohydrate will only turn to fat if your body can’t store anymore carbohydrate. Stored carbohydrate is called glycogen. This is not a good way to be fat. It is unhealthy and hard to do. Actually by saying eating a balanced diet or getting enough of sleep might not or is not the way to get fat. But think of yourself eating a diet which only fats and not having enough of sleep. Do you think you can get fat if this goes on. You might get a little fatter but I am pretty sure it will only last a while. And also if you do not have carbohydrate(glucose) in your body. Your body will convert fats that you eat into carbs. But it will not take the fats that has already been stored in your body. It will go for the muscle(protein) instead. You know sometimes we thin/skinny tried so hard but don’t see results that we think of those fat or overweight people. And then we say “How I wish i could take some of their fats so that I look just nice and they look just nice” Haha. I hope this will help. Do correct me if I am wrong or you have some points to add. Go ahead and do so. I also want to know more.

  103. lara says:

    its all rubbish.i do everything but still i am skinny…..duh!!!!!!!!!

  104. nathan says:

    im 14 and it scares me how skinny i am, i go to the gym 3 times a week and work a lot on my chest and biceps, but it looks really weird with big arms and skinny wrist/big thighs but skinny ankles/long neck and etc. i have high termonia or sumin which burns my fat really quickly so i have to eat more then usual, i hope these tips helps, thanks x

  105. Tjaša says:

    Omg! This in NOT how to get fat. This is how to get sick ! =o
    If you want to get fat : Eat a LOT, exercise a LOT and you’ll get healthy kg (mussles).

  106. smf says:

    I’m a 24 year old had a baby a year ago and do everything on this thing and I still only weigh skittles over 80

  107. jessy says:

    i eat a lot,bt stl gaining a weight.,i rly wna gt fat,wt shud i do?

  108. Anuj Prashant says:

    Hii All, I want to gain weight without applying extra effort…

  109. deepika says:

    i cudn gain weight 4m past ten years …..is it cos of ny hormonal prob …..wil d above tips affect our health…

  110. brighet says:

    whooo.hope its gonna work. am tired of weighing 50 kgs

  111. thabo says:

    i want 2 get fat, sumbody help me plzzzz!!!!

  112. priyanka says:

    guys this is not the way to get healthy… wat does mean of getting fat? u need to get healthy and fit not fat…

    have fruits, water, exercise, meals on time, rest, sleep of 8 hours.

    by this u gonna get wat u want… so be healthy…

    yup but these things will take some months to show result… keep doing it

  113. diana says:

    IT S VERY EASY !!! NO STEPS,NOTHING!!! I MOVED IN MY PARENTS HOUSE FOR 2 MONTHS ON A HOLIDAY, AND WITHOUT REALISING IT I FOUND MYSELF AFTER 4,5 WEEKS , 13 KILOGRAMS FATTER , I SLEPT 12 HOURS A DAY(WHICH IS A LOT BUT IT HELPS) ONLY IF I GO TO BED WITH MY STOMACH OVER THE LIMIT FULL!!! AND FROM THE MOMENT I WOKE UP UNTIL I WENT AGAIN TO BED , I ATE PIZZA AFTER PASTA AFTER MCDONALDS AFTER ETC. about 6,7 big meals a day and between those a lot of snacks , i have to say i took vitamins for the hunger , or else i couldn t have eaten so much , i just couldn t stop, was very hungry constantly,and only coca cola of course. when i moved back home i lost all the kilos cause i was back to smoking , not sleeping at night

  114. preethi says:

    im very lean, i wan to become fat…

  115. sam says:

    helo.. im 21 yrs old bachelor. I really eat so much. plenty of foods. I even tried to eat 5 times a day but still no change at all.. still bony and so thin. wHat should I do

  116. Marie says:

    Looks O.A. Seems lyk its not reliable… im done with most of the mentioned, but nothing happened….

  117. Brenda Hanny says:

    i love dis,actually am following it n hav already loose 19pounds.hahahaha

  118. Peter says:

    I have 14 years old and my weight was 62kg and in 6 months i gain more than 15kg and its just belly fat. Now i have stretch marks and my boobs are really big. Obs: My fat is over my pants now.

  119. Bryan Quinto says:

    Thanks for the advice. Let me try it. How bout the food that i need to eat..? im also craving to gain fats. THanks alot.

  120. susan says:

    oops!eating,eating bt no improvements.av stagnated @ 55kgs.i was pregnant but didnt go beyond 57kgs.i think the best thing is to accept the my weight n concentrate on other issues.

  121. Masonry Unit 303 says:

    I weigh 49kg, never exercise, eat more junk food than my obese friend and go to McDonalds or KFC three times a week. However, I went on holiday, then when I came back a month later I stepped on the scales and my weight was 78kg! I have also noticed that my ribs are not visible anymore and my stomach wobbles when I walk. No thanks to this article, my dream has came true!

  122. Barbie Kid says:

    Don;t believe in this. It will just make your body unhealthy. Staying up late will give you a lot of pimples and will make you more thin!!! Those tips will just make you ugly!! Believe me! Do the opposite of what’s written in there and you’ll be healthy.

  123. tommy says:

    hi like the 10 fat tips.i bought a pack of extra large hot dogs of 10 is this a good start?.also i weight about 209 right now and want to gain 400pounds be 500 or 600pounds for a boyman.my tummy is already somewhat fat makeing a big curve and felling the pain in my stomach . ieat large pizzias seval times a week with lots of sodas.i am popping out big time in my tummy.i always on computer and stay up late.i am a lazy person.i also like to be in my bed too.

    from tommy

  124. Jaya says:

    The best way to put on weight is to get married. My husband is great but is always underfoot. You start comfort eating when you worry about them, fight with them, or have niggling unresolved issues. Your partner follows you around and makes it difficult to have time by yourself for that exercise routine. Follow that up with that constant mild dissatisfaction you get with not being completely autonomous, and you are comfort eating again. You know what they say, marriage is never great for the health of the woman. Sorry I have not got a take on it from the guy point of view. I suspect most of the same things apply.

  125. j diddy says:

    omg every time that i get fatter it goes to my belly my brother said after you eat to like exersize so that the fat turns into musle or something like that.

  126. Akshay rana says:

    Nice but give some more tips because on some creatures it does not work

  127. Tom Sleifer says:

    A little over a year ago there was a report that being fit and fat was healthy, I did some research into this and I decided to gain from 190 to now 225. The research was that to gain weight and keep the weight on you have to go real slow and to keep fit you should exercise. I did what it said, the weight went right into my stomach around 25 pounds, and to my pleasant surprise I found I really like being somewhat fat. The only problem I discovered was the weight in my stomach does pull on my lower back and effects my posture. I asked my doctor and he told me since I had gained the weight slowly I would not be able to lose the weight but the solution would be to be fitted in a long legged high waisted boned and zippered panty girdle. I located a corsetier who fit me in the girdle, once my belly was girdled and supported I felt absolutly fantastic, I have never felt so good. The key again is of course to be fit and fat, it is actually pretty good to be fat. But you have got to stay very active and exercise a lot.

  128. andreea says:

    this is shit:|.. i do all this stuff and i still am like a board:|

  129. adio ola says:

    wat is al dis about

  130. Aldo says:

    Drinking “lots of water” laced with toxic industrial waste product (aka sodium flouride) destroys the thyroid gland which destroys your fat metabolism ability. All courtesy of Uncle Scam who puts this poisionous garbage in our water. Eating “lots of healthy fruits and veggies” also puts more metabolism destroyers in your body since most of them are MonSanto (My Satan in Spanish) genetically modified crap, nutritionally bankrupt, cancer causing and laced with toxic Roundup pesticides. A catch 22 situtation…..all sarcasm aside.

  131. adeshola says:

    I do must of everything but it is not working,and am getting tired……I jus need to add weight

  132. marsha says:

    i wanto gain weight…huhu

  133. IWANNABEFAT says:

    Livin the hobbit life im short very skinny I just wana be atleast 280 pounds or more

  134. sofi says:

    i want to gain weight quickly help me guys………………….

  135. healthy gurlz:) says:

    Oh my gosh who would want to gain sum weight but, if you really NEED to gain sum then drink sum soda every day and no fruits n veggies but I heard avocado is a pretty fatty veggie good luck lunatics!:D haha lolz im srry 4 u guys!!!

  136. Anna says:

    You forgot to mention butter! Put a good amount of full fat, salted butter on everything you can! Guys with high metabolisms that wanna bulk up should focus on a diet large meat pies and chips thats what the blokes in the SAS do.

  137. ali says:

    im so happy i gained pounds in 4 days now im 19 and i weigh 2,900. my tummies so big and im so happy i can barely fit thru doors my bed my couch well theirs a long list you get the point any way

  138. Matt says:

    im 26 10 stone. this post is shit iv been doing this all my life. still skinny. other men my age look like men and they cant believe im the same age as them… i even lost my gf of 5 yrs cos im not average build for my age. i eat non stop all day healthy un healthy iv even tried eating 24 hrs a day still ten stone it fucks me off. i suffer depression cos of my weight. i have the body of a 15 yr old i swear. its horrible being skinny i feel ill most days because of being under weight.. eat any foods with corn syrup or fructose in it, its why most ppl r obese…

  139. stella says:

    i am 20yrs old and my weight is 35,what do i have to do 2 become fat or healthy??????????

  140. eugene dela cruz says:

    ugh!! i need some fats in my bodies!! guys can u help me?

  141. Laz says:

    When I was 21 I was soo thin I used to cry, and try hard to gain.
    which included, work all day, dance all night and eat nothing but protien…
    Now I am much older, set at the computer all day, every day, with
    favorite treats, ice cream, potato chips, whatever. And I stay up
    all night and hardly go anywhere….I still have a cute body, but
    my tummy is so big it looks like I am getting ready to deliver triplets.
    the really bad part is that it hurts so bad trying to lift myself out of bed
    in the morning.. I swear right here and now that I am going to
    change my ways and get thin and take better care of my health..
    sadness is no excuse to give up on yourself..ok?

  142. nicole hunt says:

    I found this very offensive! I do not make jokes toward people trying to lose weight. What some people don’t understand is that people like myself who have tried everything from taking in more calories and eating till we feel like we are going to explode and it still doesn’t do anything except make us lose even more weight its just as frustrating as those trying to lose weight so if you really can’t help then why be a smartass! On the other hand if anyone else has any ideas I would love to know them. I am 24yrs old 5’9 and 110lbs this is after having two children and a hysterectomy I would love to weigh around 135-140lbs which is what I was before my first child. Please email suggestions if you can help! I take in 4500 calories a day which include 3 ensure plus shakes a night before bed! please help!

  143. christina says:

    i want to become fat, any of you have an solution on it?

  144. I'm muhammad and I'm filipino says:

    i’ll try this because my bones are really obvious in other’s observation. Thanks

  145. Muhammad Ampatuan says:

    i’ll try this. I hope its effective

  146. hamed brentin says:

    I wanna try this and I hope that it can help me to become fat quickly

  147. G says:

    This was AMAZING! LOL Thanks for the tips! I’ll avoid doing these.

  148. stickman says:

    .being like a walking stick is frustrating…gaining one, and then losing it all over again..bah!! i think i’ll just have to enjoy being a stick! HAHAHA!

  149. k says:

    its work for me bt..i hv sme ideas anybody wnt cntct me.. i gain my weight in 15days

  150. masood says:


  151. niyaz says:

    really stupid guidelines.

  152. George says:

    In fact, one weight gain fan said eating before bed is a sure fire winner in the war on gaining weight because your body can’t burn fat while you are asleep.

  153. Ayesha. Frank says:

    I want to get fat and i need some ideas plz

  154. lin aung says:

    i m so skinny.i need to become big boddy

  155. phillip says:

    Well I went to the Doctor one day and I weigh 157 lbs…The computer said I was obese -_- …It said that because of my height and weight, but I’m 5’6 ½ …Anyway the doctor said I should eat plenty of fruit and excersize because What I Want is Healthy Fat, Not Unhealthy Fat. My motabolidm is fast but I am seeing some chunk on my body now ^_^ I feel happy.

  156. swathi says:

    good, am very thin, so wl follow these tips, lets see where i become fatty.:):)

  157. sally says:

    people say im like a stick can you guys help me change that

  158. Diana says:

    I want to be very fat thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

  159. ramya says:

    help me to become very thin like a stick..really help me to loose all my fat in stomach

    • raashid says:

      do cyicling every day . dont eat junk food like burger go every day walking still u want eat less food do exercise every day tank yo

  160. joshna says:

    i am joshna 19 years but i am 30 kgs only plz gave me some tips for 2 gain 50 kgs
    i am waiting for u r reply

  161. jay says:

    I’m looking to gain twenty 5 lbs. Can u help me. I’m putting the weight on to be in a loxal movie

  162. Jigs says:

    I always do this things but nothing happens. So sad. I really want to gain fat weight and maintain it in a healthy way.

  163. A says:

    Look this is not a great way you’ll be fat in the wrong you’ll be sick because of this. I wont try this neither but I’m thin too my friends call me skeleton and I have many problems in life & I fear most of the time. Just pray guys.

  164. asmin says:

    thanks god

  165. mike jobs says:

    Thanks ı am 28 years old 180cm and61 kg ı am male ı want to be really fat ı was52 ı want to be minimum 150 kg ı dont do sports and ı love fattening stuff ı am maried my
    wife fattens me up she say ı will love you forever .youre sothin if you be fat and soft youre be better ı eat about5000 calories ı am doing this about a month ı first get up have a big breakfast a high sugar cofee . then i watch tv eat crisps and beer.Yea , ı love beeer!

  166. matthew says:

    if a man is a chainsmoker or he like to do masturbating…
    can’t he be fat !!!!

  167. lol says:

    hey guys im 14 and i did what the post says and i got really fat, like my stomach is round and it wobbles as i walk! lol. i love being fat! its amazing to be skinny and now ur like 71 kg

  168. lol says:

    by the way, its hard to get out of bed and i just keep gaining weight! i eat 6 times a day and have bed time “feasts”. i used to be like only 45 kg but i fat like a pig! this post really helps thank you

  169. Asif says:

    For those who wanna to get muscle nd body big just take French fire choclate nd banana juice and wait to the result ty all

  170. Doris Day says:

    I did everything that is written here for almost all of my life except number 8 but still I am thin.. I really want to get fat but I just can’t eat a lot. Food doesn’t seem appealing to me.

  171. CHRISTOPHER says:

    hai friends. i am not too skinny. i am just fit but i want to become fat. i will try all these things and let u know……. bye

  172. Klieven Chua says:

    Are you trying to kill us??? XD:))

  173. raashid says:

    but you eat food still u want to eat eat a burger daily 10 days really you become so fat

  174. roman zolanski says:

    im really thin and im underweight i hoe this works. i never get fat i eat alot and im not active and im still not gaining weight i hope this works for me cuz im tired being thin :p

  175. Farhad Ahmadi says:

    Hi !
    I want to become fat cause my girl friend says u must be a little fat cause I am thin and I never seen somebody said me like that so I will try u r this recipe.

  176. bible says:

    Oh my god
    I have been to doing as u posted on web. but my weight still 44.
    I really want to get more weight 3-4 KK. coz, my face look so thin.sometime I feel unfresh. unhappy with my body.
    My friends alway said that i look weak. that’s bad!!!

    If i cant get weight then Can i get a chubby face.Please!!!!!!
    How can I do?

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